Monday, July 19, 2004


I mentioned recently on Dissecting Leftism that smokeless tobacco appears to be much less harmful than smoked tobacco. I was not surprised therefore to hear from one of my readers that smokeless tobacco is banned in some parts of the world. It sounds disgusting to me, though.

Anyway, more from Dr. Rodu (PDF) on the matter: ""But anti-tobacco extremists reject harm reduction and insist that the only acceptable approach to tobacco use is no use whatsoever.... Tobacco harm reduction faces opposition from a powerful crusade that has waged war -- incorrectly and irrespomsibly, on all tobacco products... In a desperate attempt to crush all discussion of tobacco harm reduction, the crusade exaggerates or fabricates health risks from smokeless tobacco use". Rodu estimates that if all American smokers were to switch to smokeless tobacco, deaths related to tobacco use would drop from about 440.000 a year to merely 6000. Anti-tobacco groups have no problem with the death of hundred thousands of smokers each year, who otherwise could be saved by switching to smokeless tobacco products!

Dennis Mangan has a big post on the same subject.

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