Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Orwell invented the word “thoughtcrime” in his novel “1984”. The Left are catching up

Another dangerous trend is the whole issue of Hate Crime legislation. In a nutshell, legislators are asking judges and juries to read minds. If you perform an act because IN YOUR HEART you harbored hatred toward one individual who is part of a special protected class of society, you will be charged (and punished much more severely) because of what was supposedly in your heart or mind.

How stupid is that?!? Two men get into a fistfight in a parking lot because one took a parking space that the other wanted. As a former deputy sheriff I can tell you that all most cops want to do is make the minor incident go away. If no one is seriously injured, we would simply separate the two men with a warning. At most they might both spend a night in jail.

HOWEVER, if one of the men is a flaming homosexual who wears lipstick like Michael Jackson and claims that the other man called him a “queer”, chances are good that the straight man will be arrested, even if there are no witnesses to the supposed “hate crime.” What would have been a minor incident that happens every day in every city will now become a major court case that could land him in prison for years.

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