Friday, January 02, 2004


Opinion Journal reports:

La Croix, a French newspaper, has fired reporter Alain Hertoghe for publishing a book critical of anti-American bias in the French press, the Associated Press reports:

The book, "La Guerre a Outrances" (The War of Outrages), criticizes the French reporting for continually predicting the war would end badly for the U.S.-led coalition.

"Readers can't understand why the Americans won the war," Hertoghe said in a telephone interview. "The French press wasn't neutral."

The book, published Oct. 15, charges French reporters were more patriotic than journalistic and what was written amounted to disinformation.

What's really pathetic is that in France, being "patriotic" means showing fealty to a fascist Arab dictator. The AP notes that while the book has received "rave reviews" in Hertoghe's native Belgium, French newspapers have refused to acknowledge it.

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