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"Not from the UK" = Muslim?

Not hard to guess

A 'mortified' blind woman was told to leave Asda by a security guard - for bringing her guide dog into the supermarket.

Louise Cannon, 34, from Liverpool, had the run-in while doing her weekly shop with her 12-year-old niece, Abbie, and guide dog, Harmony.

The security guard told her 'no dogs, get out' and refused to listen when she desperately tried to explain it was against the law to remove her from the store.  But he refused to budge and began shouting at her to leave.

Ms Cannon, a charity worker, asked the security guard to fetch the store manager, as other customers urged him to change his mind.

The store manager eventually came over and apologised, explaining how the guard was not from the UK and unaware of the law.

She was then allowed to continue with her shop at Asda in Stonycroft but was left feeling embarrassed.

Recalling the incident, she said: 'Everyone was looking at us and it was mortifying and it really was so embarrassing.  'The manager came and apologised and said that the security guard did not know the law as he was not from the UK originally.

'I can deal with that but what I can't accept is to be shouted at when I am a vulnerable women with a child.  'Security guards are supposed to protect you – not intimidate you.

'Everyone was talking about the incident when I got to the tills and I just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible.

'When I got outside I was shaking and I had to cross four lanes of traffic with the dog and my niece while I was in a traumatised state.'

Ms Cannon - who is a charity worker - tried to reason with the security guard, but he started shouting at her

She has vowed never to return to the store after she was made to feel vulnerable. 'I don't want to run into the man again and that is a massive part of my independence taken away', she said.

She went on: 'It is so stressful and demanding to get myself ready, get the harness on the dog and get my niece ready without having to deal with things like this.

'Harmony is not a fashion accessory. She is my mobility aid and is essential for me to live with a high quality of life.

'I have friends who have suffered a similar thing and it is ridiculous - it shouldn't be happening. Guide dogs are as good as gold too.'

A spokesman for Asda said the security guard in question has now been 'retrained'.  He said: 'We are genuinely sorry for how the security guard on duty in our store treated this customer, it was not acceptable.

'The colleague isn't originally from the UK and wasn't familiar with guide dogs being allowed inside shops.  'He has now been retrained.'

A spokesman from the charity Guide Dogs said: 'We're always saddened when we hear about a shop, business, place or transport service refusing access to a guide dog owner.

'The Equality Act 2010 makes it illegal to deny access to a person accompanied by their assistance dog but the charity Guide Dogs still regularly receives reports from people who have been turned away because they have their guide dog with them.

'Instances like this are incredibly upsetting for the people who experience it.'


The Politically Correct Guide to History

The terrorist attack in Sydney earlier this month has once more left the nation reeling, however it has apparently been deemed offensive to call it terrorism or religious extremism, with the preferred description being the more neutral “politically motivated”.

While this has frustrated some, I have come to realise that by applying such political correctness to other major events we can eliminate all death and destruction from the world.

And so, without further ado, I give you the Politically Correct Guide to History …

The end of the dinosaurs, 66 million BC

Old version: Dinosaurs wiped out by asteroid.

PC version: Non-progressive fauna restructured by rapid climate change.

Rise of hominids, 2-3 million BC

Old version: Human ancestors start eating meat.

PC version: Anthropocentric chauvinists commit mass speciesism.

Dawn of civilisation, 10,000BC

Old version: Humans learn to farm, civilisation begins.

PC version: Patriarchal agrarian society rapes Earth Mother.

Ancient Egypt, 3000BC

Old version: Various persons buried alive, unusually high number of hippo deaths, animal hieroglyphs.

PC version: Advanced eastern kingdom predicts rise of cat videos.

Sack of Troy, 1250BC

Old version: Greeks burn ancient capital to the ground, slaughter population.

PC version: EU emissaries renegotiate terms of trade.

Roman Empire, 44BC

Old version: Rising power colonises Europe, enslaves foreign races, builds aqueducts.

PC version: Cosmopolitan urban lifestyle meets tribal chic.

The Crusades, 1095AD

Old version: Christians and Muslims slaughter each other in the Holy Land.

PC version: Inter-faith dialogue.

Spanish Inquisition, 1478AD

Old version: Catholics torture non-Catholics until they admit to devil worship.

PC version: Advanced studies in comparative religion.

Discovery of Australia, 1770AD

Old version: Captain Cook comes to Australia, leaves again.

PC version: Captain Cook comes to Australia, kills everybody.

World War I, 1914-18

Old version: Nutter shoots duke and so 16 million people get slaughtered.

PC version: Physical expression of contrasting geopolitical perspectives.

World War II, 1939-45

Old version: Hitler invades Poland, kills Jews.

PC version: Programmatic population redistribution.

Stalinist Russia, 1922-52

Old version: Stalin invades Poland, kills Jews.

PC version: Advancement of progressive socialism.

Assassination of JFK, 1963

Old version: US president shot dead in Dallas.

PC version: Vertical hierarchical adjustment.

September 11 attacks, 2001

Old version: al-Qaeda terrorists hijack passenger planes, destroy World Trade Center, murder almost 3,000 people.

PC version: Disenfranchised non-Anglo-Saxon males advance counter-narrative to free market capitalism.

Martin Place siege, 2014

Old version: ISIS-inspired terrorist takes innocent cafe customers hostage.

PC version: Anti-war activist with mental health concerns raises awareness of international issues.

Parramatta shooting, 2015

Old version: Radicalised youth executes random police worker shouting “Allah is great!”

PC version: Politically motivated.



By Ron Edwards

The politically correct control freaks are on the move and way beyond crazy. For example, political correct lemmings are so goofy they want to let terrorists and other illegal immigrants into America while attacking cumulus clouds in their wacky environmental movement war on the United States. Of all places, Philadelphia the city of brotherly love, where the Founding Fathers assembled at Independence Hall and declared freedom from British tyranny just a few years ago witnessed it’s tyrannical mayor unleash his powerful government wrath against the Boy Scouts. He threatened to boot them out of their historical national headquarters because at the time Boy Scout leaders were still holding on to the Christian principles that were the hallmark of that organization.

As surely as the world turns the politically correct freaks continue to bring their misery into the days of our lives. The political correct freaks have invaded just about every single segment of our republic. Even when it comes to the protection of our country from enemies their politically correct influence endangers our safety. So now the U.S. Justice Department according to assistant Justice Department director John Carlin is going on the muscle against domestic terrorism.

John Carlin, head of the Department of Justice national security division announced the new Domestic Terrorism Division will focus on domestic threats. He added, “In order to ensure that we are gaining the benefits of the information and input from those eyes on the ground from around the country, and in recognition of a growing number of potential domestic terrorism matters around the United States, we have created a new position to assist with our important work in combating domestic terrorism.” Carlin went on to emphasize what he called the increasing risk from homegrown terrorism and specifically white supremacy.

Carlin also pointed out “We recognize that over the past few years, more people have died in this country in attacks by domestic extremists than in attacks associated with international terrorist groups.” To put it bluntly, what a crock of politically correct garbage. First of all, this is a nation of laws. If the government would enforce the laws already on the books without politically correct influences, the government would strongly deal with enemies both foreign and domestic.

There is no logical reason for the Department of Justice to take this politically correct approach. However the government has become a rouge enforcer of globalist political correct dogma at the expense of America and the unalienable rights of “We the People.” Mr. Carlin said that the D.O.J. will specifically emphasize white supremacy. Big whoop Mr. Carlin, where was the Justice department after Louis Farrakhan spoke about the need for ten thousand brave men to kill? Where is the Justice Department when Americans are needlessly murdered by illegal immigrants let in by the federal government that has so-far refused to build proper fencing and effectively guard the American borders?

The politically correct freaks have taken over almost all of the far too many government departments in addition to the Department of Justice. It seems as if Department of Justice officials are gearing up to work in concert with Obama administration plans to bring over a United Nations inspired international police force that is supposed to go after domestic extremists. This kind of evil is in lock step the politically correct freak who prefer the rights of illegal immigrants, animals, trannies and muslims who hate all non-muslims above the unalienable rights of you and I.

The politically correct freaks don’t believe in your right of self-protection. That is one of the reasons it was easy for president Obama to announce he wanted to politicize the gun issue. To him it was more important to drum up support for taking guns from law abiding sovereign citizens than showing gratitude to Chris Mintz, who bravely tried to save others from knuckle dragging murderer. Thanks but no-thanks to politically correct freaks, it was easy for the cowardly murderer to go after people he knew would be unarmed thanks to a politically correct work environment that discourages good people from protecting themselves.

The politically correct freaks in the form a homeowners association are so ensconced in evil and stupidity, they recently turned their bigoted ire toward Donna Morey of Hatfield Pa. Why? Because she dared to fly a small blue star flag in her upstairs bedroom window in honor of her son’s military service. Ms. Morey said that she had been flying the flag for nearly a year, but recently got a call telling her that she could be running afoul of the rules, in the complex where she lives. The silly rules state that only white or off white window treatments may be visible from outside of the house. Her son Donald Morey is a major in the army who has served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. By the way, the Blue Star Flag is traditionally displayed by families of active servicemen and women.

Last but not least, the immoral politically correct freaks also continue to show their unyielding disdain of presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Simply because he, like yours truly refuses to act, speak, or believe the way that the politically correct freaks (or progressives) want him to. In other words, Dr. Carson tells the truth concerning economics, abortion, American history, etc. and God forbid, he loves America and wants to see the reestablishment of proper moral instruction. By the way, a return to good moral instruction and faith in God will go a long way in helping Americans make better choices, even at the ballot box. Something the politically correct freaks don’t want to happen.


Politically correct Halloween costumes

Tom Purcell

“The wife keeps shooting down my Halloween costume ideas because she says they are too insensitive.”

“That’s too bad. Pop-culture expert Robert Thompson, the founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, says it is the one day of the year when almost anything goes. A day when adults can ‘do something outrageous they’d never do normally.’”

“I couldn’t agree more. It’s the only day of the year we can freely satirize our culture, but the wife is having none of it.”

“You weren’t thinking of dressing up like Caitlyn Jenner, I hope?”

“No, but I was thinking of satirizing our lousy economy by dressing up as a hobo. I was going to wear old, torn clothes, but the wife put a stop to it.”

“Because it would be rude to make fun of people who live on the streets?”

“No, because I was going to wear my regular clothes. I haven’t been able to buy new pants since the economy tanked in 2008.”

“Surely you have other satirical ideas to choose from.”

“I was going to dress up like the clock kid, who brought an allegedly homemade clock to school in a briefcase, but the wife said no way.”

“Because she thinks such a costume might offend some people?”

“No, because she doesn’t want me to disassemble our bedroom clock. Then I had the idea to mock the story about the dentist who shot Cecil the lion. I was going to dress up like a dentist with a bow and arrow and carry a pro-Planned Parenthood sign.”

“I don’t get it.”

“How can people can get so universally outraged by the trophy killing of a lion without everyone getting universally outraged by some disturbing videos of Planned Parenthood activities? Then I had an idea to dress up like a machete-wielding ISIS member, but the wife really disliked that idea.”

“ISIS is beheading Christians who won’t convert to their faith. A costume that calls attention to their horrific bloodshed would certainly be provocative.”

“Well, the wife said such a costume would make people angry at me, not the bloodshed ISIS is causing. Many people can’t bring themselves to digest the real evil ISIS is carrying out on innocent people, but it would be easy for them to find fault with me.”

“The pope recently concluded a fascinating visit to our country. I imagine some people will come up with costumes based on his visit.”

“The wife says no way am I permitted to do anything that involves religion, as there are so many people who might find that offensive.”

“Well, your wife seems to reflect the hypersensitive nature of people these days. Then again, it would be inconsiderate to dress, say, as an illegal alien or Klansman. Still, for the most part, Halloween is possibly the last bastion of freedom in America — the only day of the year people can do something that is not entirely appropriate.”

“Well, the wife isn’t going to let me do something inappropriate.”

“How about having some fun with a political figure now that the presidential campaign is heating up? Surely that is still OK?”

“I was going to dress up in a blond wig and a pantsuit, but the wife said that would be insensitive to middle-aged women like Hillary.”

“How about dressing up in a frumpy blond toupee and a suit to have some fun with Donald Trump?”

“Great suggestion. The wife says the ONLY thing Americans can still make fun of is a rich, white Republican man.”



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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