Friday, January 09, 2004


The Modern Language Association is apparently the major professional body for American Professors of English. Note this report of their latest meeting:

"The MLA's deliberative body, the Delegate Assembly, adopted by a landslide margin of 122-8 a resolution supporting "the right of its members to conduct critical analysis of war talk" despite government efforts to "shape language to legitimate aggression, misrepresent policies, conceal aims, stigmatize dissent, and block critical thought." The Left normally accuse GWB of being a semi-illiterate who can't speak properly but this crowd think he is "shaping language ... to block critical thought". In one amazing bound he goes from being a stumble-tongue to being a maestro!

I think it's another example of projection (seeing your own faults in others). If anybody wants to shape language to block critical thought it is the PC crowd!

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