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Immigrants must learn to be British, says Asian Tory

Immigrants must learn English and “respect our way of life”, the new Culture Secretary says as he criticises migrants who have lived here for years but still cannot speak the language.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Sajid Javid says voters have legitimate fears over “excessive” immigration and are justified in wanting Britain to have more control over its borders.

Mr Javid, the first Asian Secretary of State, defends Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, against charges of racism but insists that only the Conservatives can deliver the reforms to European Union laws needed to cut immigration.

“People want Britain to have more control over its borders, and I think they are right,” Mr Javid, who is the son of Pakistani immigrants, says.

“People also say, when immigrants do come to Britain, that they should come to work, and make a contribution and that they should also respect our way of life, and I agree with all of that. It means things like trying to learn English.” The tough message on immigration, coming from Britain’s highest ranking Asian MP, who is also the Minister for Equalities, will provoke debate on controls to migration in a crucial week of elections.

On Thursday, voters go to the polls across the UK to elect MEPs for the European Parliament. Elections are also being held in 161 English council areas. Immigration is a key battleground in the current campaign and will be central to all parties’ manifestos in the run up to the general election.

In other developments:

- An ICM/Sunday Telegraph poll shows the Tories have overtaken Ukip in the running for the European elections and now lie in second place. They have also taken a 0.7 point lead over Labour in a separate general election poll.

- Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, says more coalitions are “inevitable”, declaring that the era of two-party dominance is over. Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, the Liberal Democrat leader says the Coalition “will last” until polling day next May, despite “stark and fiercely held” differences and “intense argument” between the Tories and Lib Dems.

- In his interview, Mr Javid also expresses deep concern over The Telegraph’s disclosures of an alleged plot by radical Muslims to “Islamise” state schools in Birmingham. He goes on to warn that there is “no place” for Islamic law in the English legal system, after reports that Sharia courts have been established in parts of London and the Midlands. At present, most migrants applying for British citizenship are required to provide evidence of their English language skills, unless they are over-65 or have a long-term medical condition which prevents them doing so.

However, there is no requirement on EU migrants to be fluent in English and they are free to travel to the UK to work whenever they choose.

In his interview, Mr Javid suggests that some immigrants who are already well-established in the UK also need to take greater responsibility for integrating with the rest of society.

“I know people myself, I have met people who have been in Britain for over 50 years and they still can’t speak English,” he says.

“I think it’s perfectly reasonable for British people to say, look, if you’re going to settle in Britain and make it your home, you should learn the language of the country and you should respect its laws and its culture.”

The minister insists that the “vast majority” of immigrants want to integrate with the rest of society. The Conservatives have set a target for reducing net migration – the difference between how many people move to the UK and the number that leave each year — to the tens of thousands by the time of next year’s election. Latest figures saw a rise of 212,000, driven partly by the number arriving from Romania and Bulgaria, the EU’s two poorest countries. One minister suggested last week that the party was on course to miss this target.

Mr Javid defends the target but concedes that it is impossible to control levels of immigration from Europe under current EU laws.

“Currently we don’t have control of our borders within the EU and that’s why we need fundamental reform,” he says. One option would be to ban migrants from poor countries arriving until their country’s wealth levels have risen, “so that you don’t have these vast migrations that take place from poorer countries to richer countries in the EU”.

The controversy over Ukip’s stance on immigration, and the views of many of its candidates, continued yesterday. Nigel Farage spoke out to reject accusations that his party was racist and attempted to defend his claim that families should be concerned about Romanians moving in next door.

“Ukip will never allow the false accusation of racism levelled by a politically correct elite to prevent the raising of issues that are of concern to the great majority of the British public,” he said.

“The unfortunate reality is that we are in political union with a post-Communist country that has become highly susceptible to organised crime.”

The Ukip leader also said that “any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door”.

In his interview with The Telegraph, however, Mr Javid said he did not believe Mr Farage was racist. “Do they have some candidates who have racist views? Of course, and we have seen some evidence of that recently,” he says. “But I don’t think they are a racist party and I don’t think Nigel Farage is racist. I have met him and I don’t think that at all.”

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, told yesterday’s Daily Telegraph that he also believed that Mr Farage was not racist.

Their comments are likely to be seen as an effort by the Tory leadership to woo Ukip’s supporters by refusing to join the chorus of outrage directed at Mr Farage.

However, Bill Cash, a leading Tory Eurosceptic MP, said yesterday that Mr Farage’s party was undermining Conservative chances in marginal seats, which could deny the party a Commons majority next year and prevent David Cameron holding a referendum on Europe. Mr Cash claimed Mr Farage was doing “untold damage” to the Eurosceptic cause and “toxifying the debate” with his divisive rhetoric.

Michael Fallon, the Tory energy minister, suggested his party would campaign to leave the EU if Mr Cameron’s negotiations in Brussels failed to deliver a better deal for Britain.

He told the BBC: “If we don’t get the reforms we want, yes of course the Government will then recommend a 'no’ vote ... but we’re not going into these negotiations planning to concede defeat. We think we can get these reforms.”


Banned Benham Brothers Will Let ‘Free Market’ Decide Fate of TV Show

Twin brothers whose Christian beliefs on marriage and the sanctity of life got their real estate show canceled by a cable network before it ever aired say they’re open to other TV offers if “the free market” will allow it.

Pressure generated by a left-wing website led to HGTV’s dropping “Flip It Forward,” the show that was to feature David and Jason Benham. The unstated reason: One or both twins expressed what they consider Bible-based views in support of marriage as a man-woman union and in opposition to abortion on demand.

Now, though, one or more other networks could make a play for the Benham brothers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A dispatch by Paul Bond identifies INSP—a “traditional values” television outlet that reaches 75 million households—as one suitor.

“David and I are solid individuals with strong beliefs, but if these networks are willing to put us on the air, we’d be willing to talk,” Jason Benham told Bond.  Brother David Benham added:

"I think it would be healthy for America to show a balanced approach. But at the same time, we’re in the free market, and they have a choice to make. If they don’t choose us, it’s no big deal. We are not pushing this at all.”

The brothers, fitness freaks who once nurtured dreams of playing major league baseball, instead made money in real estate and were set to buy, renovate, and re-sell houses in the fall on a new HGTV show, “Flip It Forward.” But HGTV announced Wednesday on Twitter—after calling the brothers and without publicly giving a reason—that it “decided not to move forward with the Benham brothers’ series.”

The website Right Wing Watch, a project of the liberal group People for the American Way,  had labeled the brothers as “anti-gay” and “anti-choice” because of past comments and political advocacy in support of traditional marriage and pro-life causes.

In an interview the brothers did yesterday with commentator Glenn Beck at, Jason Benham said they operate their business on one principle, “and that’s to lift up Jesus Christ,” adding: “When you hold everything that God has given you with an open hand, then He never has to pry your fingers loose when it’s going to be removed.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal defended the Benhams in a commencement address Saturday at Liberty University, the brothers’ alma mater, with them in attendance.

Jindal appeared to side with cultural commentators who liken the dropping of the brothers’ show to A&E network’s suspension of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson for remarks on sexuality in a media interview and the ouster of Mozilla chief Brendon Eich as “anti-gay” because of his private financial support for traditional marriage in California.

“For some who favor the redefinition of marriage, tolerance appears to have been a useful rhetorical device along the way to eliminating dissent,” The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson wrote about the resignation of the Mozilla CEO.


Welcome To The Gay Agenda Re-Education Camp

It seems the politically correct liberals in charge of the NFL are admirers of communism. In Red China, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries communist tyrants forced citizens into re-education camps to “enlighten” their subjects about the wonderful “benefits” of totalitarianism.

Those brutal examples of communist treachery should be relegated to the dustbin of history. Instead, in the supposedly free country of the United States, re-education camps are used to enlighten our citizens about the evils of racism, homophobia and sexism.

The latest incident occurred just this week with Dolphins safety Don Jones. He had the audacity to object to ESPN promoting gay football player Michael Sam and his boyfriend. The network hyped the 7th round selection of Sam by the St. Louis Rams and showed him kissing his boyfriend in celebration after the pick. Of course, the other 7th round selections were ignored by ESPN, who decided to focus on Sam only due to his sexual orientation.

Sam is now a celebrity, just as journeyman NBA center Jason Collins, who also announced he is gay. Sam may not even have the talent to play in the NFL, but if the Rams cut him, they may receive a call from President Obama, who, incredibly, called Sam to congratulate him upon his selection. The President did not call any other player selected in the 7th round and probably called few, if any, of the other 250+ players selected in the entire draft. He called for one reason, to show his politically correct support for gay rights.

Years ago, such a kiss would have never been broadcast on television, but today, passionate displays from same sex partners are commonplace. Even though millions of Americans have strong religious views in opposition to homosexuality, our media and political establishment have identified gay rights as a cause that merits strong support and plenty of attention.

After witnessing ESPN’s coverage of Sam kissing his partner, Jones posted on his Twitter account “OMG…horrible.” For that expression of his opinion, a 1st Amendment right guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution, Jones was suspended, fined and forced to apologize to Sam. In his apology, Jones expressed his “regret” for “the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media.” He was even blasted by his head coach, Joe Philbin, who called the comments “unacceptable.”

While some may view the penalties leveled at Jones for sharing an opinion as unduly harsh, the NFL believed they were insufficient. As a result, Jones will also be sent to “educational training,” to learn about the merits of the homosexual agenda and become more sensitive to the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

This type of “training” is an American styled re-education camp for Jones. He will undoubtedly emerge with a new and enlightened view of homosexuality. If not, he will no longer be playing football in the NFL. Today, in the NFL, and in the other professional sports leagues, players must subscribe to a politically correct agenda or their careers will be over.

This type of mandated political correctness is also occurring throughout our society, not just the NFL. Promotion of the gay agenda will soon be prevalent across the nation, regardless of the views of Americans. An elite group of celebrities and politicians are demanding that all Americans accept this agenda or face serious repercussions.

It is quite sad that in a country with such robust constitutional protections, we are forcing our citizens to accept certain viewpoints and agendas. If Americans don't agree, they better keep quiet or they will have to undergo the type of punishment that Don Jones is now enduring.

With this toxic environment, imagine what our Founding Fathers would think about their country today.


27,000 serial crooks in Britain spared jailed in a year: All got community sentences as it's revealed use of punishment is up 75% in a decade

More than 27,000 criminals were given a community sentence last year despite having at least 15 crimes to their name.

The use of such punishments - which criminals regard as a ‘laughing stock’ because they are so soft - has shot up by 75 per cent in a decade, a report reveals today.

The damning report by the Centre for Social Justice published today finds community sentences ‘lack credibility’ and are held in utter contempt by the criminal class.

It calls for US-style instant punishment of up to a week behind bars for anyone who breaks the terms of their court order.

The ‘short sharp shock’ of up to seven days in jail would act as a major deterrent and restore faith in community sentences, it says.

In US states which have introduced swift jail sentences, the level of reoffending by those on community sentences has plummeted.

The idea is likely to be given serious consideration by senior Conservatives as they draw up plans for the next Tory manifesto.

The report lays bare the staggering failure of community sentences to turn offenders away from crime.

And it shows how repeat criminals who have offended time and time again are nevertheless allowed to walk free from court with a non-custodial sentence.

The report, based on official Ministry of Justice figures, shows the startling rise in community sentences given out to repeat criminals.

Despite having at least 15 previous crimes under their belts, some 27,632 criminals were given a community sentence in 2012/13.

That represents a rise of 76 per cent from the level in 2003/4 of 15,709.

Every year, criminals on community sentences commit more than 160,000 offences - or more than 435 every single day.

The researchers found among the criminals most likely to breach their community orders were those required to undergo drug rehabilitation.

Lax rules allow them to ‘game’ the system because drug test appointments are scheduled, rather than random.

This allows heroin users to stop taking drugs for a few days beforehand, knowing they will be out of their system by the time of the test.

Even those who fail drug tests are rarely hauled back to court. The researchers found one criminal who failed half his tests over a six month period and faced no further sanction because he was not reported by his probation officer.

Edward Boyd, editor of the ‘Sentences in the Community’ report said: ‘Many prolific offenders are refusing to take their punishment and rehabilitation seriously and are getting away with it.’

‘What we have found in the US is that the consequences of a day or two in prison shows offenders that they have to comply and means they take more responsibility.’

‘This approach is slashing reoffending rates as offenders realise they can’t get away with breaking the rules. This new idea offers the government an opportunity to restore faith in community punishments’.

The report also revealed that it can take up to five months for an offender to start their community sentence from when they walk out of court.

Such ‘punishments’ can include clearing litter, painting walls or doing other unpaid work in the community.

A programme of immediate prison sentences of a few days is in use in around 20 states across the US.

In Texas, a programme of short prison terms for criminals found more than nine in ten finished their community sentences, and only a handful broke the rules.

Currently, in the UK, around a third of offenders given community sentences reoffend within a year of being sentenced. And thousands more may commit crimes which they are never caught for.

Community sentences are also used repeatedly, despite criminals’ flagrant reoffending. In 2012, 25 per cent of those given a custodial sentence already had at least five previous community terms - or 37,019 individuals.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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