Sunday, July 11, 2004


The so-called "Culture bound syndrome" enables ANYTHING to be excused if others do it

"The cbs of "amok" has been known for many centuries in the Malaysian culture (Knecht, 1999). The syndrome has been defined as an episode of dissociation (Suryani & Jensen, 1993) and is often characterized by "a sudden rampage, usually including homicide, ending in exhaustion and amnesia" (Hatta, 1996). Typically seen as a Malaysian cbs, "amok" has been further documented in India, New Guinea, North America and Britain (Kon, 1994). Hawaii has been seen as the melting pot of the pacific with many cultures merging and yet remaining distinct. The legal defense of "amok" was utilized for a Filipino-American that had killed five people and injured three others. Orlando Ganal Sr. (Honolulu Advertiser, 1991) was enraged by his wife's reported relationship with another man, shot and killed his wife's parents and wounded his own wife and son. Ganal continued to firebomb the home of the other man's brother, Michael Touchette, killing Michael, Michael's two children and badly burning his wife, Wendy Touchette. Ganal was seen as a mild mannered man, until the stress grew and he finally "ran amok." "

How come 99% of Malays DON'T "run amok"? Pretty odd that they don't if it is supposed to be "in their culture"!

More here. (Via Marc Miyake)

Marc Miyake also has a rather sickening report about some sad white woman who has written a book called "Family by Choice" which sees black families as ideal. Since most black families have no father present most of the time, the poor woman is obviously out of her mind.

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