Saturday, December 06, 2003


Peter Cuthbertson reminds us of what 77 year-old Bill Clifford endured a couple of years ago. "A gentleman who fought in the Second World War for this country, his retirement was plagued by feral young hooligans taking out their aggression on anyone who dared to challenge their tyranny of misery. As they broke his windows and attempted to kick down his front door one day, he flung open his door in fury and scared them off with a replica handgun.

You can probably guess what happened next. The police who were so indifferent to the suffering he endured were suddenly right on the scene, and the poor man faced criminal charges for his desperate efforts. On the day of his court appearance, Mr Clifford, who had harmed no one and had never been in trouble with the law before, hanged himself rather than endure the shame of being treated like the criminals against whom he defended himself."

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