Friday, July 30, 2004


They are just hate-filled towards any hint of what they see as incorrect

"In the spring of 2001 at a party with lots of intelligent, highly educated people I opined causally that President Bush was more intelligent than many people gave him credit for and that his program of cutting taxes would help the economy to get out of the recession that we were then experiencing.

You should have seen the reaction: first, a shocked silence (I saw literally jaws drop) and then an attack. In essence I was told that because I admitted that the guy was not a moron and some of his policies may be reasonable that I "had a closed mind". When I recalled some of my experienced with central planning I was told that because I lived in totalitarian state this made me unfit to judge socialist policies because I was prejudiced (the same people were well aware that I abhorred totalitarianism and socialism, but that view was acceptable when they considering me one of them, and became unacceptable when the perceived that I may be "on the other side"). A person who attacked me quite violently was someone that I considered until this moment a very close friend. In the end I was called a "GOP Conservative" - for this crowd this was the ultimate insult. I admit - I ended up crying. And I never felt comfortable with these people again.

But what really changed? I still have my scientific degree. I did not forget the countless books that I read. I still believe that at least some drugs should be legalized, I would not have government prohibit practice of abortion (though with certain caveats), I care for the environment very much, though I want the environment protection to be based on scientific principles, and I am all for genetic engineering, including human cloning, when we will be able to do it safely. I am Darwinian and agnostic. I support gay marriage, at least legal unions. Are these positions of Bible thumping conservative, as perceived by so called Progressive left?"

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