Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Professors and others can preach Communism but you are not allowed to say that they are. I guess it as bad as saying that blind people are blind. So if blind people are visually handicapped, are Leftist professors conservatism-handicapped? I rather like the sound of that

From a former Berkeley radical: "Red baiting" is a strange term, because it is one of those labels which has almost approached ad hominem status itself, yet there's no clear definition of what it is. Certainly, falsely stating that someone is a Communist as a smear tactic is deplorable.... Yet, as typified by the case of Betty Friedan, "red baiting" is said to apply regardless of whether an individual proves to be a Communist or not. If an accusation is wrong, it's "red baiting," and OK, I can handle that. Being tarred with the brush of Stalin is a pretty gruesome accusation. By why is it "red baiting" (and morally opprobrious) to point out that someone is a Communist if it's true? And why is it that ex-Communists who have changed their minds and now hate Communism don't consider questions about their past to be red baiting?... I'll say this though: when I was involved in Berkeley politics, being called a "Red baiter" was a more dangerous charge than the accusation of being a Communist." (post of July 2nd.)

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