Saturday, August 14, 2004


"POLICE today launched an investigation into comments by a Norwich religious leader branding Islam "an evil religion".

The Rev Dr Alan Clifford, pastor of Norwich Reformed Church, yesterday told the Evening News he backed the views of BNP leader Nick Griffin, who was shown in a TV documentary telling party members Islam was a "vicious, wicked faith."

His comments sparked outrage among fellow religious leaders and anti-racist groups. The Evening News was today contacted by the Race Crime Unit of Norfolk police to provide further information about Dr Clifford's comments, after saying they were concerned his remarks could damage "community cohesiveness". Abraham Eshetu, diversity officer at Norfolk police, said: "We will be investigating the comments made by Mr Clifford."

Dr Clifford had told the Evening News: "The views about Islam made by Nick Griffin gained widespread publicity and I happen to believe what he said in this case was correct. The only antidote to this evil religion is the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ."

The pastor, whose church meets at Eaton Park Community Centre and is an associate member of Affinity, formerly the British Evangelical Council, was today unrepentant but insisted he was not racist. "I believe in free speech and free association of religion," he said. "I have no objections to Muslims worshipping and associating but I think a point does come when it's very difficult to tolerate people whose religious motivation in its pure form leads to your annihilation.""

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"The only people saying what they really mean about immigration are the lunatics on the Internet. They say, as a Phoenix man wrote to me recently, "If we don't do something drastic the Spanish speakers to the south - Hispanics, Latinos or whatever is PC to call them this week - are going to overrun our country and take control."

That is exactly what Proposition 200, the so-called "Protect Arizona Now" initiative, is all about. That's not what everybody says it's about, but that's only because speaking your mind in a completely honest fashion is so politically risky these days that nobody does it.....

So, the Protect Arizona Now people say that their initiative is an effort to keep undocumented workers from voting (which rarely happens and is illegal) and from receiving government services that they aren't qualified to receive (which also is illegal). What they really mean is that if we don't do something drastic the Spanish speakers to the south are going to overrun our country and take control. Phrasing it that way would sound too paranoid and prejudicial, however....

Still, a recent poll found that roughly 75 percent of the people in the state supported Proposition 200. If asked, most would say that they want to protect the sanctity of the voting booth and to save tax dollars. When translated from politically correct English into honesty, it's the same as saying, "If we don't so something drastic the Spanish speakers to the south are going to overrun our country and take control."

Likewise, just about every major elected official in Arizona has come out against Proposition 200. Republicans and Democrats. From Gov. Janet Napolitano to Sen. John McCain. But while they have expressed their opposition, none of them currently is leading the charge against it.

They claim to be waiting to see if the initiative will gather the necessary signatures to get on November's ballot. What they mean is that they are trying really hard not offend that big group of people in favor of the proposition, while also trying to remain friendly with our Spanish-speaking friends from the south, just in case they actually do overrun the country, take control and boot them out of office......

People will vote for it because they're afraid and because the politicians in office haven't dealt seriously with border security or immigration...."

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