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Machine-guns on the streets:  Africa? Syria? No:  London.  Ain't multiculturalism grand?

A mother of one was caught in a hail of bullets from a shotgun and machine gun when she was killed outside a takeaway, a court heard today.

Nursery teacher Sabrina Moss had been celebrating her 24th birthday with friends last month when she was shot in the chest in Kilburn, north-west London.

Her friend Sabrina Gachette, 24, was wounded in the incident - along with two other men - but is recovering from her injuries in hospital. Martell Warren, 22, has been charged with murder. [A Google image search reveals a number of men named Martell Warren -- all African]

Warren, of Willesden, north-west London, today appeared at the Old Bailey in Central London via video link from HMP Belmarsh in Thamesmead, south-east London, for a brief hearing.

He is charged with Miss Moss’s murder and the attempted murders of Miss Gachette, Mahod Ahmed and Edson Da-Silva on August 25.

He is also charged with two counts of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. The court was told that a shotgun and a Mac 10 machine gun were used in the attack.

Prosecutor Julian Evans said: ‘Mr Warren is charged with six matters in relation to the incident. Two firearms were discharged at the scene, the first a Mac 10 machine gun and the second a shotgun.’

Warren spoke to confirm his name and that he understood the proceedings. No bail application was made and he was remanded into custody by judge John Bevan QC until a hearing on November 19.

He was arrested by officers from the British Transport Police at St Pancras International train station in Central London two days after the shootings.


'I feel sorry for gay people... there's something not right in their make-up': Vicar hits out at lesbian couple who say he refused to name them both as 'mother' for their child's baptism

Reverend George Gebauer described gay people as being 'unbalanced' and having 'a medical issue'.

His comments came after he told Aimi and Victoria Leggett that it would be 'illegal' for them both to appear as parents on one-year-old Alfie's baptism certificate.

Instead he suggested that one of them signs as the mother while the other member of the civil partnership should be the 'godmother'.

Mr Gebauer said: 'I feel sorry for gay and lesbian people. We know there is something not right within their make-up.  'They produce too much hormone - they're imbalanced. That's the way they are. It's a medical issue.'

Aimi, 25, and Victoria, 22, stormed out of the meeting at St Mary's Church in Warsash, Hampshire, after Reverend George Gebauer said the church baptism register only had one space for one mother and one father.

The church is where Aimi - Alfie's biological mother - was baptised and where her parents got married.

The couple, whose civil partnership was in October 2011, said they had organised the Church of England ceremony with Reverend Andy Norris.  But Mr Norris has recently left the parish, and retired clergy - including Mr Gebauer - are now officiating until a replacement can be found.

Rev Gebauer said: 'We have bent over backwards to try and accommodate this family. We suggested time and again that the natural mum be registered as mum.

'They will not give way and that can’t happen.The church baptism register makes no provision for it. We can only make sure the child is theirs. For all we know it they may have pinched the child.

'They said they wanted a private service, away from the congregation, and with no other babies. We agreed to that.  'The couple are not even from our parish, so we could have informed their local church and directed them there instead.  'But we kept quiet and agreed to welcome them in.

'However, when it came to the administrative side of things they insisted on both being listed as mum and refused to budge from their position.

'I told them I was unable to do this because the church baptism register only has space for one mother and one father. I believe it would be illegal for me to register them both as mother.  'They will find themselves in the same situation if they go to another vicar or church.  'This is nothing to do with their sexuality. At no point did they say they were a couple - it was just assumed.

'The soul of the little boy is more important than anything else.

'We did not even push them for the name of the father, we were happy to leave that space blank. We have found ourselves at a stalemate.'

He said: 'Surely baptising the child is more important than being registered. They only think of themselves it seems.'

Aimi, from Gosport, said: 'There was no way one of us was going to be listed as the godparent. We are both Alfie’s mum.

'Rev Gebauer sat there and told us no child could have parents of the same sex, no child could have two mothers. 'He did all this for about ten or 15 minutes and was asking us why we want Alfie brought into the church.

Aimi added: 'I’m baptised Church of England, and Victoria is a Catholic. We want him to be brought up the same as we were.

'We were even saying to the Reverend, "Do you want Alfie to be ashamed of his family?"  'He's not gay, we are, what we do is up to us.'

The Archdeacon of the Meon, the Ven Gavin Collins, has since intervened and found an alternative vicar who will perform the ceremony at St Mary's Church on the planned day.

'We have addressed the legal issue. As I understand it, her partner Victoria has full legal co-parental responsibility for Alfie. We can therefore enter their details onto the baptism register as "mother" and "mother", as they would like.

'I’m pleased that this issue has been resolved, and we look forward to welcoming Aimi, Victoria, Alfie and their friends and family. I’m sure it will be a great occasion as we welcome him into the Christian family.'

But Victoria admitted: 'It’s so hard not to be put off by our experience.  'You get told "yes" you can do it and then it all changes and they completely disregard it.'

Mr Gebauer, 87, said he did not refuse to baptise Alfie, and the couple’s sexuality was not an issue.  He said he was willing to carry out the baptism if Aimi and Victoria agree to record just one of them as mother.

The Ven Collins said all children are welcome to the church, and added: ‘We would be thrilled to carry out this baptism and the date is still in the church’s diary. We would also be delighted to record both of the parents as “mother” if that is accurate.

‘The baptism register is a legal document, so it is important we get it right.

‘George was, quite rightly, checking whether the non-biological mother had legally adopted the boy and so could correctly be called his mother.

‘It’s exactly the same when someone remarries. The new parent is a stepfather or stepmother unless they legally adopt their partner’s child from a previous marriage.

Aimi's mother, Donna Leggett, 44, today said: 'Somebody from the church phoned Aimi and Victoria today to say sorry and to say the baptism can go ahead with both named as mum.  'It's great news but it should never have got to this stage in the first place.'


Southern Baptists order their military chaplains not to perform same sex marriages

The North American Mission Board, the domestic arm of the Southern Baptist Convention’s mission outreach programs, has issued guidelines ordering the religion’s military chaplains not to perform, attend or participate in same sex weddings in any way. According to the Baptist Press, the guidelines were issued Friday and go into effect immediately.

In addition to ordering Baptist chaplains to adhere to the church’s “marriage is for one man and one woman” line doctrinally and pastorally, the guidelines say, “NAMB-endorsed chaplains will not conduct or attend a wedding ceremony for any same-sex couple, bless such a union or perform counseling in support of such a union, assist or support paid contractors or volunteers leading same-sex relational events, nor offer any kind of relationship training or retreat, on or off of a military installation, that would give the appearance of accepting the homosexual lifestyle or sexual wrongdoing. This biblical prohibition remains in effect irrespective of any civil law authorizing same-sex marriage or benefits to the contrary.”

They are also forbidden from attending any worship service that is presided over by any LGBT member of the clergy.

NAMB President Kevin Ezell told the Baptist Press, “For many members of our military — especially those deployed around the globe — our chaplains are the only pastors they have. That’s why it is so important that they uphold sound doctrine while showing everyone the love and forgiveness Jesus offers. We all need to be committed to praying for them in these challenging days.”

The guidelines also state that Baptist chaplains shall not be infringed upon by the U.S. Department of Defense if they choose to promote anti-LGBT views and call same sex relationships a sin and a moral degradation. Their pastors should be free to “preach, teach and counsel in accordance with the tenets of their denominational faith group and their own religious conscience,” said the board.

Such measures, said the board, are necessary to “protect” Christians from “discrimination.”

“These guidelines simply provide clarification on specific issues and give our chaplains the freedom and protection for their ministry,” said retired Army Baptist chaplain Douglas Carver, director of NAMB’s chaplaincy wing.

Jason Torpy at the Military Association for Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF) wrote on Tuesday that by refusing chaplaincy services to same sex couples or LGBT military, the Southern Baptist chaplains are placing themselves in violation of the military chaplain code, which guarantees equal service for all.

The new NAMB guidelines, wrote Torpy, will place Southern Baptist chaplains in a position of having to obey the new edicts or align themselves with another faith.

“For those chaplains who disagree with the new and clarified SBC policy,” he said, “there are a number of welcoming Baptist denominations who I’m sure stand ready to affirm their faith and endorse their continued Baptist chaplain work outside the SBC and within the military. Chaplain (Colonel) Timothy Wagoner left the Southern Baptists after he was excoriated publicly for simply attending a same-gender wedding (before this policy was in explicit). Other SBC chaplains should prepare to walk that same road. Whatever the DoD decides, the SBC policy is clear and discriminatory and may run off some of its own chaplains.”


Australian Labor Party leader says homosexual marriage is Christian

RELIGIOUS leaders have sharpened their attacks on Kevin Rudd, citing his hamfisted attempts to argue the biblical case for same-sex marriage in a spirited shellacking of a Christian pastor on Monday night.

Broad views abounded but one of the most prominent Anglicans in the country and Old Testament scholar, the Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, said the Prime Minister was "profoundly wrong" and alleged he had actually quoted Aristotle when he suggested that "slavery is a natural condition" was in the Bible.

"I was disappointed by Mr Rudd's comments last night in the same way that I was disappointed by the position he announced in May despite, as he said, much reflection," Dr Davies told The Australian.

"Unfortunately in my view, he has not been reflecting on the teaching of scripture. He misquoted the Bible and attributed to the Bible something that Aristotle said."

Dr Davies said the Bible was perfectly clear on both the subject of slavery -- on which it documents many observations -- and same-sex marriage.

"The Bible sees slavery as the result of fallen and broken relationships in society and it is crystal clear in its condemnation of the slave trade,"he said.

"The Bible views marriage as an institution that God has created. Jesus brings clarity to the nature of marriage by saying that it is an exclusive relationship between a man and a woman, for life.

"Although there are many kinds of relationships in our society, to describe the relationship between two persons of the same sex as marriage is contrary to the Bible's teaching."

In the Greek philosopher's book Politics, Aristotle wrote: "For that some should rule and others be ruled is a thing not only necessary, but expedient; from the hour of their birth, some are marked out for subjection, others for rule."

Former prime minister John Howard yesterday backed a conscience vote for the Coalition on same-sex marriage, but added his own view that the matter was "nonsense".

"The present (law) doesn't discriminate against people, it just recognises not only a long-standing attitude and custom but also recognises that anything we can do to preserve current notions of marriage are more likely on balance to provide the best environment for raising children," he told reporters in Adelaide yesterday.

Australian Christian Lobby managing director Lyle Shelton said Mr Rudd's tone in responding to pastor Matt Prater was a portent of things to come.

"You need only look at his tone on (the ABC's) Q&A to realise he will really clamp down on freedom of speech and freedom of religion if he is elected again," he said. "What Mr Rudd is saying is there is no place for you in Australia if you hold these views."



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.



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