Sunday, November 23, 2003


Reformed British Leftie Mike Hume has some good comments on the “protests” that greeted GWB’s visit to London. Excerpts:

The personal vitriol now being poured on Bush's head also says something about the new etiquette of politics. Everybody understands that it is no longer acceptable to be rude to racial or ethnic minorities; see how Bush's conservative Republicans go out of their way to avoid insulting Islam. The one group that is considered fair game, however, is the kind of 'white trash' who can be branded racist. White trash from, say, Essex are an easy target. White trash from backward Texas are easier. And rich white trash from Texas are the easiest of all. President Bush has thus become the symbol of one minority it is deemed politically correct to hate.

For many, it is a self-indulgent statement that says 'I am a Better Person because I hate George Bush'.

I made a similar point recently when I pointed out the peculiarly biased treatment of one of America’s smaller minorities.

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