Friday, August 13, 2021

Racism Solved? Woke Minnesota Realtors Abolish 'Master Bedrooms'

Heralded by professional hearse-chaser Ben Crump — who represented the family of George Floyd — a new report in The Minneapolis Star Tribune explains how Minnesota's real estate business has gone full-woke thanks to new speech codes that mandated the renaming of common rooms to be more "inclusive" in order to avoid bigoted racism or sexism, apparently.

"Browse through home listings today and you'll find terms like 'primary bedroom,' 'dual closets,' and 'in-law suites,'" explains the Minneapolis paper of record, "instead of 'master bedroom,' 'his-and-hers closets' and 'mother-in-law suites.'"

The old language, the woke contend, failed to account for what could be "xes-and-xirs closets," or "them-in-law suites." And worse evidently is the term "master" which, according to a realtor quoted by The Star Tribune, is "a hidden discriminatory piece" of the real estate business.

"I'm a person of color and every time the term 'master bedroom' was used, I kept saying to myself, 'I don't like how it sounds,'" she explained. Unwittingly, she shows an example of how the Left's agenda — to convince everyone that they are victims in uncountable matrices of oppression while racism lurks behind every corner — is playing out.

Never mind that the first use of "master bedroom" as a term — according to The New York Times — "seems to have been in a 1926 Modern Homes catalog by Sears, Roebuck and Co.," a fact many pointed out in response to Crump's tweet.

Others pointed out that, if America has made it to the point where changing a term for a large bedroom is a priority, things must be going pretty dang well. That, or your priorities are seriously off-base.

God only knows how long it will be until "masters degrees" too are ruled so problematic they can no longer be mentioned as such.


The Woke Forcing 'Latinx' on Hispanic Community Fails Miserably

A new poll out this week from Gallup surveyed Hispanic adults on their preferred racial term and found "few have adopted 'Latinx' as their preferred term" despite the wokesters' attempts to de-gender language.

When asked which term "should generally be used," more than half — 57 percent — of Hispanic adults said "it does not matter to them which term is used" while 23 percent answered "Hispanic," 15 percent answered Latino, and just 4 percent responded "Latinx."

In a follow-up question where respondents were asked which term they personally would use if they had to choose one, 57 percent said "Hispanic," 37 percent answered "Latino," and just 5 percent preferred "Latinx."

The overwhelming rejection of an ungendered and manufactured term by those it supposedly describes is logical — "Latinx" is a term created not for the Hispanic community but for white performative wokeness.

Yet Democrats, infected by this wokeness, continue to show how out of touch their newspeak pandering is when they use "Latinx."

It boggles the mind why Democrats and leftists would continue to use "Latinx" while the Hispanic community resists it, but across media, education, and politics they insist on telling people what they must be called, which seems a bit "colonial" for progressives who claim to oppose such behabior.

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