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GP whose multicultural boss said he 'wanted to eat her' and 'destroy her' wins £750,000 payout

A GP left with post-traumatic stress disorder after a sexist campaign of bullying and harassment has won a £750,000 payout.

In one outburst at the Athena practice in Hackney, east London, Dr Agnes Olayemi was told by Dr Affia Okoreaffia that he wanted to eat her - especially her ears - as he 'liked cartilage'.

He called the University College Hospital graduate a 'danger to patients' in front of staff, described her as 'that mad woman' and even said she was 'just' an employee 'like a typist'.

Dr Okoreaffia, 59, also opened Dr Olayemi's mail, told her there were people who would 'beat her up', that by the time he was finished with her she would need a psychiatrist and that she would leave with her 'tail between her legs'.

And when Dr Olayemi, 55, asked him for some personal belongings she had left at his flat, he relayed a message via another member of staff that he had lots of women's knickers at his flat and he didn't know which pair were hers.

He also laughed as he had her untaxed and uninsured car removed from the practice car park and dumped on the street, leaving her open to prosecution.

She started as a locum and he promised to make her a partner and paid her accordingly.  But he never actually registered her as such, leaving her believing she was in fact a partner.

As their relationship deteriorated he deducted wages, transferred 624 of her patients to himself and downgraded her status on the IT system from that of a partner to a locum. This meant that she no longer had access to her history, no record of what she had been doing professionally and no audit trail.

She thereafter refused to use the system and if she needed to log on to see a patient, would tell them that there was a problem with the system and send them back for someone else to see.

Dr Okoreaffia then told staff not to book her any more patients, after he claimed there had been complaints and on one occasion arranged lunch to be brought in for everyone except Dr Olayemi.

He also tried to exclude her from signing Christmas presents and cards to staff, something that the pair had previously done.

Dr Olayemi then posted 500 notes over the next seven months, replacing them as they were removed by other staff, in which she told patients that due to a dispute between herself and Dr Okoreaffia he had told staff not arrange any patient appointments for her.

Eventually he told her she was suspended and changed the locks but she still showed up for work. One of the reasons for her suspension was that she had played a tape recording of a doctors meeting over the tannoy.

The panel found that she had done this, but that it was unintelligible to anyone other than the doctors who were in the meeting.

She told the East London tribunal that In a series of outbursts Dr Okoreaffia said to her: 'You want to be a partner in this practice. Do you want to be Mrs Okoreaffia as well? 'I will destroy you. By the time I finish with you you will need a psychiatrist. You will leave here with your tail between your legs.  'The gloves are off. I want you out of my practice. I will not beat you up but there are people who will.'

She also noted: 'Reference made to eating people and eating flesh and eating me and the part of me that he wanted to eat most being my ears because he likes cartilage.'

She reported him to police and the tribunal panel concluded: 'We find on the balance of probabilities that he did make these comments.'

In their judgement, the panel said: 'Overall, we have to say Dr Okoreaffia's frequent inability to answer a straight question and his attitude toward the claimant, which appeared to be dismissive and arrogant, troubled us greatly.'

They added that although on the face of it the reason for her suspension and dismissal seemed reasonable, it had only come about because of the sexism inflicted on her.  They said: 'She dug her heels in, stood up to Dr Okoreaffia and fought back, sometimes inappropriately.

'The reasons given by Dr Okoreaffia for dismising Dr Olayemi, whilst on the face of it look plausible, look unconvincing when one looks at the catalogue of events, which appear to be designed to marginalise her or drive her out. 'Had Dr Olayemi been a male doctor, Dr Okoreaffia would not have treated him in the same way.

'He would not have sought to belittle and humiliate a male doctor as he did Dr Olayemi. He would not have treated a male doctor with the same contempt and disdain.

'The conduct to which the claimant was subjected was unwanted conduct related to her sex which had the purpose (and had the effect) of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading and humiliating environment for her; it was designed to drive her out.  'There is no question of hypersensitivity on the part of Dr Olayemi.'

She worked at the surgery from 2001 to her dismissal in 2008 but has not worked since due to post traumatic stress and depression.

In 2014 she was awarded £752,333 by the tribunal for sex discrimination, unfair dismissal and breach of contract.

This included £30,000 for injury to feelings and aggravated damages and £21,875 for personal injury due to her psychiatric conditions.

However she appealed the fact that her award was reduced by 12.5 per cent due to a previous episode of PTSD in the late 1990s.

This month an Employment Appeal Tribunal allowed her case to go back before an employment judge, saying that the figure awarded could only go up, adding: 'Nothing in this judgement or in the remission to the Employmernt Tribunal, should delay or stand in the way of enforcing the existing amount.'


Who's Racist?

August is on pace to surpass the 1997 single-month record of 79 homicides in Chicago — so far this month there have been 78 homicides. This year to date, Chicago has recorded 487 homicides, compared to 491 for all of last year. The Windy City isn’t alone. Many of our nation’s largest cities have witnessed spikes in the murder rate, a disproportionate number having affected inner city black communities.

In this context, Donald Trump appealed to blacks to reconsider voting for Democrats. “African-American communities have suffered under Democratic control,” he said. “To those I say … what do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump?” The Donald’s admittedly ham-handed appeal to blacks for their vote brought a quick and predictable response from Hillary Clinton accusing Trump of being a “racist” and essentially warning blacks not to think for themselves. That was followed by Black Lives Matter chiming in, basically asserting that no matter what Trump says, he’s a racist.

Interestingly, in a recent interview, New Black Panthers leader Quanell X agreed with Trump, saying that Democrats have “pimped like prostitutes” the black community for votes, but those same Democrats have done little to actually help. In an article for The Daily Signal, Kay Coles James argues that using this racist charge effectively closes down people, specifically in the black community, from hearing or even considering what a person so charged has to say. It’s a tool the Left has been using with great effect for years on conservatives anytime they seek to appeal to minority voters.

Instead of truly addressing the real problems the Left’s socialist policies have created and exacerbated in the inner city, Demo-gogues turn and blame the problems on those who have the least to do with them. And Clinton is no different as she continues to double down on those old, failed Leftist policies, and calls racist anyone who would dare to challenge and point out their hypocrisy and failure. Sadly, it seems that too many within the black community will continue to accept the victimhood narrative preached by Hillary and other leftist leaders who are all too happy to have pawns at their disposal.


Can Religious Liberty and Medical Care Coexist?

Obama's assault on America continues with new rules affecting faith-based hospitals.

In America, religious liberty is still one of our more cherished rights. Throughout our history, Americans have enjoyed the freedom to worship as we choose, to live our lives in accordance with biblical principles and to even operate a business with those principles as our guide for doing so. And until recently, a person or business could exercise their religious freedom without fear of government interference.

During the presidency of Barack Obama, however, we have witnessed an intense and relentless effort to undermine religious liberty. Obama, his leftist cadres and their Rainbow Mafia enforcers have sought to pressure people via rules, lawsuits, fines and other compulsory tactics to comply with new despotic edicts that are in direct opposition to deeply held religious convictions and beliefs.

It’s part of Obama’s quest to fundamentally transform America. Although we are nearing the end of Obama’s presidency, his policies and anti-religious liberty movements will be something to contend with for decades to come, regardless of who wins the presidency in November.

The Christian faith has specifically been targeted by the Obama administration. While it is true that Christians in America have not had to face the same persecution and possibility of death as those in other countries, there have been business owners forced to pay fines or shut their doors because they refuse to violate their religious beliefs.

Fortunately, several states and religious groups are fighting back. The latest battlefront is the Obama administration’s rule against supposed discrimination of transgender patients, which would require doctors and hospitals to perform gender reassignment surgeries on children.

The rule, if upheld, will require Catholic hospitals and other faith-based medical organizations to offer this type of mutilation, among others, regardless of the providers' belief that it is morally and ethically wrong. Catholic hospitals and Christian medical facilities also do not perform abortions, they don’t prescribe “aid-in dying” medications, and they don’t typically refer patients seeking these services to other medical facilities.

This is no small matter, either. Catholic hospitals provide medical services to one out of every six Americans seeking treatment. So what are these faith-based organizations to do? If the rule is enforced, then they will have to either compromise (which they won’t do), sell to some corporate conglomerate, or shut their doors altogether.

Simply put, many Catholic hospitals and other Christian organizations will not violate their religious beliefs in order to comply with government demands. We have already seen an example of this.

In both Illinois and Massachusetts, Catholic Charities chose to shut their doors to adoption services because of state laws requiring placement of children into homes with homosexual parents.

Should Catholic hospitals be forced to also close their doors, then there will be yet another consequence of Obama’s damaging “health care” law. For the longest time Obama piped that his law would provide more access to care. But if faith-based organizations shutter or even consolidate with other providers, then access to health care becomes less, not more.

Obama and his leftist cadres convinced many Americans that everyone has a right to health care. But that wasn’t enough, so his administration took it a step further and says everyone now has the right to access the care they desire whether they need it or not. And that access must be given regardless of the belief of the people who are providing it.

This is where we are after almost eight years of a president who despises the Constitution and Rule of Law, yet loves socialism and despotism. We have gone from quality health care and a free market approach to one of poor health care with mandates that contradict religious liberty. It’s a bit frightening, but we as a nation are very close to having compulsory services of all kinds. A lot can happen in the next several months, and don’t think that Obama won’t do as much as he can with the time he has left in office.


Was a 16-year-old girl killed by political correctness?

A 16-year-old British girl committed suicide rather than be accused of being a racist, according to a story in the Telegraph.

Phoebe Connop sent a private message to her friends in jest that was leaked online and resulted in some feedback suggesting she was a racist.  She later hung herself:

Phoebe Connop, a 16 year old and a talented gymnast, sent her friends a picture in which she had darkened her skin tone and put a scarf around her head. In the message, she told her friends that the parents of the young Asian man she was seeing would only accept her if she looked like she did in the photograph, according to the Telegraph.

One of her ‘friends’ leaked the photo, and reports say that Phoebe received some initial negative feedback for the photo.

Her father dropped her off from school early July 7 recalling that his daughter didn’t feel well and wanted to go home to rest. When he returned home, he found that Phoebe had hung herself.

Her father told the press that “she had shown me no indication in the weeks leading up to her death that there was anything wrong, let alone anything that would lead her to do this.”

The detective in-charge of investigating Miss Connop’s case stated: “There had been some negative reaction (to the photo) and she confided in her friend, who did take the image down at her request, that she was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area,” the Sunreports.

Following the suicide, her school opened up an online forum for students, teachers, and members of the community to post their thoughts and feelings about Phoebe.

Phoebe’s principal, Stephen Lanckham, said, “We in the Windsor community are deeply saddened by this sudden and tragic loss.” He went on to say that the community will remember her as comforting, warm, and caring.

"Asian" is usually British media-speak for "Muslim."  It isn't so much that the backlash against the young girl was so intense that it triggered her suicide.  This is a case where the potential backlash by Muslims – the fear of politically correct personal attacks – made life going forward unbearable.

There may have been other issues involved in the girl's suicide.  But the signs point to a relatively popular, happy young girl who feared the anger and threats that would have come from internet social media over what amounted to a harmless joke.  It was harmless because it was never meant to be seen by anyone who could possibly have been offended.

The world has lost its sense of humor, and political correctness is wholly to blame.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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