Thursday, January 22, 2004


It seems that lots of America’s Left-leaning teachers grab any opportunity to take it out on ordinary kids. I guess none of them were black or Hispanic. Just one day's notes from "Opinion Journal":

Sixteen-year-old Michael Todd of Magnolia, Texas, was jailed for four days in a "juvenile facility" for using an asthma inhaler at school, Houston's KTRK-TV reports:

A doctor-prescribed inhaler he uses for his asthma got him there. The Magnolia High School student exhaled a puff of the medicine close to a teacher. The teacher had a reaction and had to see a doctor. "I wasn't trying to harm the teacher or anything. It just happened kind of like accidental," said Todd. "I wasn't really trying to hurt anybody or nothing."

School officials called the cops, who charged Todd with "deadly contact."

The Davis (Calif.) Enterprise reports that Howard Liston, an 18-year-old student at Davis High School, was arrested last week "for possession of a firearm at school." The 12-gauge shotgun was in the cab of the young man's pickup truck:

Steven Sabbadini, a lawyer representing Liston, said the teenager had bought the shotgun for his 18th birthday. A member of a local shooting range, Liston has taken hunter safety classes and has hunted and engaged in target practice with family and friends for years, Sabbadini said. "On Wednesday, (Liston) completed his classes at noon, went home to change with the intent of taking his new shotgun to the range for target practice before going to work," Sabbadini said today. "He decided to have lunch with friends. After lunch, he dropped his friends off at the Davis High School parking lot. "He was only in the parking lot momentarily on the way to target practice," the attorney added. "His shotgun was in his gun rack, unloaded and being transported lawfully. The shells to the shotgun were locked in a utility box in the bed of his truck."

The next day, he absentmindedly left the gun in the truck. Though the firearm was unloaded and the truck was locked, the school called the cops, and Liston now faces expulsion and possibly a fine or imprisonment for violating the Golden State's kooky antigun laws.

The Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat reports that James Lord, a 17-year-old senior at Dupo High School, "was kicked off a school broadcast program because he signed off with God bless.' " The paper says that "school Principal Jonathan Heerboth has said Lord's comment was inappropriate for public school." Remember this the next time you hear some civil libertarian complaining about the "stifling of dissent."

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