Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Political Correctness Instilling Pacifism In Children

From Doug Hagin:

Over the past few years many of my columns have dealt with zero-tolerance policies in schools and how these policies are hurting kids. It is quite clear the forces of political correctness are indoctrinating our children with a message of pacifism, while frankly punishing kids for being kids.

The cases are all too familiar, children suspended or expelled from schools for playing cops and robbers, drawing a picture of a soldier, bringing water pistols to school, even for pointing a chicken tender and saying “Bang.”

The cases of similar incidents could easily fill months and months of my column. The school administrators, driven by fear of school shootings, have enacted rigid zero-tolerance policies, which are obviously being enforced with zero-common sense. And there is more behind the intentions of these policies than preventing school violence.

The trend is to teach children that all violence is always wrong. Certain schools have even gone so far as to ask students to sign pledges never to use a weapon in self-defense or in defense of others. Students who refuse are flagged as potentially violence prone and dangerous. Imagine teaching young people that self-defense is bad and undesirable. Imagine teaching them defending themselves against an attacker makes them no better than the attacker.

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