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Multicultural pedophile in Britain

A paediatrician who sexually abused a dozen young boys was found with 1.2 million indecent images and videos after surfing the ‘dark web’.

Raza Laskar, 32, was described by police as a "Jekyll and Hyde" character who cared for children in his professional life but abused them in private.

Police discovered videos of the junior doctor sexually assaulting boys in hotel rooms while in the space of a month he shared 1,600 indecent images of boys under 16 online.

Laskar, from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, admitted 31 charges including sexual activity with a child and causing or inciting child pornography.

Some of his victims were based in the UK while others lived abroad.

Detective Inspector Theresa Carter of Greater Manchester Police said Laskar used his knowledge as a children's doctor to 'ingratiate himself' with the boys.

"Obviously he has experience in dealing with children and knows how children tick," she said.

"The children knew he was a doctor because he told them and he knew the boys were all under 16.

"Like Jekyll and Hyde, he is vastly different in moral character depending on the situation, going from caring for and treating children to deliberately targeting, grooming and abusing them."

Laskar, who is married, was caught as part of a nationwide sting called Operation Notarise, which began earlier this year. More than 650 suspected paedophiles including doctors, teachers and former police officers have been arrested as part of the crackdown.

Police targeted people accessing indecent images online, focusing on those who had unsupervised access to children in the course of their work.  They were identified through examinations of the 'dark web' – the encrypted underbelly which gives users greater anonymity – and through traditional online methods of sharing files.  Only 39 of those arrested so far were registered sex offenders and the majority were not known by the police.

It is the biggest operation for more than ten years targeting online child abusers. Police experts in the US trained British detectives to use American-designed computer technology to trace criminal suspects on the dark web.

Detectives were alerted to Laskar's activity when over 1,600 files suspected to contain indecent photographs of children were made available on a file sharing site between Christmas Day last year and January 27.

Investigators linked the IP address to Laskar's home which was searched on May 2.  Officers seized computers and data storage devices which were examined by GMP's high tech crime unit. An external firm was also brought in due to the large amount of data recovered, which included 1.2 million images and videos.

DI Carter said Laskar would advertise on sex sites, claiming he was a '30-year-old male wanting slaves'.  "Some people that contacted him were just lonely young boys who wanted to talk," she said.

"The sinister side is the fact he is a doctor and he understands children.  "His profession will obviously be an aggravating factor and one that many people will be extremely concerned about.

"While I can stress that we found no evidence that he committed any offence during the course of his employment, it will be of absolutely no comfort to the boys and the families of the boys he targeted online."

Calling for a heightened awareness of the dangers of the web, she added: "It is so important, in this digital age where even young school children have the internet in the palm of their hand that they know about the dark side of the web.

"There are dangers lurking if the right precautions are not taken and I would encourage parents to talk to their children and discuss what websites they are visiting."

A spokesman for NHS England in Greater Manchester said: "The charges against Dr Laskar did not relate to his work.  "However, we would like to extend our sympathies to the victims and families involved in this case."


Rally against Islamic extremism turns violent in Germany

Berlin: Police in Germany used water cannons and pepper spray against protesters after a demonstration organised by far-right groups in the western city of Cologne turned violent on Sunday.

A spokesman for the city's police said officers in riot gear were deployed to calm the situation after protesters threw bottles, stones and fireworks at them.

A police vehicle was also overturned by protesters.

Thirteen officers and one protester were injured in the clashes, police spokesman Andre Fassbender said. Six people were detained, but further arrests were likely to follow a review of video footage, he said.

About 2000 people had massed in the heart of Cologne's historic centre for a demonstration ostensibly aimed against Islamic extremism. It was organised by neo-Nazi groups and members of Germany's football hooligan scene.

German news agency dpa reported that some protesters were heard chanting "foreigners out".


Obama Finally Identifies the enemy in the Middle East -- Israel

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg has written a piece detailing the deteriorating relationship between Israel and the Obama administration. The chief purpose of Goldberg’s piece is to humiliate Benjamin Netanyahu. None of this is especially shocking, considering the antagonism the administration has shown toward the Jewish state from the start.

Most people have focused on the name-calling, and Goldberg keeps a list of pejoratives used by U.S. officials to describe Netanyahu, including “aspergery.” On that front, it’s worth noting that the person repeatedly being called “chickens–t” by anonymous officials volunteered for the Israel Defense Forces, saw combat and was the leader of an elite special forces unit deployed on numerous missions – including the freeing of a hijacked Sabena flight in 1972, where he was shot. Granted, this may not be so courageous as hopping the Amtrak from Delaware to D.C. each day or rallying the troops at a fundraiser in Greenwich, Connecticut, but God knows we can’t all be heroes.

Is Netanyahu a political coward? Perhaps. But not for any of the reasons offered by the administration. Is he arrogant? I’m sure he is. Is being anti-Netanyahu tantamount to being anti-Israel? Well, no. Although, it’s certainly fair to point out that the administration’s public demeaning of an ally’s elected leader – almost certainly with the blessing of higher-ups – is nearly unheard of.

But you know what is unmistakably anti-Israel? Gloating over how the United States has strong-armed Israel into living with a nuclear Iran, which seems like significant news to me. Here’s what Goldberg had to say:

“The official said the Obama administration no longer believes that Netanyahu would launch a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities in order to keep the regime in Tehran from building an atomic arsenal. ‘It’s too late for him to do anything. Two, three years ago, this was a possibility. But ultimately he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. It was a combination of our pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic. Now it’s too late.’”

At the United Nations a few years ago, President Barack Obama reportedly offered to do whatever it would take to prevent Iran from producing atomic weapons in exchange for Israeli assurances that it would not attack Iran’s nuclear sites before the presidential election in 2012. (And to think, Obama officials have the audacity to whine about Netanyahu’s “near-pathological desire for career-preservation.”) One side has kept its promise. Obama has repeatedly vowed, since his first run for president, to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Maybe that’s a promise that never should have been made. Now, though, the administration claims it’s too late. Now it claims American pressure helped dissuade Israel from defending itself. And now there is nothing Israel can do about it.

Knowing this, why anyone would expect Israel to trust Secretary of State John Kerry or Obama to forge a peace deal with a Fatah-Hamas unity government is a mystery.

So what happens next? Well, considering his access, when Goldberg “imagines” what’s coming, I imagine someone in the know told him what to imagine. So if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas asks for recognition of Palestine in the United Nations, as he’s expected to do again, the United States will likely block the initiative in the Security Council. But as Goldberg notes, the Obama administration may also participate in a “stridently anti-settlement resolution” that would isolate Israel from the international community and pressure it to create a Judenfrei West Bank and an indefensible Jerusalem.

It must be very frustrating to believe that a nation acts in its own best interests rather than the interests of an American political party. Despite Netanyahu’s assurances that he wouldn’t mess with the president’s 2012 campaign, it is he, out of all the leaders in all the world, who frustrates Obama most. Not Russian autocrats who invade sovereign nations. Not genocidal Arab dictators. Netanyahu. I forget which sycophantic liberal pundit pointed out on Twitter that this makes sense because we’re prone to be frustrated more by our friends than by our enemies. For that to be true, one would have to accept the dubious notion that the president ever considered Israel a “friend” in any special sense.

Is there any other friend treated similarly? Trust me; you’re never going to hear a senior State Department official refer to Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as a chickens–t theocrat. In fact, when the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, both friends of ours in the Middle East, were justifiably called out by Vice President Joe Biden for their roles in helping to strengthen the Islamic State, Biden was quickly dispatched to ask for forgiveness from both the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Apologize to the leader of Turkey. Call the leader of Israel a coward. That about encapsulates American foreign policy during the past few years.


Girl Scouts Membership Plummets, Threats of Split Emerge

The Girl Scouts USA has just ended its 53rd Convention amid sharply declining membership numbers, serious financial problems, cookie boycotts due to the organization’s known ties to Planned Parenthood, and now, the threat that those who want the group to retain its former, traditional values will split off to get the Girl Scouts back on track.

As CBS News reports, for the second straight year, both youth and adult membership in the Girl Scouts has dropped dramatically. Over the past year, the total youth members and adult volunteers declined by six percent, from 2,994,844 to 2,813,997. The past two years have seen total membership down 11.6 percent, and since 2003, when membership peaked at more than 3.8 million, total membership has plummeted 27 percent.

Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez attributes the falling numbers to overarching societal factors, such as less financial stability among parents and families, leading to the need for parents to work several jobs with little time to take children to activities or to volunteer themselves.

Chavez said the dearth of volunteer adults has forced some Girl Scout councils to turn away girls who want to join. She added there are approximately 30,000 girls on waiting lists around the country.

“The need for what Girl Scouts has to offer is not decreasing – more than ever girls need our time and our commitment,” Chavez said. “Our challenge is to meet them where they are with enough caring adults to serve them.”

To draw new members, the Girl Scouts has developed online toolkits to help make becoming a member easier and to assist troop leaders with meeting and activity planning.

However, as Will Doig at The Daily Beast observes, the Girl Scouts is facing a split between those who believe the organization should return to its traditional values and principles and those who want the group to focus on more “global” concerns and issues, such as “female body image” and how to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

“We’ve got a group of people organized,” says Marty Woelfel, a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana. “I won’t tell you how many.”

According to the Beast, Woelfel and others are prepared to return the Girl Scouts organization to its traditional core principles and activities such as canoeing, archery, fire building, and other wilderness skill building.

Nowadays, girls work toward merit badges for analysis of how fashion blogs portray women, developing a plan to reduce one’s carbon footprint, or how to commit to an “eat local” diet plan that is “sustainable.”

“We listen to and move at the speed of girls, and research shows that today’s girls not only love camping and being outdoors, they also enjoy technology and helping the world while having fun, all of which can be found in Girl Scouts,” says Kelly Parisi, chief communications executive for Girl Scouts USA.

However, as Breitbart News has extensively reported, not all is “fun” at Girl Scouts USA, and Parisi, formerly vice president of Marketing and Communications at the Ms. Foundation, had joined a national campaign during her tenure there to punish the Susan G. Komen Foundation for trying to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Girl Scouts' ties to Planned Parenthood, abortion, and other “non-traditional” activities include the fact that Josh Ackley - its main media spokesman – also happened to be the lead singer of a “homopunk” band that filmed several controversial videos, including one in which a woman is strangled, and another in which a young man writhes naked on the ground and appears to be masturbating. As Breitbart News’ Austin Ruse reported in January, when Ackley’s extracurricular activities were exposed, the Girl Scouts merely scrubbed him from its media page but still tweeted that “not only is Josh Ackley still employed, no one has been demoted.”

In May of 2013, a Girl Scout-sponsored event in New York City, billed as one to “celebrate women and girls” featured a live screening and panel discussion of the documentary MAKERS, a feminist, pro-abortion video account of prominent women described as “trailblazers.”

The Girl Scouts organization even stepped into designating pro-abortion Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis an “incredible woman” who deserved to be on the list of the 2013 “Women of the Year.” Additionally, on its Facebook page, the organization promoted former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as a woman of “courage.”

The non-traditional, “modern” Girl Scouts organization also hired a “Girl Experience Officer” named Krista Kokjohn-Poehler, who is a lesbian married to Ashley Kokjohn.

Among the internal issues that have led to expressions of public resentment among alumnae and regional councils of the Girl Scouts have been an unfunded pension plan, revenue deficits that have led to the elimination of about one-fourth of the staff at national headquarters, and the closure of some Girl Scout camps and what has been perceived as a shift away from camping and other outdoor activities that were once synonymous with scouting itself.

Another decision that has ruffled feathers has been the business partnership with the Mattel toy company, which manufactures Barbie, and the Girl Scouts’ creation of a Barbie patch that girls wear on their uniforms, as well as a Barbie Girl Scouts doll.

Both the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Center for a New American Dream have called for an end to the Girl Scouts-Mattel partnership, arguing that Barbie is an inappropriate role model for young girls.

As CBS News observes, as the Girl Scouts’ membership has plummeted, the American Heritage Girls, formed in 1995 as a Christian-oriented alternative, now has over 35,000 members.


British social worker bastards again

Couple with learning disabilities given £12,000 compensation after their newborn child was taken from them for more than a year

A couple who were separated from their baby for more than a year have been awarded £12,000 compensation in a landmark ruling.

The pair – who have learning difficulties and are in their 30s – will receive the payment after a judge at the High Court in London said their basic human rights had been violated by social workers.

In the first known case of its kind, family judge Clifford Bellamy told how social workers employed by Leicester City Council had dragged their feet in sorting out the case, leading to trauma for the parents.

During the court hearing, it emerged that medical professionals had no idea the mother was pregnant before she gave birth in May last year.

The court heard that it was unclear whether she concealed her pregnancy or was genuinely unaware of it.

The couple had not been under assessment by social workers prior to the birth. When the girl, known only as Baby H, was born Leicester City Council social workers stepped in and decided that she was ‘at risk of significant harm’.

The couple, who cannot be named, were prevented from taking her home from hospital.

The judge said he felt great sympathy for the parents as they had ‘no one to speak up for them’.  They had no choice in the matter as their baby was put into care with a couple known to them and were then stymied in their efforts to be reunited with their daughter.

The judge said the confused parents were repeatedly ‘subjected to unnecessary delay and uncertainty’.

The council took almost a year to launch proper care proceedings. Baby H had already celebrated her first birthday before her parents were sent on a 12-week residential course to assess their ability to look after her.  Judge Bellamy said that was the first time they had ‘been together as a family’ since her birth.

The child is now almost 18 months old and the couple are finally able to look after her under close supervision.

‘The happy ending must not be allowed to mask or diminish this local authority’s serious failings in the way that it dealt with this case and the impact that had on these parents,’ he said.

The judge also expressed sympathy for a foster couple who had cared for the baby. He found they had taken her into ‘their home and their hearts’ and had been given hope they would look after her permanently. After initially being told they would be caring for the baby for a fortnight, social workers then said she might never be returned to her parents and they became ‘deeply attached to her’.

Judge Bellamy ruled the council had admitted making 14 mistakes.

These included failing to explain to the couple why their daughter was being cared for ‘far away from them against their expressly stated wishes’.

The council admitted that its failures breached the parents’ human rights to a fair hearing and to respect for their privacy and family life.

‘The nature and extent of the poor practice admitted by the local authority is such that an adverse impact on these parents was inevitable,’ added the judge.

‘They would have needed great fortitude to be able to take such an experience in their stride.  ‘Far from having great fortitude it is clear that these are vulnerable, learning disabled parents who had no one to speak up for them.’

Despite admitting it had violated the parents’ human rights, the council argued that it was ‘inappropriate’ to award them damages.

However, the judge said that because the baby wasn’t returned to her parents until June this year; ‘These parents have suffered a loss of time with their daughter which was both unnecessarily lengthy and deeply distressing.’

He ordered that the council pay £6,000 damages to each parent, adding that this was the least required to ‘afford just satisfaction’ for what they had endured.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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