Sunday, August 29, 2004


The postwar "antiracist" response to Hitler has gone off the rails. An email from RPC:

It is inherent in the nature of ALL organisms that they make a distinction between "us" and "them". Sure, there is diversity in where the line is drawn -- some people consider animals to have equal rights, while some others consider that just because a human challenges the dogmas about race and immigration they lose basic human rights of free speech, employability, right to vote for a party of their choice etc. I don't propose to adjudicate between these positions because they are just the attitudes that one or other person has, not some truth of falsehood that can be proved or disproved by anything I write here.

All that matters for the present account is that this universal 'us'-'them' discrimination exists, and that when the economy turns grim, so do the relations between groups who have chosen to live as separate cliques. Euphemistically referring to those cliques as "communities" might make reassuringly cosy reading in the Guardian but it won't save any lives if/when the crunch comes.

So, how is the anti-racist project faring after all these 60 years since 1945? Well, racial discrimination and hostility have not ~quite~ been eradicated yet. (Indeed they have been institutionalised in the Society of Black Lawyers, the Association of Black Housing Associations, and innumerable other instances of "good" institutional racism.). And we have had to redefine free speech as allowing just about ~sort-of~ anything as long as it does not challenge the race-cliquery system euphemised as "multiculturism", and does not say anything uncomplimentary about Islam, however true it may be, and does not tell the truth about IQ scores and etc, etc.

In fact we have had to do a huge amount of censoring of important facts, persecuting of truth-tellers, promoting of liars, and peddling of major misinformations, but of course it is all in the very worthy aim of "Never again!" to Hitler & Co., so of course the ends justify the means. Just too bad if honesty, integrity, democracy, and even impartiality have to be abolished for this purpose of proving the unprovable. And too bad that the whole project flies in the face of reality and is destined to fail anyway.

Wise rational analyses and wise policies rarely come from the extreme emotional desperation such as has characterised the "Never again!" movement. How much success have they shown in healing the 300-year old conflict caused by imposed immigration to Ulster? Or any other of the various unending running sores around the globe? If you don't have a cure, by what right can you insist on proliferating the incurable problem?

Among the immensely important facts which have been censored out by this dogmatic ideology is the comparison between Britain 2004 and Germany 1904. The six million Jews, gypsies, etc, did not just land on Germany from Mars, just at the time that Hitler was growing up. So how did they suddenly get there, into so many higher-class positions? The fact that is never revealed is that for more than a century before, Austria and Prussia (Germany) had had governments highly enthusiastic about encouraging immigration and multiculturism. Indeed, Beethoven's widely admired Choral Symphony strongly highlighted the words: "All men shall be brothers" [i.e. all people shall be siblings], "freedom's magic will unite that which earthly laws divide". And nearly a century later the Jewish Gustav Mahler held the top job of Director of the Vienna Opera and was treated as more than an equal of the Emperor (notwithstanding that of course he was more than an equal). So what is the great difference between Germany then and Britain/Europe now????

Certainly anyone who earns a fortune and buys up loads of property is recognised as a selfish parasitic greedy capitalist, unless they are an immigrant in which case they are evidently "making a huge contribution to the community" instead.

Well, one extremely obvious difference is that the cultural divide this time is VASTLY wider. Not to mention the greater divide of skin-colour. Is there anything positive to counter that? Well, we just happen to have a continuation of economic sunshine. How much longer before the clouds come?

And sure, blame the messenger who tells you the truth, rather than the untruth-teller "friend" whose "kind" words lead you into a deadly trap. If the immigration program had been pursued with openness, honesty, and balance, rather than with forked tongues and shifty agendas, and there had been a prioritisation of building personal relationships rather than imposing of group "rights", there might be something worth rescuing.

But as things stand in 2004, the matter has been very much poisoned by the decades of deceit and preoccupation with impersonal categorising. A measure of the extent of that poisoning is that the basic truths I have mentioned here you will not find published anywhere else, not by the "top 100 intellectuals", the next 100 "intellectuals", nor by any intellectuals or non-intellectuals for that matter. Why didn't those six million Jews see what was coming?

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