Saturday, June 26, 2004


Boo Hoo! "A New Bedford [MA] man shot dead during an apparent robbery attempt was the victim of an overzealous homeowner who went into a murderous rage when he discovered an intruder on his property, the dead man's family said yesterday. 'It was plain murder,' said Missy Cimbron, the sister of 24-year-old shooting victim Frank Pereira. 'This guy shot to kill. He did not shoot to defend himself.' Cimbron said her brother has a troubled past and may have been trying to rob the home of Charles Chieppa, but he did not deserve to be shot multiple times and die alone on the street. State cops are trying to piece together the pre-dawn confrontation between Cheippa and Pereira to determine whether the shooting was self-defense or an unnecessary use of deadly force. ... Cops said Pereira snatched a purse filled with prescription drugs from a 56-year-old woman before trying to break into Chieppa's house at about 4 a.m. Thursday."

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