Sunday, October 24, 2004


The news-item about how Halloween is offensive to witches mentioned here yesterday has angered witches. It was sent to the spokesdroid who made an announcement, since the email of the district superintendent in Washington is not on his site. The announcement follows:.

Speaking as a Wiccan, we will NOT allow our community to be used as an excuse for you to cut off the celebration of Halloween and we will NOT accept the blame for this. Expect to be hearing from angry witches and very, very soon. You owe our community an apology as well as your students and parents.

We have a holiday called Samhain that roughly corresponds to the Christian Halloween... both are harvest festivals. Where did you get the idea that celebrating one of the few religious holidays that shows up in both the Christian and pagan religious calendars would offend Wiccans?

Did you try ASKING any real witches? We are entitled to be treated with respect, and this is NOT what we are getting from you. Every witch in the USA helps fund the Federal school aid side of your educational program, and I don't like what you are spending our money on.

The ONLY religious group I know of that objects to Halloween is the Christian Right. Perhaps involvement by some of your politicians or high-level administrators with the Christian Right is the REAL reason why your district considers this a "waste of time"?

I will be turning this and excerpts from the ABC News article on this idiocy and putting this through our pagan information networks shortly along with more contact information for your school district "leadership".

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