Saturday, July 17, 2004


There is an account of political correctness by a Leftist blogger here (Via Quiggin) which has me flummoxed. He gives a reasonable account of what PC is, why it is and how it works and then tries to explain it away as harmless. This is what he says to defend it:

"Their own obsession with status and social control through shaming means that many of those on the right misunderstand the motivations behind what they see as political correctness. Just as classical liberals do not set out to promote economic inequality the so-called chattering classes or elites do not set out to create and maintain a hierarchy of moral status. Most just want a society where people are not humiliated because of who they are. They want a decent society."

Is that the best he can do? I am not sure I follow completely what he is driving at but all that I can see there is a repetition of the normal PC claim: We are the good guys who want a decent society and you Rightists are all wrong and don't care about a decent society. He exemplifies what he claims Leftists do not do! He is just being a righteous PC-er himself. He says that the PC crowd do not try to create a "hierarchy of moral status" yet he is clearly doing just that!

I guess I shouldn't expect clear thinking and writing of a Leftist. Emotional outbursts rather than logic are their forte.

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