Thursday, January 08, 2004


Under PC nobody is responsible for their own deeds -- unless they are “racists” or some such of course. Walter Williams gives some examples:

“The wife of a hockey fan who crashed his car after drinking too much at a Minnesota Wild game has sued the team, saying her husband who was paralyzed in the Feb. 8, 2002, auto crash shouldn't have been served so much alcohol.

According to the July 10, 2002, Akron Beacon Journal, "Two carpet installers who admit they read the label of an adhesive they used, admit they understood the adhesive was flammable and should not be used inside, used it inside anyway, caused an explosion, were burned badly, sued and won $8 million dollars."

According to the April 18, 2003, Indianapolis Star: "A convicted robber is suing the convenience store clerk who shot him as he fled after a holdup. Willie Brown, 44, claimed the clerk acted 'maliciously and sadistically' in firing five shots as Brown ran out of Zipps Deli with money from the store's cash register." Brown, who has earlier convictions for robbery and burglary, pleaded guilty to robbery and was sentenced to four years in prison.

In Galveston, Texas, a jury awarded $65 million to the parents and estate of a woman who drowned after her car rolled off a boat ramp. She couldn't disengage her seat belt. The jury found Honda of America Manufacturing Co. Inc. and Honda R & D Co. Ltd. 75 percent responsible for the death of Karen Norman, even though her blood-alcohol level measured at nearly twice the Texas legal limit (.17). Fortunately, an appeals court threw out the award, which a trial judge had previously reduced to $43 million.”

So this guy is not as crazy as he sounds:

“A man in the US state of Wisconsin wants to sue a cable television provider for making him addicted to watching TV, a news report said today. Timothy Dumouchel claimed cable TV was also to blame for his wife's gaining more than 20 kilograms and his kids being "lazy channel surfers", according to the daily The Reporter. Dumouchel told the paper he would settle the suit for $US5,000 ($6,505) dollars, or three computers and lifetime free internet service”

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