Sunday, January 11, 2004


An email received from a British reader yesterday:

Today the Kilroy TV program has been suspended and Robert Kilroy-Silk condemned by the BBC (British Broadcasting Censors?) following his asking (in Daily Express) what Arabs had given the world beyond suicide bombers, arm-chopping and oppression of women.

Naturally enough, the head of the Commission for Race-cliquery Enforcement Trevor Phillips could also be relied on to condemn such fraglant truthing.

Actually, Robert Kilroy-Silk may not be such a big truther anyway. Muslims have indeed given us something else, namely the oppression of honest criticism, as exemplified in this case no less than in the "prophet" Mohammed's sword-wielding against those who disagreed with him.

Yesterday, the BBCensors tried to demonise another truther, Nigel Farage, for explaining why the ongoing EU attack on UK sovereignty was leading to a reaction of violence as he had been forcasting. Many years after another forecast (by the also-sacked Enoch Powell), the alleged political time-bomb of race-cliquery ("multiculturism") still has to be precariously held together with a sticking-plaster of oppressive non-truthfulness"

More on the story here

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