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"Diversity" in a British nursing home

A care home worker is facing jail after being convicted today of neglect over an elderly resident who was left on the floor for an hour after he collapsed.

Jackie Ndoro, 38, was caught on CCTV sleeping at the care home in Bedfordshire where 86-year-old Albert Riches, stayed, when she should have cared for the elderly patient.

Mr Riches, who has since died, suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s and was prone to falling after a series of mini strokes and having had an operation for a broken leg.

But as he collapsed and called for help, he was ignored by another of the home’s night shift workers who tapped his leg and then swept around his body.

Jackie Ndoro, of Bodmin Road, Luton, came into the room and fetched a wheelchair.  The two care workers pulled Mr Riches up by the scruff of the neck and then 'dumped him on a wheelchair', Luton crown court heard.

Prosecutor Isabel Delamare said the two workers should have used a hoist to lift Mr Riches into the chair, but it was in another room and they could not be bothered to fetch it.

The jury has been told that the police are still hunting the the second care worker who swept around Mr Riches because she did not answer bail.

However, Jackie Ndoro was on trial accused of neglect of a person who lacks of capacity on the night 22 June, 2011. She was described as of previous good character.

Judge Barbara Mensah bailed Ndoro for probation to prepare a pre-sentence report.  The judge told her: 'In my view this case crosses the custody threshold. It is a very serious matter. The case of neglect is so serious I have in mind a custodial sentence.'

Ndoro and her colleague had been under suspicion by the manager of The Limes Home in the High Street, Henlow, Bedfordshire because of concerns he had about their work.

They worked first as agency staff, before being taken on as full time workers on the night shift at the care home, which had been open for 18 years and home to 23 residents. It is owned by Joan Wilkinson and managed by her son Kevin.

Prosecutor Delamere explained: 'It became clear to Mr Wilkinson that after the night shift was over the area was not as clean and tidy as it should be. There was a smell of urine and there seemed to be a lack of bedding.'

Mr Wilkinson installed a CCTV camera in the lounge.

The prosecutor added: 'Mr Riches had become prone to falling over following mini strokes. He was elderly and frail and in need of constant care and attention. He was no longer capable of looking after himself.'

The CCTV recording showed Mr Riches walking round the lounge before falling on the floor. He was heard to say 'Help me' and groan. The other woman did nothing to help him and tapped his leg. She swept her broom around him before the women pulled him into the wheelchair.

'The CCTV showed Ndoro sitting down at 1am,' according to prosecutor Delamere. 'She sat in a chair and did some paperwork. Her feet were up and she was sleeping under a blanket between 1am and 5am.'

After seeing the secret footage, Mr Wilkinson interviewed Ndoro the next day who said she had only been 'resting her eyes.'

Both women were dismissed for gross misconduct and the local authority and police were informed.

Giving evidence, Ndoro admitted she fell asleep during her shift, but denied she neglected Mr Riches.

She told the jury one of the behaviour traits of the resident was that he would put himself on the floor. 'I knew he was vulnerable but I didn’t think he had fallen, I made an assumption that he put himself on the floor and I should not have made that assumption. But I did care that’s why I got the wheelchair.'

Asked about going to sleep, she said: 'I admit I did sleep on the job and that was wrong. I was supposed to do my checks at 4 am and I did not go, I accept that.'

She also agreed that records of the night shift made no mention of the resident on the floor, or of her not having done the 4am checks.

But she denied she had 'shown a complete disregard for the safety of the residents.'

Ndoro is due back for sentence on September 6.


A feast of diversity in Britain today

A woman flasher is being hunted by police after she exposed herself to a car full of young children outside a supermarket.

The woman apparently approached the children’s mother who was sat in her car and then 'became argumentative' in the Asda supermarket car park in Cape Hill, Smethwick.

She then unzipped her black three-quarter length jacket revealing her naked body to the woman and her four children, aged 13, 12, 10, and four.

Chasing the woman down, the 33-year-old victim managed to take two clear pictures of the flasher which police are releasing in a bid to trace the offender.

Sgt James Proffitt, of West Midlands Police, said while it was the first time he had ever heard of 'a lady flasher' the crime was being treated as a serious sexual offence, which had left the children’s mother shocked.

'The woman had no regard for the young children who were exposed to this kind of behaviour,' he said.  'This is a very serious crime and we would appeal to anyone who may know this woman to call us.

'Why the woman did this still remains unclear and this is now an opportunity for her to contact us and explain.'

The incident happened at about 8pm in the Asda supermarket car park in Cape Hill, Smethwick, in the West Midlands, in July.


The false rape claims keep coming in Britain

A 42-year-old woman who falsely accused a taxi driver of raping when she didn't have enough money to pay for her fare has been jailed for 20 months.

Angela England made the allegation when her partner Jacqueline Scott left her in the car to get money from a cash machine, but did not return.

Her claim that she was driven to a nearby school and raped was disproved by CCTV footage and the taxi's tracking device.

Mold Crown Court heard the driver was later arrested in front of his colleagues while waiting in a taxi rank with other drivers.

He was forced to strip naked at a North Wales police station for an intimate and 'embarrassing' examination.

Richard English, defending, said he was an 'entirely innocent' party who was the victim of Ms England's anger towards her partner. He said the accusation was not borne out of malice towards the driver, but was an attempt to make her partner feel guilty about leaving her in the car and not returning.

Following the accusation, the driver had to endure verbal insults from customers who called him a 'rapist' and a 'bloody foreigner'.

The court heard that clients who knew about the allegations threw their money on the ground rather than handing it to the accused.  As a result of the false claims, his license was suspended and he lost about £2,000 in earnings.

Mr Philpott, prosecuting said the taxi driver was held in a police station for 18 hours. 'He could not sleep or eat during this time because of his anxiety. He was unable to work when he was released and could not face people for at least a week.

'Fortunately his boss was very helpful and accepted what he said because he trusted him. His licence was taken away and while he was on bail he had no income and could not work as a taxi driver.'

The mother-of-two from Manchester pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice in May last year.

She said she had tried to improve herself by training as a nurse but had a history of abusive relationships which had caused her to self-harm and attempt suicide.

'She recognises the awful harm she has caused and has apologised to him by letter and through this court,' said Mr English.

Robert Philpott, prosecuting, said: 'Ms England was working at a hotel in North Wales with her then partner Jacqueline Scott.

They finished work early and at 3.15pm joined a 60th birthday party celebration in Llandudno where they stayed until 11.10pm when they moved to the Cross Keys pub and stayed until 1am.

'The journey was uneventful until he stopped near Mochdre and said the fare would be £16. Ms English had £10 and her partner had no money,' said Mr Philpotts.

While he was keen one of the ladies should go and get money from a cash machine the result was that Scott got out of the car and walked the short distance back to their home.

About 25 minutes later Ms English appeared at their home looking dishevelled and made the allegation that she had been raped.

Mr Philpotts said: 'It is his good fortune that the taxi company have tracking devices fitted to their vehicles.”

Recorder Greg Bull QC said: 'False allegation of rape is a terrible thing which effects not only the person against whom you make the accusation but it effects the prospects of women genuinely raped from receiving justice in their case.

'I accept in your case this allegation was made not out of malice to the taxi driver but to cause disruption to your partner. You resented the fact she had walked off.'

The starting point for a prison sentence was three years, but the judge said he reduced it to take her guilty plea into account and to reflect her psychological difficulties.


Muslims peaked in the Dark Ages. But since then?': Richard Dawkins embroiled in Twitter row over controversial comments

Richard Dawkins has  provoked anger after he claimed Muslims have contributed almost nothing to science since the Middle Ages.

The outspoken biologist and atheist wrote on Twitter that a single college at Cambridge  University had won more Nobel Prizes than all the world’s Muslims.

His comments sparked fury on the social network where he was accused of disguising his ‘bigotry’ as atheism.

But last night the 72-year-old best-selling author of The God Delusion refused to apologise for his remarks.

The row broke out after he commented: ‘All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge.’ He responded to the barrage of ensuing criticism by telling his 782,000 followers: ‘A statement of simple fact is not bigotry. And science by Muslims was great in the distant past.’

In response to one Twitter user who pointed out that Muslims had been responsible for algebra and ‘alchemy’, Professor Dawkins replied: ‘Indeed, where would we be without alchemy? Dark Age achievements undoubted. But since then?’

He sought to justify his controversial observation by adding: ‘Why mention Muslim Nobels rather than any other group? Because we so often hear boasts about (a) their total numbers and (b) their science.’

One angry Twitter user hit out  at the remarks telling the author: ‘You absolutely disgust me.’

Writer Caitlin Moran added: ‘Think it’s time someone turned Richard Dawkins off and then on again’. Channel 4 News economics editor Faisal Islam questioned Dawkins’ ‘spurious use of data’.

Writer Owen Jones told the professor: ‘How dare you dress your bigotry up as atheism. You are now beyond an embarrassment.’

But some users noted that the criticism of Professor Dawkins was in marked contrast to that when he has made comments about Christianity

One wrote: ‘Dawkins spent the best part of 10 years attacking Christianity and not raising an eyebrow.  He now turns that same eye on Islam and uproar.’

An Emeritus Fellow at New College, Oxford, Professor Dawkins appeared to try and appease his critics by saying that Trinity College also has more Nobel Prizes than any country in the world except America, Britain, Germany and France.

The Cambridge college has 32 Nobel laureates, whereas only 10 laureates are thought to have been Muslim.


'This case is crackers. It is the height of nonsense': British prosecutors slammed by judge

A judge has called the Crown Prosecution Service 'crackers' for pursuing a £7.49 criminal damage claim against a retired Army captain.

Timothy Hallam, 55, who is said to have sawn the top off a wooden fence post in a long-running dispute with neighbours Alan and Carol Smith in Thurgoland, near Barnsley, is due face trial next month.

But district judge John Foster said the decision to prosecute Mr Hallam was 'the height of nonsense' and questioned whether the CPS was in touch with what mattered to the public in a time of austerity.

Sitting at Barnsley Magistrates Court, the judge said: 'I cannot believe - even given the vagaries of the Crown Prosecution Service these days - that it wants to proceed with this case against a 55-year-old man of exemplary character.  'It is crackers. The CPS really needs to get some sense of what is important to the public.

'This is a dispute between neighbours. It was a fence post before he cut the top off it and it is still a fence post.  'The neighbour is £7.49 out of pocket. It is the height of nonsense.'

The Smiths are believed to have filmed Mr Hallam chopping the top off the fence post with their CCTV cameras.

Mr Hallam said the case arose from a long-running dispute with his neighbour over rights of access and encroachment.

Prosecutor Chantel Lowery-Green said it was impossible to prove whose land the fence post was on, and said it was felt Mr Hallam had to be prosecuted because of a chance of further trouble.

She said the boundary dispute was due to be sorted out at county court.  'A way out of this would have been to offer Captain Hallam the chance to be bound over to keep the peace.  'I understand he will not accept a binding over because he says he was in his rights to cut the top off the post. We will have to list it for trial.'

Now Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis has waded into the row, saying the CPS needed to clarify the issue to assure the public that the correct decision had been made to prosecute.

He said: 'Given the current pressures on the public purse and the comments made by the judge, it is right that questions are asked about the wisdom of pursuing a case of this nature which has presumably come at significant expense to the taxpayer.'

Mr Hallam was granted unconditional bail until the trial on September 12.

A CPS spokesman said following the judge’s comments they would reassess the case before proceeding with the prosecution.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.




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