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Christmas justice

Somalian multiculturalist in Britain turned woman into a human fireball

A Somalian man who doused a woman in petrol after she rejected his advances and left her to burn in a fireball has been jailed for 16 years.

Mohammed Kosar, 28, led Lithuanian Dovile Krivickaite down an alley in Forest Gate, East London, saying he want to speak to her before he threw petrol over her and set her alight.  Kosar then walked away leaving the then 23-year-old to turn into a human fireball and burn, the Old Bailey heard.

She was helped by rescuers who heard her screams and took a nearby house where they poured water over her before calling an ambulance.

Rebecca Poulet QC jailed Kosar for 32 years and said he had shown no remorse. She said:  'This appalling attack was premeditated and in my opinion you intended to kill.'  Ms Krivickaite suffered burns to 24 per cent of her body in the attack and said her injuries had 'changed her life forever.' 

The Old Bailey previously heard Ms Krivickaite came to the UK in September 2012 and knew Kosar as 'Rocky.'  She saw him regularly but turned him down when he asked her for sex, it was suggested.

On October 19 last year she was picked up by Kosar and a friend on Rosedale Road, Forest Gate and taken to an alley off the road.

But once she got there without warning Kosar doused her in petrol with a five-litre can and set her on fire.

She was so badly burnt the skin was falling off her body and she has had to undergo several graft operations. She spent six weeks in hospital and had to be intubated because her burns affected her ability to breathe.

Ms Krivickaite suffered severe burns to the face, neck and left side of her body, and is still badly scarred after the attack. The Lithuanian said she constantly receives sympathy because of her appalling injuries. 

Kosar was arrested in February 2014 in connection with attempted murder and was convicted earlier this year. Judge Poulet QC said: 'You had very regular contact with Ms Krivickaite, seeing her almost daily and sometimes several times a day.

'Ms Krivickaite has said she has no idea why you attacked her - she suggested it was maybe because she rejected your sexual advances.

'I have reason to believe you certainly had some attachment to her, asking her repeatedly before she got into the car why she had not telephoned you all day.  'In my view it was not just chance that the car you were in had stopped in front of the alley - this was your chosen spot for the attack.

'You showed no regrets or change of heart when faced with the horrific consequences of your actions.'  'This appalling attack was premeditated and in my opinion you intended to kill.

'You have shown no remorse, although on the day of your sentencing before me you have said this should not have happened to her. Indeed it should not.'

Speaking after the case a Met Police spokeswoman said that Kosar was a drug dealer and the woman had been a customer of his. The pair are believed to have argued before the vicious attack.

Kosar was arrested as he left his home address in West Ham in east London and police found heroin and crack cocaine at his house.

On arrival at the police station Kosar admitted he had a cocked 9mm PAK blank pistol stuffed down his pants.

He has a series previous convictions - including armed robbery - since he was 15.

Kosar was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the attempted murder.

He was also convicted of one count of possession of a firearm and sentenced to five years, one of intent to endanger life and sentenced to a further 10 years in prison. He was given three years in prison for four charges of possessing ammunition, and seven years for three charges of possession of class A drugs. The judge said all the sentences were to run concurrently with each other and the life sentence.

Detective Inspector John Reynolds of Newham Police who led the investigation said: 'Kosar is a dangerous individual who callously poured petrol over the female and set her on fire.

'She has suffered terribly as a result and I must pay tribute to her bravery in giving evidence against her attacker. I hope that his conviction will give her some closure.'


Did you mention immigration to the Labour Party candidate?

Labour leader Ed Miliband has publicly criticised his own party's advice on how Labour MPs should talk about immigration with voters.

The Labour leader said a leaked internal strategy document published by The Telegraph urging MPs not to campaign on immigration was "not very well drafted".

Mr Miliband suggested voters should ignore what his party says in private and listen to the message given in public speeches.

He said Labour's decision to put a promise to clamp down on employers undercutting wages with migrant labour on the party's election pledge card showed it would act on the issue.

Mr Miliband told a crowd of activists and locals in Great Yarmouth that the public should be in "no doubt" how serious the party takes voters' immigration concerns.

His public refusal to endorse a document circulated by Labour Party HQ comes amid a fierce backlash to the advice that MPs should focus on "moving the conversation on" if voters mention the issue on the doorstep.

The secret document, revealed by this newspaper, tells MPs writing to all voters about immigration could be "unhelpful" and "risks" undermining Labour's chances of winning election.


U.S. Military Chaplain Punished For Teaching God’s Word!

Thank God it is Friday!  If I was in the military and I said that, there’d be hell to pay right now… But what is even more confusing is that not only are regular soldiers being punished for expressing their faiths, but ordained Chaplains are being censored as well.

The United States Military has a long history of using Chaplains to help soldiers cope with the realities of war. A Military Chaplain does not have to be Christian. While many are, there are plenty of Jewish Chaplains that meet the spiritual needs of Jewish soldiers.

The point is that Chaplains are in the military to help our men and women in uniform.

So why is the Army censoring Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn? Because he explained the Biblical approach for dealing with depression at a suicide prevention session.

Chaplains are in the military to tend to the spiritual needs of soldiers and here the Army is punishing a Chaplain for using faith to preach against suicide. This is absolutely ridiculous!

During the suicide prevention session, Chaplain Lawhorn laid out the biblical approach to dealing with suicide along with a secular approach to fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.

One student complained. A single soldier reached out to the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers and complained that the Chaplain was preaching the Gospel.

How despicable is that? Here we have an ordained Chaplain trying to help soldiers battle depression and the only thing the left cares about is that he used Jesus’ message to do it.

Word of Chaplain Lawhorn’s actions began to make its way up the chain of command, prompting Colonel David Fivecoat to write a letter demanding that Lawhorn cease using God’s word to help soldiers fight depression. No, I am not making this up…

“During this training, you were perceived to advocate Christianity and used Christian scripture and solutions,” the letter explains, “As the battalion chaplain, you are entrusted to care for the emotional wellbeing of all soldiers in the battalion. You, above all others, must be cognizant of the various beliefs held by diverse soldiers. During mandatory training briefings, it is imperative you are careful to avoid any perception you are advocating one system of beliefs over another.”

Yes, that is the actual letter that was sent reprimanding Chaplain Lawhorn. First of all, since when did it become a crime for a CHAPLAIN to be perceived to advocate Christianity or to use Christian scripture to teach life lessons?

If the Military is so concerned with Chaplains preaching during suicide prevention sessions, why are they even put in charge of running these sessions???

Truth be told, a mental health professional would be a much better fit in this environment. The truth is that Chaplains run these sessions because the Army believes that spiritual wellness is an important component of a soldier’s mental health.

In fact, the Chaplain’s actions should be covered by Section 533 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act which has a “right of conscience” clause and protects soldiers who profess deeply held religious beliefs during their service.

But, the Military is still going after Chaplain Lawhorn. This is how far we have fallen under Obama. If the Democrats had their way, all chaplains would be secular (whatever that means).

The Army has a long history of using Chaplains to care for soldiers and these Chaplains span multiple faiths. This is as much an attack on faith itself as it is on Christianity.

One person complained… Just one person complained that this Chaplain used the Gospel to help people overcome depression and suicidal thoughts.

This country is so backwards and it all started going down hill during the Obama presidency. Chaplains have been under constant assault, as if they should just abandon their faith and become secular counselors.

Our men and women in uniform need spiritual guidance and these leftist atheists CANNOT be allowed to dilute faith in the military!


Bonfire of the bureaucracies in Australia

ALMOST 200 government agencies will be scrapped in a new search for budget savings, as the Abbott government lights a “bonfire of the quangos” to eliminate waste and help deal with deepening deficits that will be revealed on Monday.

Working groups will be shut down and expensive agencies dismantled in a bid to streamline the public service, saving more than $500 million over four years and taking staff numbers back to the levels of seven years ago.

Health and education will be next in the hunt for redundant agencies when the government sends experts into both major federal departments to find potential savings.

The Weekend Australian can ­reveal the 175 agencies to be cut ­include the Australian Government Solicitor as well as obscure committees such as a “governance board” on computer systems and a “partnership group” on student services. While the AGS had been seen as a potential asset sale, the government will instead close it down and transfer some of its staff to the Attorney-General’s Department in order to scale back overall spending.

Some agencies will be forced to share their “back-office” functions while the government will consider outsourcing a huge communications network that links 400 sites and more than 80 agencies.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann will announce the cuts alongside new rules to try to stop the creation of new agencies that clog the bureaucracy and slow down decisions.

“This will ensure that taxpayer funds are spent wisely and efficiently and not wasted inside departments,” Senator Cormann told The Weekend Australian.

Admitting the growing pressure on the nation’s finances, Joe Hockey conceded yesterday the government could not produce a budget surplus by 2018 as hoped, the result of a shortfall in tax revenue as iron ore prices tumble.

“The challenge has been that we have seen our export prices come off dramatically,” the Treasurer said.

“Now, we rely more on iron ore export income than Australia ever has before. It is about a fifth of our exports. So when you see a dramatic price fall in commodities, it now hits our bottom line harder than previously. We have got to deal with that.”

Bill Shorten hit back at Mr Hockey’s admission yesterday that the government “could have done more marketing” to explain the budget. “Families are suffering from cuts of $6000 to their budget, millions of sick Australians are being forced to pay a GP tax, students face $100,000 degrees and every motorist is paying more in petrol tax — and Joe Hockey is worried about marketing?” the Opposition Leader said.

“This explains the government’s plans for a big expensive advertising campaign on their new GP tax and their $100,000 degrees. No amount of slick marketing will convince Australians that this budget is fair or delivering on the promises Tony Abbott made at the last election.”

Economists expect the mid-year budget update on Monday to ­reveal a deficit this year of about $40 billion, up from $29.8bn forecast in the May budget.

Senator Cormann launched the first stages of a “smaller government program” in the May budget, closing down 76 agencies and starting the sale of Defence Housing Australia, the Royal Australian Mint and Australian Hearing.

The sale of Medibank Private recouped $5.7bn, about $1bn more than expected, and the health insurance company is now listed on the sharemarket.

Senator Cormann will announce the next phase of the program on Monday with the closure of 175 agencies, taking the total number of entities abolished to 251. The savings from the overall effort will reach $539.5m over four years.

“Our focus is on ensuring that the administration of government is as efficient and as effective as possible,” Senator Cormann said.

“This means a more streamlined, accountable and responsive public service, without unnecessary overlaps and duplication.”

The AGS has 590 lawyers and other staff and charges departments for its services, producing revenue of $112.7m and income of $3.9m last year.

The decision will come as a shock to the legal community but could be a taste of things to come, with Monday’s announcement also including a new approach to using private services to replace public agencies.

A “contestability program” will assess whether some government functions should be open to competition so that private providers are encouraged to offer services.

“Alternative delivery approaches will continue to be explored,” says one of the documents to accompany the announcement.

The departments of health and education are named as two of the priorities for further work on “streamlining” the bureaucracy, amid a growing furore over job cuts and strike action in pay disputes.

Mr Abbott and his colleagues have come under fire for refusing to offer more than a 1.5 per cent pay rise to Defence Force personnel, setting this as a benchmark for the entire public sector. Community and Public Sector Union national secretary Nadine Flood called the government’s negotiating position on wage claims a “train wreck” on Wednesday as union members took industrial action to seek higher pay.

“It’s a little rich for politicians to preach restraint to Medicare mums on $55,000 a year, when pollies’ pay rises have run 41 per cent above inflation over the last decade,” Ms Flood told the ABC.

“The key issue here is in fact not pay; it is the attack on the conditions and rights of these workers.”

The government’s broader strategy is to scale back the public service so that total staff numbers return to the levels seen in 2007, when Kevin Rudd took power and launched dozens of inquiries and reviews that set up new agencies.

Monday’s announcement will note that salaries for public servants have grown 42 per cent over the past decade compared with inflation of 28 per cent.

There is no official estimate of the number of jobs to be cut by scrapping or merging agencies, but a “bonfire of the quangos” in Britain in recent years was estimated to save £2.5bn over five years.

Senator Cormann sees the Australian exercise as a similar way to eradicate “quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations”.

He said the reviews of the health and education departments would “identify any legacy programs that are no longer a high priority, identify barriers to performance and look for opportunities to reassign limited resources to better deliver on higher policy priorities”.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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