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Totalitarian Britain and Political Dissident Tommy Robinson

Keeping the lid on any reaction to the vast horrors being committed in the name of Islam has become a major preoccupation of the British governmrent.  They fear a popular uprising against Muslims generally and the bloodbath that could result from that.  They fear the people's reasonable anger and disgust.  So they aim to "nip in the bud" any popular uprising by treading heavily on anybody who is voicing the feared anger.  They are even willing to use Stalinist measures (e.g. "show trials") to keep people down.  They're quite sure they know best. How long they can keep the lid on the pressure-cooker remains to be seen, however.  In the face of the apparent Muslim determination to make us hate them, the eruption could be soon, with Germany showing the way  -- JR

by Paul Weston

The news that Tommy Robinson was arrested Wednesday should send tremors down the spines of every British citizen who believes in justice and democracy. Tommy is no longer just a vocal opponent of the British state who engages in democratic argument, he is now a political dissident who can be persecuted at apparent will by the long arm of the newly totalitarian British government.

Is this an exaggeration? Is it really possible that gentle England — home of Magna Carta, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, John Stuart Mill and Winston Churchill; Common Law, John Mortimer’s “Rumpole of the Bailey” who was a liberal barrister constantly invoking the Golden Thread or as it is better known, The Presumption of Innocence — has now morphed into a jack-booted socialist dictatorship where the British quasi-Stasi can throw political dissidents into a Gulag whilst the leftist media bat nary an eyelash?

Well, it would certainly seem that way. Consider the recent dictatorial outrages the British State has conducted against this incredibly brave, moral and decent young man. Tommy came to the fore as leader of the EDL, which he set up in response to government capitulation before Islamic supremacists, who went unpunished after shamefully abusing homecoming British soldiers for the “crime” of simply carrying out the edicts of the State.

Pilloried and hounded by the government, the media and the police, Tommy and his family were subjected to serious and credible death threats (the police refused to provide any protection whatsoever, even after Tommy’s young children were threatened with rape and beheading) along with physical abuse and a campaign of leftist terror, all of which might have forced a lesser man into submission. But Tommy remained resolute in the face of a quartet of evils: Violent and supremacist Islam, violent and treacherous left-wingers, a Quisling media and a government dedicated not to exposing Islamic outrages but instead to shutting down the man who exposed the Koranic ideology behind the hateful behaviour of some British Muslims.

Tommy was jailed last year for financial irregularities concerning a mortgage application. There are many amongst us (an awful lot of politicians included…) who have claimed to earn more than they really did in order to secure a mortgage, but very, very few of us found ourselves languishing behind bars for such a trivial offence. But after countless police raids on Tommy’s house, this was all they could they pin on him and dissident Tommy was duly banged up, thus removing an acute embarrassment to the government who were more than a little unhappy about their submission before Islam being made public.

And this is when a slight form of injustice suddenly transformed into what can only be realistically described as political repression previously unseen in England — and repression eerily reminiscent of genuine totalitarian dictatorships. Tommy was placed on a wing with many Muslim inmates and a contract was put out (and taken up by a Somali born murderer) to throw boiling water (laced with sugar to make it stick better) into his face.

Tommy asked the prison governor to move him to a safe part of the prison. The governor refused. A prison warder threw Tommy into a cell containing several Muslims and locked the door in order to ensure Tommy took a serious beating, which he duly did. A rather more humane warder warned Tommy about the “boiling water in the face contract” so when he found himself alone with four Muslims, one of whom was the aforementioned Somali murderer holding a jug of boiling water, Tommy defended himself before the water could be thrown.

The prison governor took no further action, but the Somali murderer contacted the police, who were keen to prosecute Tommy for racially aggravated assault… although the charge was subsequently dropped, presumably owing to the sheer embarrassment of initiating it in the first place.

Tommy was then released early, on the condition he declined from talking publicly about Human Rights Under Islam. The left-liberal media saw no apparent need to publicly puzzle over this extraordinarily curious state of affairs. A man imprisoned for mortgage irregularities is threatened with further jail time for talking about human rights!? In Britain! Surely this could not possibly be true. We are not after all East Germany circa the 1970s… or so we would like to believe despite the ever growing evidence to the contrary.

On Monday, the 4th of January 2016, shortly after the media, police and left-wing politicians failed to muzzle the story of Islamic sexual assaults carried out against girls all across Europe on new Year’s Eve, Tommy announced the formation of a Pegida UK movement with myself as leader, women’s rights activist Anne Marie Waters as deputy leader and Tommy as overall co-ordinator.

On Wednesday the 6th of January the British police issued a warrant for Tommy’s arrest with regard to the crime of “battery” — said battery being defending himself against Somali murderers who wished to disfigure him with boiling water laced with sugar, a convenient weapon when the usual Islamic route of acid in the face was limited by the distinct lack of acid available to Muslim inmates within Her Majesty’s Prisons.

Tommy will appear in court on February the 3rd, just three days before the planned Pegida vigil in Birmingham on February the 6th. How convenient for the British government is that? I would be surprised if Tommy is allowed to walk free from this grotesque pantomime masquerading as British justice. Just as the dissidents hauled before Peoples Courts in left-wing Communist countries were always guilty as charged, so I fear will be the case with our brave Tommy.

If Tommy were a brown Muslim he would have been ignored by the government and the police if he was calling for the overthrow of our secular liberal democracy, the subjugation of the Jews, women, homosexuals and non-Muslim infidels — or Untermenschen as the Nazis would term them — but Tommy has become a dissident in England because he is a native Brit standing up for traditional, moral, decent and gentle British values in the face of Islamic and left-wing hostility. How can any reasonable left-liberal fail to see this and fail to be shocked by it?

If there is one upside to this ongoing persecution, it is the exposure of the cowardly, hateful, obscene, left-liberal establishment personified by Cameron, the BBC, the British police, Justice Minister Michael Gove, Channel 4, Sky News, Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism etc, all of whom have been given a clear choice between good or evil, morality or immorality, bravery or cowardice, democracy or dictatorship and all of whom have taken the wrong side and now stand exposed and naked in all their loathsome, treacherous, totalitarian “glory.”

And where are the human rights activists in all of this? It is clear that a serious breach of justice is ongoing with regard to Tommy, but where is Michael Mansfield QC? Where is the fragrant Shami Chakrabarti of the somewhat inappropriately named human rights campaign group “Liberty“? Where are the eager-beaver human rights lawyers who devote so much time and energy to prosecuting innocent British soldiers whilst defending guilty British Muslims who holiday in Syria on false passports?

The short answer to that is: They are nowhere to be seen. These activists have been shown a truly shameful breach of human rights verging on the totalitarian, but they clearly don’t really believe in human rights at all which manifestly come second to left-wing identity politics and Islamic appeasement. Their shameful silence tells us all we need to know with regard to their true credentials, which essentially speaking is nothing short of whoring themselves out to Islam and to left-liberal political ideology. They are all truly disgusting and evil to the last man and “feminist” woman.

Tommy, in stark contrast, stands on the side of Good in this battle of good against evil. Some will continue to label him a racist (despite his many black and brown friends) and will continue to believe the propaganda churned out by our Quisling media. To such people I would pose a number of requests. First, they should read his book Enemy of the State which details his life and the State persecution he has suffered.


Multicultural British soldier 'stabbed his nurse ex-mistress to death after she broke off their affair when she found love with another man'

A British soldier stabbed a nurse to death after she broke off their affair when she 'hit the jackpot' with another man, a court heard today.

Army private Josphat Mutekedza, 35, knifed 37-year old Miriam Nyazema in the face, chest and back in a fit of rage when she arrived home with her new boyfriend, it was claimed.

As Miss Nyazema lay dying in a neighbour's garden with the blade still lodged in her back, Mutekedza battered her around the head with a stool shouting: 'She's caused this mess. I can't believe what she's done to me, it's all her fault', it was said.

He was also allegedly seen waving a handgun and called police saying: 'She's been cheating on me - sleeping with another man. Where's that man, I'm going to f****** kill him.'

Miss Nyazema, who worked at a BUPA nursing home in Shaw near Oldham, Greater Manchester, was taken to hospital but died just over an hour later.

Her boyfriend Jacob Chigombe - who had been visiting her from his native Zimbabwe - was found hiding nearby.

Bolton Crown Court was told father-of-one Mutekedza, from Eastborne, East Sussex, had been engaged to the mother of his baby son but began an affair with the victim who lived in Rochdale.

Mark Kellet prosecuting said he would refer to his mistress as 'Boo Boo' and began spending time away from home.

Mr Kellet said: 'His partner realised he was having an affair and in early 2014 they separated. On one occasion she checked his phone and saw a number of Miriam Nyazema and that was entered in the directory as "Boo Boo".

'He seemed to want to increase his commitment to Miriam Nyazema but it was clear Miriam did not feel the same.

'She told work colleagues that the relationship had ended and she was now more interested in Jacob Chigombe. She said she had hit the jackpot.

'Whatsapp messages make it clear that their relationship, if not sexual, was certainly romantic. Messages of love and desire were exchanged.'

On July 24 last year, Mutekedza went to visit Miriam at her home - one day before Chigombe was due to arrive in the UK.

During that visit Miriam ended her relationship with Mutekedza but the following morning she called police to her home saying he was still in the house and had refused to leave.

He left after being spoken to by the officers but over the next two days the pair exchanged numerous text and Whatsapp messages - with him saying he missed Miriam whilst she said she 'needed time to sort her head out.'

On the day of the killing - July 28 - Mutekedza was seen at his barracks before sending text messages to Miriam saying: 'Boo Boo - I'm coming now.'

That evening he turned at Miriam's workplace but she managed to leave alone after a colleague distracted him. When he realised Miriam had gone Mutekedza hailed a cab and arrived at her home just as Miriam was about to get there with her new boyfriend, it was said.

Mr Kellet said neighbours heard a woman screaming outside and found her lying on her back, struggling to breathe.

He added: 'The defendant was shouting: "I can't believe what she's done to me, it's all her fault." He walked back across the road and started smashing her car. The knife was still stuck in her back, the handle had snapped off.

'The defendant then walked over holding a metal bar in one hand and a small table with the other. He hit her with such force to the stomach, it bounced off at head height. He then held out a hand gun which left them fearing for their lives.'

Police dashed to the scene to find Chigombe in a side street and arrested Mutekedza on the foot path outside Miriam's home.

Tests showed the victim had stab wounds to her chest which collapsed both her lungs.

Mutekedza was quizzed by police but remained silent during interviews.

He denies murder but admits manslaughter by reason of a loss of self control and plead guilty to a firearms offence. He claims he thought he was still in a relationship with Miriam and alleges she and Chigombe attacked him.


Archbishops Rebuke Episcopal Church

The Archbishops of the World Anglican Communion convened in Canterbury, England, this week, and in a grave decision regarding the future of the Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA), directed Archbishop Justin Welby to relegate the American church to “observer” status.

The move, which prevents Episcopal leaders from any role regarding “issues of doctrine or polity,” has been anticipated for some years. The Episcopal Church was organized after the American Revolution and George Washington was an early communicant. But, as with the erosion of many other bedrock institutions by America’s elite, ECUSA’s current leaders have discarded the Church’s biblical foundation.

In 2003, the “enlightened” U.S. bishops rebuffed the 85-million member World Anglican Communion, and codified their rejection of scriptural authority by ordaining Vicky Imogene Robinson, a divorced father of two, as the first openly homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire.

Since then, ECUSA’s Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori (the first female archbishop in apostolic Christian history), has embraced a broad slate of statist positions in opposition to the basic tenets of the church. She has decreed that “gay marriage” has equal in standing with biblical marriage, in clear opposition to Jesus’s teaching on marriage, and the tradition and reason pillars of the church. She has further offended Christians by affirming a “nuanced approach” on killing unborn children — a “do as you please” approach.

As a result, there are now fewer than 650,000 church attenders in the U.S. — and that number continues to decline. ECUSA leaders have done with the Bible what their fellow leftists have done with our Constitution.

The ECUSA suspension is, in effect, one step short of expulsion, isolating the apostate U.S. Church so that its wealth and corrupting influence can’t further diminish the biblical foundations of the World Church.


San Francisco's Bathroom Crusade

The human rights commissions in New York City and San Francisco are not at all what their names seem to imply. Rather than ensuring the rights of all humans, regardless of their of their biology or their beliefs, they have instead become advocacy organizations for LGBT interests.

For example, Shaky Town’s HRC introduced a measure that would require gender-neutral bathrooms across the city. But it goes a bit farther than a simple change to the building codes. “The measure would mandate that all single-occupancy bathrooms in the city be relabeled as places for all genders, rather than solely ‘men’ or ‘women,’” Time Magazine reports, “and that new buildings constructed in the city have a gender-neutral bathroom on each floor.

The bill would also go beyond similar laws in other cities by putting in place sweeping enforcement mechanisms, including a complaint process handled by the Human Rights Commission, an LGBT rights organization, and adding these facilities as a standard checklist item for building inspections.”

Tellingly, Time called San Fran’s human rights commission, a city agency, an “LGBT rights organization,” which shows that it’s no longer trying to ensure civil rights — some of which are enumerated in the Bill of Rights, hello Second Amendment! — but is instead bent on pushing leftist ideology.

The Big Apple’s HRC recently suggested a regulation that would fine people $125,000 to $250,000 if they were “willful, wanton, or malicious” in assaulting a transgendered person with the wrong pronoun.

In Democrat fiefdoms like these, accommodation may be the best thing social conservatives can hope for at the moment. Unfortunately, groups like human rights commissions aren’t interested in equal protection under the law. They’re merely the muscle for the Rainbow Mafia, and it’s the model for the rest of the nation.


Gun sales soaring in Germany. Sex attacks by migrants have unleashed much anger among native Germans

Sitting in his white-walled room on the second floor of an anonymous office block, the German politician talks from the heart.

He states emotionally that his country has changed for ever; that the European Union is finished and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s days are numbered.

‘Frau Merkel, she’s not right in the head,’ adds 46-year-old Siegbert Droese, pointing his finger at his temple.  ‘She tells people from all over the Islamic world to come here to paradise. The numbers are mind-boggling and could reach ten million [when the migrants bring members of their families over to join them].

‘So many young men arriving every day with high testosterone and little respect for women mean the New Year sex attacks in Cologne will be repeated.

‘I am not alone in thinking this. The penny is dropping among ordinary Germans.’

What Herr Droese — president of the populist Eurosceptic party, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in the eastern city of Leipzig — says about German views on migrants is all too true.

According to a recent survey, half of the population is now sceptical that Mrs Merkel will cope with the huge influx.

This is despite her recent TV address to the nation — complete with Arabic sub-titles aimed at the 1.1 million migrants who arrived in 2015 and now live at the Government’s expense in 2000 camps, hotels and rented accommodation across the country — when she repeated her insistence that ‘we can do this’.

The tide is inexorably turning against her, and polls show her popularity is declining.

In contrast, the AfD, with an increasingly middle-class following of intellectuals and business people, hit an all-time high in an opinion poll released by best-selling newspaper Bild this week.

From a standing start when it was founded in 2013, it is now supported by 11.5 per cent of voters, making it the third largest political party in the country.

Nowhere in Germany do AfD’s demands for border controls and fewer migrants chime more easily with the mood than in the former Communist bloc in the east of the country.

Here in Leipzig, on Monday night, a local grassroots organisation called Pegida — Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West — held an anti-migrant march and protest.

It was followed by a terrifying rampage through the city centre by a breakaway group of 500 thugs who set cars ablaze and attacked shops and fast food restaurants, some of them belonging to migrants.

Whether the vandals were attached to Pegida or simply anarchists intent on destruction is not clear. But some likened the damage to migrant-owned shops to the Kristallnacht attacks against Jews across Nazi Germany in November 1938 — one of the most emotive subjects in this country’s calender.

The mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung spoke of ‘terror on the streets’ as he condemned the ‘naked violence’. But given the febrile mood over migrants that now pervades all of Germany, there will almost certainly be more reprisals from the Far Right in the future.

The scenes in Leipzig — which has taken in 10,000 Merkel migrants — came after the mass sex attacks in Cologne, western Germany, on New Year’s Eve.

During a barbaric night in that city’s main square, a substantial group of Arabic-speaking men among 1,000 male migrants there deliberately targeted and assaulted hundreds of women. A staggering 652 complaints were received by the police.

Across Germany, including in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Berlin — not to mention towns and cities in Sweden, Finland and Denmark — it was the same New Year story. Nearly 50 women in Hamburg complained to police of sexual harassment by ‘North African men’, who called them ‘bitches’ and shouted ‘Fiki’ to indicate they wanted to rape them.

Amid acrimony over a deliberate police and media cover-up to stop anti-migrant sentiment, Mrs Merkel started deporting some of the most blatantly illegal migrants. But the number arriving still tops 3,000 a day, and local authorities can’t cope.

On Thursday this week, Peter Dreier, the governor of the Bavarian town of Landshut, sent a bus full of 31 migrants to Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin with the message: ‘We can’t manage’.  They were allowed to stay in Berlin one night before being despatched straight back to Bavaria.

This bizarre and cruel game of political ping-pong shows that Germany is collapsing under the pressure of mass migration.

Gerhard Schroeder, Merkel’s predecessor as Chancellor, said this week that Merkel had ‘a lot of heart but no plan’ when she opened the borders to migrants in August, saying all Syrians were welcome. Her mistake, he added, ‘was to allow an exception to turn into a new normality — an unlimited influx’.

The resultant criminality and chaos has caused Germans to become increasingly angry.  It is not just the thugs with shaved heads, bomber jackets and heavy boots who were seen in Leipzig this week.

There is fast emerging a new group of Right-wing activists — ordinary people with conservative values; devout Christians; those angered by the arrogance of Merkel’s out-of-touch political elite; and, now, an increasing number of women who are frightened to go out at night.

This powerful coalition is vociferously challenging Merkel’s open-door policy for those fleeing war in the Middle East and poverty in Africa.

Even a cursory glance at the latest police reports — now being released more freely — shows the shocking sex attacks are not going away.

Since New Year, a 17-year-old girl near Cologne has been sexually abused by a migrant from a nearby camp.

Meanwhile in Hamburg, there have been a string of assaults. A white nurse was harassed by a 25-year-old Eritrean; a group of girls groped by two ‘North Africans; a woman of 53 confronted by young men of ‘Arabian appearance,’ who exposed themselves, making obscene gestures.

Eight Afghan asylum seekers are accused of attacking a ‘large number of white women’; a 23-year-old Somali is under investigation for sexually abusing a ten-year-old white girl near a migrant reception centre.

Across the country, from east to west, it’s been the same. In Leipzig, eight days after Cologne, a local woman of 31 was accosted by 15 men, apparently Arabs and North Africans, who pinned her down as she walked through the railway station at midnight, and thrust themselves at her.

Only because she broke loose did she avoid being raped by two of the men — a Libyan, 24, and a Tunisian, 31, from a local migrant shelter — who were described by police as ‘her torturers’.

In Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, a leisure centre has banned all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in its public swimming pool by three Syrian teenagers.

Merkel’s reassuring platitudes that Germany ‘can manage’ don’t convince her people. And nowhere is this more evident than in Leipzig.

In the town of Halle, a 20-minute drive away, the former four-star Maritim Hotel with indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness room, was closed to guests last year after being turned into a giant migrant camp.

Its 1,000 new residents have officially complained that the games evenings and film screenings laid on to entertain them are not enough to stop them being bored with life in Germany.

Already, some of the migrants have disappeared, almost certainly via the local railway station, where 52 trains arrive and leave every hour.

This week, outside the station, German women were offered free pepper defence sprays to ward off sexual attackers in a propaganda move by another Right-wing group, the anti-Islam Identitarian movement, which was formed in France and now has footholds all over Europe.

An Identitarian spokesman told the local Press: ‘What happened in Cologne is happening everywhere. There was an attempted rape here in Halle only yesterday. We want to help ensure that women can feel safe in our town.’

The leaflet they handed out went further: ‘Cologne is a symbol,’ it said. ‘It has shown that the state has failed to protect our borders. In the past year, more than a million illegal immigrants have entered our country and the state now cannot — or will not — protect women and girls.

‘It is up to us to defend ourselves... to fight back. For us, our families, and our country. We demand the immediate closure of the border, and the re-migration of all illegals to their home countries.’

The pepper sprays were snapped up by local women and girls. Indeed, since the migration crisis exploded, nationwide sales of pepper spray have jumped by 600 per cent with supplies running out in parts of the country.

According to KH Security, a German manufacturer of the spray, sales are the highest since the company was founded a quarter of a century ago.

A store owner near Leipzig has reported he is now selling up to 200 cans of the spray each day, compared with five a week before the migrant crisis began. The customers? Women of all ages and men buying weapons for their wives.

Günter Fritz, the owner of a gun shop in another town nearby, explained: ‘Since September, all over Germany, sales of these defence products have exploded. My clients come from all walks of life, ranging from the professor to the retired lady. All are afraid.’

The same pattern has emerged in Cologne, where, for example, there has been a dramatic rise in applications for airgun licences since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks.

Police said they have already received 73 applications this year, compared with just 100 in the whole of 2014.

The fact is that fear is gripping Germany and migration is being blamed.

Der Spiegel, the respected magazine, found 84 per cent of people said the crisis would mean lasting changes to the country, while more than half said they believed the new arrivals heighten the danger of terrorism and increase crime.

The new Right in Germany is gaining particular popularity in the former Communist east, where xenophobia is high among older people who, before the fall of the Iron Curtain, were not able to travel abroad or meet foreigners.

Every Sunday at 4pm in Plauen, just south of Leipzig, the anti-Islam organisation Pegida stages ‘We Are Germany’ demonstrations in front of 2,000 people.

Pegida has a 19-point manifesto with a raft of grievances. It is opposed to Germany’s membership of the EU and wants a return of the Deutschmark.

But its most pressing complaint is that traditional Teutonic values and culture are being swept away by the huge tide of mainly Muslim migrants, 80 per cent of them male and devoted to Islam.

One of the leading lights of Pegida is Hilmar Brademann, a painter and decorator. He says he hasn’t got anything against foreigners in principle. ‘But, I don’t want Plauen to turn into multi-ethnic areas of Berlin where women wear headscarves and even burkhas,’ he said at a recent Sunday meeting.

As for migrants who commit crimes, ‘they should be immediately deported’. The crowd cheered and clapped at every word he said.

Similar meetings are being held throughout Europe. In Austria, Far-Right parties are trading on the fear engendered by migrants and calling for an immediate halt to asylum applications.

In Finland, militia groups linked to the Far-Right, calling themselves Soldiers of Odin (after a god from Norse mythology), patrol towns at night to protect women from attacks.

And here in Germany, this once fiercely Christian country — which has seen more than 100 protestant and 400 Roman Catholic churches close since 2000 while the number of mosques grows, with 128 currently under construction — groups from xenophobic Pegida to the more moderate AdF are gaining ground with astounding speed.

The worries of Germans have been heightened by a report published earlier this month by Professor Adorjan F. Kovacs of the world-renowned Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Entitled ‘Truths about the Refugee Crisis’, it blows apart Merkel’s often-used argument that one, two or even three million migrants will be a drop in the ocean compared with a German population of 80 million.

Professor Kovacs compared the 11.5 million existing indigenous German population aged between 20 and 35 with the number of new arrivals, who are predominantly male and in the same age bracket.

He predicts that by 2020, when it is expected that at least two million young migrants will have each brought in between three and eight family members, the ethnic demography of the under-40s will have altered irreversibly unless Mrs Merkel changes her tune.

None of this, of course, is of interest to three Syrian migrants I found sitting on the ground beside the front door of their new home of the Maritim Hotel, smoking blue hookah pipes at 11am.

Ahmed Zaror, 45, his wife Malak, 40, and 30-year-old brother-in-law Hosef Hasan claim in their smattering of English that they have been in Germany for three years.

As Malak, a mobile phone in her hand and smiling through gap-ridden teeth, told me: ‘We are pleased to be here, although there are 1,000 just like us at this hotel and it is very crowded now more and more of us are arriving.’

Pushing her pipe towards me for a puff, she added: ‘I have three sons of 20,19 and 18 who live here, too. We have nothing to do all day so we are bored, but we would like to work.’

Frankly, looking at the three members of this family, that seems like an impossibility.

After a lengthy time in Germany, they do not speak the language. They claim they fled the civil war between the Islamic State and President Assad’s government, but have no papers to prove it.

Yet they are being housed for free, get three meals a day, and benefits from the Merkel government, which they draw out at the local bank each week.

Back in Leipzig, I go to a coffee bar not far from where the racist smashing of migrants’ shops took place on Monday. It is run by a pretty, 37-year-old woman who escaped to Germany from Communist Cuba in 1996.

We start talking about the Cologne attacks and I ask if she thinks there are too many new faces arriving.

‘Of course, I am worried,’ she replies. ‘This country cannot take in everyone, from everywhere. I fear for women and what will happen to them now.’

Her views are not far distant from those of Herr Droese and his increasingly popular AfD party. As he told me: ‘The Germans, at first, wanted to help the migrants. Now we are growing afraid for the future.

‘We have our own problems to cope with. More than two million German children go to school each day without breakfast because their parents can’t afford to feed them.

‘Germans are realising that we have to look after our own people first before we open the door to all the world.’ He adds: ‘What is happening in Germany is catastrophic. Nothing will be the same again.’



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

For more postings from me, see TONGUE-TIED, GREENIE WATCH,   EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL, FOOD & HEALTH SKEPTIC, AUSTRALIAN POLITICS and  DISSECTING LEFTISM.   My Home Pages are here or   here or   here.  Email me (John Ray) here


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San Francisco's Bathroom Crusade

I worked in a hospital where the feminist management, pretending to be non-discriminatory, insisted on changing all the male and female staff toilets to unisex. We men voiced our distaste of the plan to management because we knew what sort of situation would eventuate, but the plan went ahead regardless. As expected, myself and some other male staff were soon treated like deviants and threats to women for being in the toilets when women were in them - I was once yelled at by a ferocious nurse to "Get out of here". So we few men started using the pubic toilets. Then management made the public toilets unisex too, ignoring our protests again. So to avoid upsetting women and being treated like sex offenders we had to go down to the basement to use the last remaining male toilet in the men's changing room. Then we were criticised for being off the ward for too long.

Decisions to make toilets unisex are not about being non-discriminatory; they are about intimidating men by making men appear like and feel like sex offenders going into a toilet that women are in. Just look at those who push for unisex toilets, they are mostly man-hating feminists.