Saturday, August 21, 2004


Some observations from Geoffrey Sampson -- who has been a victim of PC attitudes about race. He had the temerity to mention the normal psychological finding that group-loyalty is innate in human beings

"Why should race in particular be a taboo subject? I do not recall anything in the classic philosophies of morality that implies a duty of special regard for other races or for recent immigrants. The injunctions of "political correctness" seem to be arbitrary expressions of passing social fashion, rather than principles recognized as valid throughout the ages.

The answer to the puzzle, I believe, is that what governments want above all - certainly what this New Labour government wants above all - is power. If the population can be made to feel guilty about having feelings which are innate and unchangeable, it will be a docile population. British governments used to be, and ought to be, organizations that are grudgingly allowed a strictly limited and necessary range of powers by voters who decide their morality and way of life for themselves. New Labour is turning instead into a kind of Church which preaches that we are all damned, but which offers chances of partial absolution provided we acknowledge our sinful state and obey the fathers of the Church implicitly. If the ethnic minorities were not so useful as a tool to help the government pull off this trick, I imagine New Labour would lose interest in them. At present it cherishes them, because they enable it to work this strategy against the rest of us with such success.

We have had bad governments in the past. Arguably, it is in the nature of politics that any government is to a greater or lesser extent a bad government - the most one can hope for is "less bad". But this New Labour government is more than just a bad government. Unprecedently in my experience, New Labour is an evil government."

How does displaying a Bible "establish" anything? "U.S. District Judge Sim Lake ruled today that a Bible displayed in a monument outside the Harris County [TX] Civil Courts Building must be removed within 10 days and that the county must pay $41,000 in court costs and attorney fees. Real estate broker and attorney Kay Staley sued the county in federal court to have the monument removed, contending the display violates the First Amendment ban on an establishment of religion."

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