Tuesday, July 13, 2004


"While traveling home from work I approached a rag-tag station wagon from the fast lane and, while passing, noticed the bumper sticker in the rear window. The sticker read, and I quote, "FIGHT PATRIOTISM." I was shocked and aghast at this statement and was not surprised when the driver of the car was (no stereotyping whatsoever) the classic dejected looking local teen in tie-dye. Her dreadlocked hair barely covered by the "rastafarian" headdress pulled low over her hollow eyes. ....

It was shortly thereafter, on Memorial Day 2004, a day set aside to remember and honor those who have died in the service of our country, that the large 3'x 5'American flag which adorned my truck for the holiday was burned in my own front yard and my truck vandalized and burned as well.

Apparently I have no right to be patriotic or fly my flag in this town. Apparently the mere vision of it so enrages some of my fellow students that they must risk incarceration and monetary fines by attacking our national symbol in a heavily populated and patrolled area. And what would so possess a member of my own generation, a generation that has had a life of ease and prosperity handed them by the sacrifice of others, to place a sticker attacking patriotism itself on her vehicle for the world to see? ...

So what could be the reason for my burnt flag, and stickers and sentiments like "FIGHT PATRIOTISM?" I have found that it stems, simply, from a hatred of the very principles America stands for and has stood upon for 228 years.

Hailing back to the casting off of American traditions, responsibilities and morals that took place during the 1960's and 70's, the birth of the radical liberal movement, today's disgruntled youths hate and fear all that has made this country great: belief and faith in God, a love for family and country, respect for human life, hard work, and liberty....

The liberal movement attempts to eat away at these patriotic ingredients. How else can you explain the murder of millions of unborn Americans, or the radical feminist idea that women are better off without men, tearing away at the family structure. And how do you explain the push for rampant government handouts, social and welfare programs, or the removal of everything remotely relating to the God of the Bible in our schools? And then there's the treatment of our troops. Baby killers, murderers, thugs; just a few of the names John Kerry and his crowd use for the valiant men and women who currently serve our country and have in the past."

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