Friday, January 23, 2004


Via Interested Participant:

"According to a story at, new guidelines prohibit certain words and phrases from being spoken by the Lothian and Borders police force. For example, Scottish officers are banned from referring to the elderly as "old" and from calling women "love", "pet" or "dear." Homosexuals cannot be called "homosexuals" and female colleagues shall not be referred to as "one of the boys."

Speaking of the changes, Deputy Chief Constable Tom Wood stated:

"We live in very sensitive and dangerous times in terms of language and attitudes and people are very quick to take offence.

"This is not about being PC, it is about common sense and making our members aware of the concerns so they think before they speak."

Constable Wood is a liar. The speech guidelines are nothing but political correctness in its most basic and ugliest form"

So if homosexuals cannot be called homosexuals, what do we call them? "Poofters", "Queers", "Gays"? I am often quite gay when I see the results of my sharemarket investments but I sure am no homosexual!

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