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Does Montague William lll exist?

Neither Wikipedia nor Snopes appear to have heard of him yet there is a video by him that has multiple appearances on the web so he has not in any way been censored. And it is a beautiful performance. It is totally opposite in style to Hitler but probably outdoes Hitler in asserting convincingly that bankers rule the world. That belief is still common on the Left.

I particularly like his speaking voice. He has a beautiful "cut glass" accent (well articulaed RP). My own accent is educated Australian -- "university English" -- which is quite close to RP. So I find RP to be easily understood. Being a bit deaf, other accents often cause me to miss some of what is being said

The video is clearly a work of fiction but whoever made it did a very good job

I believe there was a real British playboy named Montague William lll, now deceased. I see that the performer above was actually British actor Michael Daviot. Actors have to be able to "do" different accents

I gather that the video premiered in 2011. I enjoyed it greatly and watched it several times. I think it is the best monologue I have seen


How to lose an election: British PM Rishi Sunak announces plan to bring back mandatory national service

18 year-olds can vote in Britain. He may have just lost almost the whole of that vote

Rishi Sunak has unveiled his first new policy leading up to the UK snap election, saying his Conservative Party will bring back mandatory national service for 18-year-old Britons, in a move that has been dubbed "desperate" by the opposing Labour Party.

The national service would require young people to either join the military full-time or volunteer one weekend a month in community service.

Mr Sunak said he believed the service would help young people learn "real world skills, do new things and contribute to their community and our country", as well as fostering "national spirit".

"This is a great country but generations of young people have not had the opportunities or experience they deserve and there are forces trying to divide our society in this increasingly uncertain world," Mr Sunak said.

"I have a clear plan to address this and secure our future. I will bring in a new model of national service to create a shared sense of purpose among our young people and a renewed sense of pride in our country."

Mr Sunak's Conservative Party said the national service would also help divert at-risk young people away from "lives of unemployment and crime", and provide "valuable work experience".

The plan is the first new policy announcement made by Mr Sunak since he called an early general election for July 4.

His party, which has been in power since 2010, has consistently polled behind the opposing Labour Party since January 2022.

A Labour spokesperson said the plan was "another desperate £2.5 billion unfunded commitment" from the Conservative Party who "already crashed the economy, sending mortgages rocketing".

"This is not a plan – it's a review which could cost billions and is only needed because the Tories (Conservatives) hollowed out the armed forces to their smallest size since Napoleon," the spokesperson said.

Liberal Democrat defence spokesperson and member of parliament Richard Foord said the Conservative Party had made "damaging cuts" to defence forces.

"If the Conservatives were serious about defence, they would reverse their damaging cuts to our world class professional armed forces, instead of decimating them, with swingeing cuts to the number of our regular service personnel," Mr Foord said.

"Our armed forces were once the envy of the world. This Conservative government has cut troop numbers and is planning more cuts to the size of the army."

The UK's early vote is a shock, but its result won't be
Britain's general election didn't have to be held for another six months, but Rishi Sunak's decision to call a snap July poll might point to how desperate things have become inside his Conservative Party.

The options for the national service would include full-time, 12-month placements in the armed forces or cyber defence, or volunteering 25 days a year in community organisations such as fire and rescue services, police, the National Health Service (NHS) or charities that work with the elderly.

A new royal commission would establish the details of the plan.

The details include possible non-criminal sanctions for any young people who refused to take part in the service, Sky News reported quoting sources in the Conservative Party.

The cost of the scheme is estimated at about £2.5bn ($4.8bn), the BBC reported.

The UK had a national service, where men between the ages 17 and 21 were required to serve in the military for 18 months, from 1947 to 1960.

Several other European countries, including Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, already have a form of mandatory military service. Denmark announced a plan this month to expand mandatory national service to young women.


Another disgraceful coerced confession by police

I am reminded of the coerced confession from Barry Mannix in Australia. He was only exonerated from murdering his father when the real villain confessed. In this case the guy got off only because his father is not dead

California cops have agreed to pay a nearly $1million settlement after they forced a confession out of a mentally unstable man by threatening to kill his dog if he did not falsely admit to murdering his father - who was alive and well.

Thomas Perez Jr was questioned by police for over 17 hours in 2018 in an interrogation that amounted to 'unconstitutional psychological torture,' according to the judge.

Perez reported his father missing to police. He was never formally arrested, but was still taken to the Fontana Police Department on August 8, 2018 to be questioned.

He was told by officers that if he didn't confess to murdering his father, they would have to put his dog to sleep due to 'depression' over witnessing a murder that never occurred.

After hours of interrogation, Perez became visibly distressed and resorted to self destructive acts including pulling his hair out, hitting himself and tearing off his shirt.

The judge said he was 'sleep deprived, mentally ill, and, significantly, undergoing symptoms of withdrawal from his psychiatric medications.'

Perez also had reportedly begged for medical attention but was never provided his psychiatric medication.

He was told his father was found dead with stab wounds, however, police soon after found his father alive and well. Perez's sister said her father was with a 'lady friend.'

A detective reportedly told him: 'How can you sit there, how can you sit there and say you don't know what happened, and your dog is sitting there looking at you, knowing that you killed your dad?

'Look at your dog. She knows, because she was walking through all the blood.'

After 17 hours of interrogation, Perez finally admitted to the crime he didn't commit.

When the two interrogating officers left Perez alone in the room, he attempted suicide by hanging.

California Judge Dolly Gee ruled last June that the evidence in the case would convince the jury that the questioning amounted to 'unconstitutional psychological torture.'

Footage of the interrogation was released, sparking outrage and a long legal battle before the city of Fontana, California, finally agreed to a $900,000 settlement.

His lawyer Jerry Steering told the Orange County Register, 'Mentally torturing a false confession out of Tom Perez, concealing from him that his father was alive and well, and confining him in the psych ward because they made him suicidal.'

'In my 40 years of suing the police I have never seen that level of deliberate cruelty by the police,' he continued.

'This case shows that if the police are skilled enough, and they grill you hard enough, they can get anybody to confess to anything.'

After confessing, Perez was involuntarily locked away in a psychiatric ward. He was kept there in isolation for three straight days.

Police reportedly neglected to inform Perez that his father was still alive. His dog was also given to a shelter but later rescued, according to the Telegraph.

For days, Perez sat alone in the psychiatric unit believing that both his father and dog were dead.

The police department has not specified whether the police officers involved will face any repercussions.


Seattle museum is forced to shut down after nearly 30 Jew- hating staff stormed out

This is very troubling. Hate can lead to murderous deeds

The Wing Luke Museum in Seattle has been forced to close after nearly 30 staffers, about half of the museum's workforce, walked out in protest at its new 'Confronting Hate Together' exhibit. The walkout meant the tourist had no other option but to close.

The staffers are unhappy with the type of language used in the exhibit claiming parts of it 'conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism.'

The workers walked off the job on opening day of the exhibit, forcing the museum to close. They are vowing to remain on strike until their demands are met and the displays are changed.

The disgruntled staffers, who work at the only pan-Asian art and history museum in the United States, wrote, 'Zionism has no place in our communities and being anti-Zionist goes hand in hand with our own liberation as AA/NHPI. Our solidarity with Palestine should be reflected in our AA/NHPI institutions.'

The 26 striking workers are now demanding the removal of any language from the exhibit that attempts to frame Palestinian liberation and anti-Zionism as antisemitism.

They are also calling for the museum to acknowledge its 'limited perspectives', conduct a community review, and center voices and perspectives that align with the museum's mission and values,' the group wrote on social media.

The exhibit had been designed to explore hate against Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander communities, as well as black and Jewish communities.

It was supposed to run from Wednesday through June 30, according to the museum's website.

One panel in particular from the Jewish Historical Society said: 'Today, antisemitism is often disguised as anti-Zionism' - but such a view is a point of contention for the striking staffers, who argue that it conveys Zionist perspectives.

'What is happening in Palestine directly reflects violent colonization and imperialism that has and continues to impact Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander (AA/NHP) diaspora for generations,' the disgruntled workers wrote online.

The group raised concerns that the exhibit's portrayal of Zionism contradicts the museum's purpose of addressing the impacts of colonization and imperialism on AA/NHPI diaspora communities.

'Our Museum's exhibits, education and programs have brought together communities, shared hard histories and conversations and helped create joy and light among the darkness of what AA/NHPI diaspora often feel and experience,' they stated.

Zionism is a movement that advocates for the establishment and support of a Jewish homeland in the historic land of Israel, but critics, including many Palestinians argue that the establishment of Israel led to the the displacement of Palestinian Arabs.

Following the staff walkout, the museum issued a statement in support of its employees, acknowledging their right to express their beliefs and engage in dialogue.

'Members of Wing Luke Museum's staff held a respectful walk-out in protest of content on display in a new exhibit,' the museum said.

'As an organization rooted in dialogue, we acknowledge and support the right of our staff to express their beliefs and personal truths and to this end, we are holding space for a careful and thoughtful process of listening with intent to hear multiple perspectives in pursuit of a mutual way forward.

'After closing the Museum this week to listen and earnestly engage in dialog with our staff, the Museum looks forward to opening our doors at a future date so that we can continue serving our community in other needed capacities during this time. Please look for updates from us.'

The museum closed temporarily to listen and engage with its staff and is aiming to find a way forward that includes multiple perspectives.

The museum plans to offer free admission to the community to experience the exhibit once it reopens.


Australian ABC star Laura Tingle sparks outrage after labelling Australia racist

Typical Leftist hatred of her own country. I see falsification of her assertion in front of me most days. In the cafe where I eat several times a week it is common for me to see Asian women on the arms of Caucasian men and EVERY day my pink skin is greatly atypical of my fellow diners. The patrons are clearly greatly varied in origins -- a real United Nations -- and I have NEVER seen an aggressive incident there. Asians, Indians and Middle Easterners are all frequent diners there and nobody bothers anyone else or shows any attitude to anyone else

A high-profile ABC presenter has come under fire for labelling Australia 'racist' and been accused of bias after pinning the blame on the Opposition.

The national broadcaster's chief political correspondent Laura Tingle made the comment during a discussion panel for the Sydney Writers' Festival on Sunday.

'We are a racist country, let's face it. We always have been and it's very depressing,' she told her audience at Carriageworks.

Tingle repeatedly accused Liberal leader Peter Dutton of fanning the flames after he called for a reduction in immigration to ease the strain on the housing market.

Her comment has sparked criticism with Tingle accused of breaking her responsibility of remaining impartial as a political reporter.

Tingle was appointed to the ABC board as the staff-elected director in 2023 and is obliged to 'act in good faith at all times and in the best interests of the ABC'.

In March, ABC chair Kim Williams shared a blunt message saying staff should leave if they broke the national broadcaster's code to be balanced.

Tingle said she couldn't remember the last time a major party leader was seen 'to be saying … everything that is going wrong in this country is because of migrants'.

'[I] had this sudden flash of people turning up to try and rent a property or at an auction and they look a bit different - whatever you define different as - (and) that basically he (Dutton) has given them licence to be abused, and in any circumstance where people feel like they're missing out,' she said.

Tingle accused Mr Dutton of 'dog whistling' and said his call to cut immigration didn't make 'rational sense'.

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians Jacinta Nampijinpa Price told 2GB Ben Fordham Live on Monday that Tingle's comments 'create division'.

'I'm really disappointed in this continued narrative that is being pushed within our country that does not provide any sense of pride for our children,' she said.

'It absolutely creates division and we had enough of it during the referendum.

'Leading journalists, well supposedly leading journalists, like Laura Tingle should know better than to use that sort of rhetoric.'

Senator Price also accused Tingle of political bias, despite her duty to be impartial as a political reporter.

'She says "we're a racist country, let's face it, we've always been, it's very depressing",' she said.

'That is not a reflection of the country, that is her opinion.

'Laura has demonstrated her bias and I think Kim Williams (chairperson of the ABC) needs to explain why having someone so blatantly partisan sitting in the top political commentator position is acceptable.'

Fordham went on to read a list of comments sent in by listeners who unanimously disagreed with Tingle.

'I live in a block of units with neighbors of Indian Filipino, Chinese and African backgrounds, not an issue, just sensational people. Laura is wrong,' one of the comments read.

Another added: 'Laura tingle's warped and miserable view of this country ignores the fact that people come here in drones because it's the opposite of the picture painted by her'.

Environment and Water minister Tanya Plibersek told Channel Seven's Sunrise program she did not believe Australia was racist.

'I think it's a fantastic multicultural country but we have to protect against incidents of racism which occur in our community as they do in every community,' she said.

'My parents came to Australia after the Second World War from Europe and I am so grateful every day that Australia took them in and that we were born here and able to grow up in this fantastic country.

'Of course, there are Australians who have experienced racism. Of course that is absolutely true.'

Tingle also attacked shadow treasurer Angus Taylor's address to the National Press Club on Wednesday, which she moderated.

'I said to him (Taylor), "so you are saying we're relying on migration for growth … what does that imply about growth if you are going to cut migration?",' she said.

'He (Taylor) said something about Labor and the unions buying up all the houses, which I really didn't follow.'

Tingle also appeared at the Melbourne Writers Festival this month during which she accused Australian journalists of asking 'questions that are simply unanswerable, in the name of political or media sport'.

She appeared less critical of Labor: 'It's not just about whether they got rid of Scott Morrison, they are actually trying to govern, they are trying to run a government, they are actually trying to do policy.

'Whether you think the policy is s**t or not, that's another issue.

'We are not running the sort of stupid ideas that we are seeing out of the Coalition now from the platform of government.

'All of this absolute crap that used to run from government on a day-to-day basis, don't underestimate the value of not having to put up with that.'




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