Wednesday, July 28, 2004


An email from a reader in the Australian State of New South Wales. There are two groups of indigenous Australian blacks, the Aborigines and the Torres Strait Islanders. The islanders are Melanesians and are still mainly found just South of New Guinea in Australia's Northernmost outpost -- a couple of thousand miles away from New South wales. They are however officially part of Australia's Northernmost State -- Queensland

"A fascinating little piece of NSW government PC. Most public schools in NSW display the Australian flag, the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Island flag. I don't disagree with any of these in principle as they are all now 'official' Australian flags. I just find the choice of the TSI flag (a very attractive flag) apparently over the NSW state flag, which doesn't get a look in, as an odd choice. In Queensland the TSI flag may make sense, but why here in NSW? It would seem to me that the Norfolk Island flag would deserve at least equal standing to the TSI flag."

Norfolk Island is populated by whites and was until relatively recently a Dependency of New South Wales. So two flags of places mainly inhabited by whites are NOT flown but two "black" flags are -- even though there is a much better case for the two omitted flags to be flown. Pathetic.

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