Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Courtesy of the taxpayer

"A child abuser is suing prison bosses because he is unhappy with his living conditions behind bars. John Callison, of Penicuik, Midlothian, is preparing to use European human rights legislation for the œ20,000 case, which could cost the taxpayer up to œ500,000. The 64-year-old former worker at Edinburgh Zoo claims his cell at Peterhead Prison, in Aberdeenshire, is too small, that he has to slop out and that the work he has been given is "monotonous."

Callison, who was convicted two years over a ten-year catalogue of abuse against two boys and a girl, says the conditions under which he is being held are causing him to lose self-esteem and suffer "stress, depression, disgust, embarrassment, humiliation and mental anguish." The prospect of taxpayers' money being awarded to a convicted child rapist - whose crimes were described as "abominable" by a High Court judge - has horrified politicians and victims' groups.....

Callison's case comes just weeks after a knife-wielding robber, Robert Napier, who attacked a terrified woman, won œ2540 for having to "slop out" in jail. A judge agreed his human rights had been breached by the "degrading" use of a bucket rather than a toilet in cells at Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison."

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