Saturday, May 17, 2003


When it came to disciplining, my parents did not play – and I thank them for it. Of all the expressions that I now look back fondly on, my favorite is: "Boy, you done lost your mind, showing your ass like that in front of me." That expression was reserved for those occasions when you completely forgot yourself and surrendered to wild, bold, saucy abandon. It was seldom trod territory and you'd know that there were "going to be consequences for your actions" so you had to make the best of the moment.

(Here's a point of etiquette: When exhibiting one's derriere, it is advisable that you make sure that a number of sober, credible witnesses (preferably of the sort not given to reporting UFO sightings or alien abductions) are present thereby insuring that the necessary inquiries are made by the proper authorities in the event of your sudden disappearance or demise.)

Anyway, the reason I like the expression so much is that as a black, conservative Republican, who works in the mainstream press no less (go figure), I have occasion to show my derriere quite frequently. And I do so with wild, bold, saucy abandon. I never shrink at an opportunity.

But here's the best part: I suffer little to no "consequences for my actions" for a couple of notable reasons. Number one, most black people tend to marginalize me because they consider me a traitor to my race – so who cares what they think? And, besides, what are they going to do – accuse me of being a racist towards black people.

The second reason can be chalked up to the politically correct environment that has been erected by liberals. In such an environment my skin color serves as a sort of lead shield against any retribution whenever I break a P.C. law. G-d certainly does work in mysterious ways, don't he?

In other words, I can get away with saying and doing things that a whole lot of other people (especially white males) would be pilloried for.

I know a lot of you know what I'm talking about because I've gotten a number of e-mail from people saying that they'd lose their jobs or would be labeled a racist for saying and doing some of the things I write about.

For instance, I don't have to hold my tongue whenever I hear some liberal black person or liberal white person whining that too many black people are in prison. I gleefully point out that that's a good thing because so many black people are committing crimes.

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