Friday, May 23, 2003


But it needs to be said:

If the Palestinian clamoring for the death of America is not enough to give us pause in our politically correct effort at transmuting their victim hood into statehood, then consider what kind of state would arise from such a nation of adolescents. A nation’s government spawns from the collective character of its people. The reason Islamic populations are run by bureaucratic thugs and princely despots isn’t because of America, it’s because the Arab-Islamic culture is amenable to tyranny. Remorseless indifference to another’s liberty has been their way since the first forced conversions to Islam by the conquering Arabians centuries ago. Under the emperor’s new clothes lurk human shields, the murder of apostates, clitoridectomies, forced marriages, and harsh physical punishments for blasphemy and adultery to name a few. The minaret dictates what clothes can be worn, what books can be read, what prayers can be said. In the Palestinian controlled areas, girls suspected of breaking moral codes or dishonoring the family are murdered

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