Friday, June 25, 2004


Even your own body is no longer a personal matter

The "Obesity" racket: "It has often been pointed out that the anti-smoking campaign... the organizations, attorneys, and politicians looking for votes, created a blueprint for other invented "causes"... a blueprint that can take almost any subject and turn it into a massive campaign, based on nothing more substantial than scare tactics, oft-repeated lies, twisted statistics, and emotional appeals. Despite warnings that the same blueprint for deception would move to other areas once tobacco was tapped for all it was worth, millions of people continue to be suckered by the same approach... the same, now-perfected blueprint for fraud.

Obesity is the newest version of the great fraud, and attacks on anyone who might assist us gaining weight are the new villains. If you're obese, you're the latest "victim". You're not responsible for being obese, because you can blame all the food sources you use. You're a helpless victim to your appetite. Attorneys will become insanely wealthy from ridiculous lawsuits, thousands of organizations will fleece power and money from "concerned" citizens. New weight-loss plans will replace those that conned you into praising short-term weight loss only to find that you couldn't live with their plan long-term.

Politicians have jumped on the "caring" bandwagon to rally voters behind their efforts at FORCING us to lose weight. They'll come up with a variety of feel-good, worthless schemes that will cost us, but that we'll forget didn't work, once a new crisis arises. Although I haven't seen it yet, I have no doubt that we will be told that obesity is costing all of us, even if we're slender, by raising the costs of health care. Fat people supposedly take up more health care resources, thus depriving the rest of us. That will make it a national policy issue... the fat version of second-hand smoke. We'll all end up paying for it, even if we never had much problem with our weight.


Ancient wisdom: "Plutarch and his friends saw disease as the responsibility of the individual, arising mainly from `disagreements of food and drink with us and our mistakes in using them'. The answer lies with the mind `which is self-governed and capable, if it will, of changing and altering its course'".

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