Sunday, August 22, 2004


"A man who admitted stabbing a suspected burglar with a bread knife to protect his wife and child is being investigated for assault. Antonio Caeiro, 33, who said he wounded a 19-year-old intruder at his home in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, said yesterday that he would do the same again to defend his family.....

The suspected burglar in this case is being treated in hospital where he is described as being in a serious, but stable condition. Mr Caeiro, a pub manager, claimed he stabbed the intruder in the chest and leg with the 12-inch knife in self defence as they struggled in his kitchen before the teenager fled.....

Mr Caeiro claimed he was woken by his 28-year-old wife's screams at 2am on Saturday when the burglar came into their bedroom. He said the 6ft tall intruder had pulled away their 14-month-old daughter's cot from the side of their bed causing the child to fall on the floor and cry. Mr Caeiro said: "This man was kneeling at the side of my bed and started touching the legs of my wife. "My wife woke up screaming and then I woke up. The man then ran downstairs and went out through the kitchen door."

Mr Caeiro, who is 5ft 6ins, rang 999 to report the break-in and was told by police that because the intruder was no-longer believed to be in the house they would be there in 15 to 30 minutes.

He said: "I looked out into my yard and saw a shadow. I was frightened and I grabbed the bread knife from a rack because my first thought was that I had to stop my family being harmed. I opened the back door ... then this man attacked me with a metal bar.

"He hit me on the shoulder and I was knocked back into the kitchen. The door opened and the man tried to come inside. "I stabbed him in the leg and then we ended up fighting and I stabbed him in the chest. "We fought for about a minute outside ... then he managed to break away and run down the alley at the back of my house."

Mr Caeiro said he tried to call the police again, but got no reply. He then called a friend who alerted police officers who arrived three minutes later. The intruder was arrested near by on suspicion of burglary. Police also arrested Mr Caeiro on suspicion of assault, and later released him on bail pending further inquiries...."

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A post from Samizdata

"Some odious Jamaican singer rejoicing in the name of Beenie Man could be charged under British law with incitement to violence because of the anti-homosexual lyrics of his songs.

I am all for the annoying Peter Tatchell trying (with some success) to cause 'Beenie Man' and his ilk financial difficulties by getting sponsorship deals cancelled as a result of their hate-mongering: that is civil society in action and an altogether good thing... but unless 'Bennie Man' actually starts taking up his bazooka for real, the state has no business suppressing free speech by force.

The essential civil liberties called 'freedom of expression' are rather more important that the actual substance of some idiotic reggae song. Has the culture of liberty really decayed so far that this sort of overarching state control can be tolerated? Freedom of expression for the politically favoured or the mainstream are the easy bits... it is when some detestable half-wit homophobic prat like 'Beenie Man' opens his noisome trap that you discover what the real state of civil liberties in a country is.

Pathetic. It is just a song and the state has no business banning songs."

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