Wednesday, June 30, 2004


The criminals are in uniform in modern-day Britain. The old-fashioned British police who were good at catching crooks are mostly all gone now -- replaced by socialist dictators with zero respect for ordinary law-abiding people

"A judge yesterday demanded a top-level inquiry after police let a convicted rapist carry on working as a bogus teacher. Detectives monitoring Mark Bradshaw - described as a "very high risk" offender - knew about his job but failed to tell bosses at the school. Bradshaw, 45, impressed the English language centre so much during his eight months there that he was twice promoted. The school contacted police after receiving an anonymous letter that claimed Bradshaw was a sex offender. Jerry Hayes, prosecuting, told the judge that when the police failed to reply, the school assumed the allegations were false.

In fact, the police had decided to do nothing because Bradshaw was in a steady working environment and his marriage seemed to be going well. Five months later, a journalist threatened to publish the story, and the police finally told the school they had a "very high risk" sex offender working for them.

Judge Colin Smith, who jailed Bradshaw for eight months for deception, told Inner London Crown Court: "I find it a very worrying state of affairs. "It is a matter that will have to be looked at at a very high level. "There is a clear public duty on the police to respond promptly and fully to inquiries made by employers in this extremely sensitive area."

Bradshaw, from Stoke Newington, North London, had been jailed for six years at the Old Bailey in September 1995 for rape and attempted rape. He had attacked a resident in a hotel while he was on home leave for raping a woman in a minicab office."

More here. (Via Jerry Lerman).

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