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When There’s No White Supremacy, Just Make It Up

A graduating class from Howard University gathered to hear a speech of hope and encouragement as they prepared to take their milestone steps from education to practical application in a chosen career.

Usually talks such as this include a reflection of the years students have spent working hard on their academics and recognizing the positive results that come from the goal-setting that has led them to earn a college degree. The ability to focus and overcome challenges are valuable qualities that will serve them as they work to reach their lifelong goals.

However, it seems as though this year’s commencement speaker, President Joe Biden, didn’t get the memo when it came to putting together remarks that would send the graduates off into the real world with memorable statements to carry with them from their final moments in college throughout their lives as working professionals.

What they got instead was a speech focused on racism. They were told by the president of the United States: “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy. And I’m not saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say it wherever I go.”

Of course, we know that’s exactly why he said it: to influence an entire class of hardworking future leaders of America whose ancestors and allies already sacrificed and survived the Civil War; endured slavery, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK; and fought with the Civil Rights movement. He wants them to continue to be held back by the past instead of using everything they’ve just achieved to create a better future for themselves and their descendants.

Of course, Joe Biden isn’t the only one spreading this misinformation.

While discussing the threats to the United States during an MSNBC interview, Alejandro Mayorkas parroted a similar message: “In the terrorism context, domestic violent extremism is our greatest threat right now. … Regrettably, we have seen a rise in white supremacy.”

In discussing these issues with the United States secretary of homeland security, the correct follow-up to the assertion that white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat to America would have been to ask for examples of where these threats have been recorded and prosecuted. As the leader of the Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas would personally oversee and be informed of all threats to our national leaders, our critical infrastructure, our ports, and our cybersecurity, just to name a few. If anyone would know about when and where these incidents of white supremacist terrorism are happening, it would be him.

However, the role of today’s journalists does not seem to be to gather evidence and provide a comprehensive view of an issue, but rather to create a narrative and then simply ask the person at the head of that narrative to agree.

And the role of the current administration is to create "evidence” to back up its claims when there is none.

This was demonstrated following the May 6 shooting at an outlet mall in Texas, where just hours after the horrific act had been carried out, the story was pushed that this had been done by a white supremacist who belonged to a gang with the beliefs of such and who displayed swastika tattoos on his body. However, it didn’t take long for the details to become public, and I’m sure we were all surprised (or not) to discover that the name and photo of the perpetrator was that of a man of Hispanic ethnicity.

Similarly, at around 10:00 p.m. this past Monday evening, someone was detained after crashing a U-Haul box truck into the security barriers on the north side of the White House. Once again, before any details of the individual could be released, the story pushed by the media was that this was yet another act of white supremacy. And again, when the identity of the driver came to light, the name and photo was that of an Indian man.

It looks as though it is possible to make the claim that white supremacy is the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation faces if the plan is to label everyone who commits a crime that fuels the narrative as “white” — even when it’s abundantly clear that they’re not.

As with almost everything promoted by the Left today, the procedure is to say the words and then create the evidence to back up what you’ve said.


The Left Has Pushed the Envelope

The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying.

Special-counsel John Durham just issued his final report on wrongdoing within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice.

The summary confirms that our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns.

Directors and high-ranking FBI officials lied under oath. They misled Congress. They altered court documents and deceived federal judges.

The FBI hired a foreign national to gather dirt on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign — while he was being paid by the rival Hillary Clinton campaign.

The FBI contracted Twitter to suppress news stories. It kept the Hunter Biden laptop under wraps, even as former intelligence officials flat out lied it was likely “Russian disinformation.” That was a blatant effort to aid the 2020 Biden campaign.

The IRS just conceded whistleblowers were correct and the agency fired its entire multi-year audit team responsible for investigating Hunter Biden’s purported tax irregularities.

The agency claimed it was ordered to do so by the Department of Justice, headed by Biden’s appointee Merrick Garland.

California is facing a crushing $32 billion deficit. Yet it flirts with an $800 billion-dollar “reparations” payout to the state’s Black residents.

No one has any idea where the money for that would come from. No one can define who would qualify. No one can explain why a state that never allowed slavery eight generations ago now owes selected Californians billions of dollars it does not have.

One of the reparations board leaders asserts Blacks might be willing to accept an “installment” plan of payments.

The NAACP just issued a “travel alert” advising Blacks not to visit Florida. The announcement was timed to draw negative attention to conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement of a presidential bid.

Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis — all outside Florida — have the highest Black murder rates in the nation.

Florida by contrast, with a Black population of 3.3 million, has the second largest number of Black businesses in the nation. The chairman of the NAACP’s board of directors is himself a Florida resident!

Black Lives Matter has just announced it lost millions of dollars in investments and ran up huge deficits. The culprit was its former corrupt leadership.

Its extravagant spending, plush homes, and family hangers-on have nearly bankrupted the advocacy group. It cannot account for the millions of dollars in corporate guilt and protection money it leveraged following the George Floyd riots in 2020.

In New York, a threatening subway career criminal with 42 prior arrests was subdued by a bystander and died during the confrontation. The criminal is now deified. The would-be Samaritan is charged with felony manslaughter.

The deceased’s uncle is vocal about his late nephew’s confrontation. But he himself was just arrested with stolen property and armed with a knife. He was mysteriously still roaming the streets despite 70 prior arrests and current active arrest warrants.

In almost every American city and town, biological males, with enormous advantages in size and musculoskeletal mass, routinely win women’s sporting competitions.

They are systematically destroying decades of progress that sought to ensure parity between men and women’s sports.

Corporate America has joined this cultural revolution hysteria. Companies are apparently now hellbent on destroying their brands, profits, and net worth.

Under pressure from the LGBTQ activists, the Los Angeles Dodgers reinvited the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to celebrate Pride night at Dodger Stadium.

Catholics and Christians had objected to the invitation because the group’s notoriety hinges on its sexualized and often pornographic mockery of Catholic ritual, the Holy Trinity, and Christian faith.

The supposedly courageous group would never dare extend its street-theater blasphemy to other religious groups such as Muslims or Hindus.

The Dodgers apparently do not care that Greater Los Angeles may be home to 6 million Mexican American citizens and resident Hispanic immigrants. Most are Catholic and many were avid Dodger fans.

Anheuser-Busch has nearly destroyed its best-selling Bud Light brand by hiring transgender performance-art activist Dylan Mulvaney to hawk the brand — and his own transitioning — to America’s working classes.

The Disney corporation, for decades, has enjoyed multibillion-dollar concessions and a veritable 40-square mile private fiefdom gifted from the taxpayers of Florida.

No matter. Disney has rebranded it films, amusement parks, and television offerings to reflect radical transgender, gay, and race advocacies.

The results so far are billion-dollar losses in Disney stock, subscribers, and viewers.

A woke CNN has all but destroyed its once-global audience. It now has fewer viewers than certain popular podcasts.

All these implosions are not just shocking but surreal. Why are our government, corporations, and popular culture colluding in mass suicide — to the delight of our enemies like Communist China? ?


Will the Fathers Please Stand Up?

Women’s and girls’ sports are under attack from men who pretend to be women to hide their inadequacies in their own sports leagues. The most vulnerable population, however, are those girls who are playing sports in grade school.

It has become common to see story after story about boys in girl locker rooms and boys overpowering the girls in the sport they are competing in. Although these young girls express their discomfort with boys in their locker rooms or boys in their bathrooms, concerns are swept under the rug. Often, the schools girls attend have policies in place that allow children to use the facilities aligned with the gender they identify with. Many girls have also reported being singled out and offered counseling to cope with their discomfort and to learn to be inclusive. These responses from school personnel leave the girls feeling unheard and hopeless. This is when parents step in.

Moms across the country have been at the forefront of the parental rights battle. Mothers have been doxed, assaulted, called names, and deemed domestic terrorists for protecting their children from the K-12 cartel. Mothers have taken the arrows happily and continue to do so because they are advocating for their children. One must wonder: Where are the fathers?

It is important to note that there are fathers who are fiercely advocating for their children, but it may not be enough. Fathers are the protectors of their household and are responsible for the safety of their wives and children. Fathers must be at the forefront of protecting female-only spaces. Fathers must be at school board meetings advocating for the removal of harmful policies that jeopardize their daughters’ safety. Mothers can do this too, but we cannot deny that when a father stands up for his daughter, the room listens.

The way our current culture treats fathers must be acknowledged. From Hollywood to mom groups, fathers are depicted as helpless and useless without the mother’s help. Movies portray fathers as parents who cannot function, and wives in mom groups often bash their husbands publicly to gain sympathy from other moms. The feminist movement has demasculinized men and in the process also taken their role as the protectors of their home.

If any fathers are reading this, your daughter needs you. Daughters must know that their father is ready to protect them from anything and anyone. Advocating for your daughters does not have to resemble what social media shows you. Advocating for your daughter can be sending an email to the school principal asking for policies regarding girls’ sports and girl-only spaces. Advocating for your daughter can be setting up a meeting with the school district’s superintendent or school board to discuss concerns.

Daughters never forget when their father stands up for her. It is a memory that she will keep for the rest of her life. Current culture and feminism have not been kind to fathers. However, it is time for fathers to stand up.


Big-City Mayors Blame Carmakers for Soaring Auto Thefts, Let Criminals Off the Hook

In some of America’s biggest cities, cars — Kias and Hyundais in particular — are being stolen by the thousands, yet rather than hold the thieves alone responsible for their actions, municipalities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Seattle are suing automakers, charging their vehicles are too easy to heist.

The lawsuits claim that automobiles have insufficient anti-theft countermeasures, as if citizens can’t resist the urge to take property that doesn’t belong to them and it’s the fault of victims for leading them into temptation.

Baltimore, which filed suit this week, has seen almost twice as many automobiles stolen this year as last. Four-in-ten are Kias and Hyundais, meaning other models account for the remainder, indicating a crime problem, not just a design flaw like the Ford Pinto’s predisposition to explode in rear-end collisions.

A TikTok trend has exacerbated the crime spree, with videos demonstrating the ease with which automobiles — without what Baltimore’s Democratic mayor, Brandon Scott, calls “industry-standard vehicle immobilization technology” — can be started without a key.

Cities seem to be arguing that automakers are creating something akin to an “attractive nuisance” for homeowners, dangerous features such as swimming pools that might attract children, requiring them to eliminate them or provide a warning.

Drivers — carelessness aside — can’t be said to invite another person to heist their rides in this way, and while they may have a reasonable expectation that the engineers who design a Kia or Hyundai consider avoiding theft, cars cannot yet drive themselves away in search of the open road.

Mr. Scott, however, lays all blame on manufacturers, accusing them of pinching pennies. “These cost-cutting measures employed by Hyundai and Kia at the expense of public safety are unacceptable,” he said in a statement. “They have left our residents vulnerable to crime and are significantly burdening our police resources.”

Baltimore’s police commissioner, Michael Harrison, also put the onus on carmakers. “We must demand more from these manufacturers in addressing this increase in vehicle thefts,” he said, “which put victims and residents in harm’s way.” Neither made mention of punishing thieves.

In a letter to WBAL-TV, Kia called the lawsuits “without merit,” pointing out that they’re offering a “free, enhanced security software upgrade to restrict the unauthorized operation of vehicle ignition systems and we are also providing steering wheel locks for impacted owners at no cost to them.”

Kia is also “supplying more than 44,000 free steering wheel locks to over 330 law enforcement agencies across the country for distribution to impacted Kia owners,” akin to a Philadelphia program — discontinued over concerns about legal liability — that provided steering wheel locks to a few hundred drivers.

The passive security measures are prudent, but address only the supply while ignoring the demand, which has increased as cities go idle on the active pursuit of criminals. Last week at Baltimore, seven Republicans from Maryland’s House of Delegates sent a letter to Mr. Scott laying out how car thieves are “nearly guaranteed” to get away with it.

Of 2,473 cars stolen in Baltimore in 2022, the delegates said, only 397 — six percent — resulted in arrests and only seven in convictions.

Since penalties aren’t as harsh for minors, they’re taking advantage of both the law and the ease of pulling off a joyride, with a car being stolen every hour on average in June of last year, according to statistics published by Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute.

In Milwaukee, children as young as 12 are stealing cars, highlighted by the upcoming “Kia Boyz Trial” of Markell Hughes, 17. That city saw 10,476 car thefts in 2021, with 66 percent of them Kias and Hyundais, after the ignition flaw was exposed in a YouTube video viewed over six million times.

It’s clear from the scope of the car-theft pandemic that software updates and security upgrades aren’t the vaccines America needs. To ensure the security of life and property, cities will have to get rolling on efforts to deter thieves with the force of law and prosecute offenders, who have gotten the message that you can do the crime and not do the time.




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