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British psychologists warn of 'causal link' between internet porn and rise in sex offences

Is this a new low in scientific reasoning? An interview with one deviant enables causal inferences about the whole population? You expect such talk from a guy in a bar but these are supposed scientists talking for the record. A picture of one of the quacks below, Dr David Wilson

Extreme sexual fantasies are being normalised because of the rise in deviant pornography on the internet, psychologists have warned. Researchers now believe there is a 'causal link' between the rise in explicit images available online and an increase extreme illegal behaviour in real life.

According to experts, the internet is allowing like-minded people to share explicit and violent sexual fantasies, therefore making them more acceptable.

The findings are based on research conducted by Dr Tim Jones, senior lecturer in cognitive psychology at Worcester University as well as top psychologists such as criminologist Professor David Wilson from Birmingham City University.

Their research is based around a series of interviews with a convicted paedophile named 'James' who is serving a 14-year sentence for numerous sexual offences involving children.

They also point to the rise images of child pornography available on the internet. The Greater Manchester police obscene publications unit has seen a staggering leap in the number of illicit images seized. In 1995, they seized around dozen images of child pornography, rising to over 41,000 in 1999, and by 2001, the unit was so overwhelmed with the number of images that they stopped counting.

Dr Jones told the Daily Telegraph: 'The internet is fuelling more extreme fantasies and the danger is that they could be played out in real life'.


Animal Rights extremists threaten BBC presenter

Animal rights extremists threatened to burn the children of TV presenter Adam Henson after he investigated the bovine TB and badger cull issue on the BBC's Countryfile programme. He revealed the threat and other hate mail when he spoke to 185 farmers and agricultural professionals at a conference in Cornwall.

He was answering questions in the session when he said: 'There are some very nasty extremists about. 'I have had some serious hate letters from them - things like "we are going to burn your children".'

He said he thought the abuse was very unfair as he worked to BBC guidelines when presenting the programme on the controversial issue. He said: 'These guidelines are very strict. So you will never hear me saying we should be culling badgers. 'My hands are completely tied on the issue. I cannot campaign for anything at all, simply report what is said on both sides. 'But this is a hugely emotive subject and we have to realise that there are extremists on both sides of the argument,' said Henson who farms in Gloucestershire.

He said farmers and conservation groups were 'at war' with each other when they should be working together to solve the problem. Henson said: 'Badgers are fantastic animals to watch and can be a great asset and there should be middle ground between farming and conservationists on tackling the bovine TB problem.'

Mel Squires, regional director of the National Farmers' Union in the South West, told the conference at St Mellion, Cornwall, that bovive TB caused the death of 38,000 cattle last year. She said: 'Behind the scenes we know the pressure is really on the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, and the Farming Minister. But they are very concerned about public opinion. 'Now we are expecting the Government to take some really brave steps. They have said they are going to support us. If they don't they are going to leave the cattle industry in real distress. 'It's very difficult and incredibly complex, but Jim Paice has been a great support and an advocate for farmers.'

Mrs Squires urged her audience to contact their MPs and keep up the pressure for a solution to the TB scourge.

A proposed scheme to cull 70 per cent of all badgers in disease hotspots - three of them likely to be in the South West - is expected to be announced by the Government in the next few weeks.


Nasty British police again

Regardless of their suspicions, they could still have treated an elderly couple with courtesy and interviewed them in their own home. And in the absence of evidence there was certainly no need to charge them. The British police were once renowned for their courtesy. After 13 years of hectoring by a Leftist government they are now more like a Gestapo

An elderly couple arrested for manslaughter after their germ phobic daughter died at home have been cleared of any involvement in the tragedy.

Samantha Hancox, 40, suffered from severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and would shower for up to 20 hours every day. Her crippling condition left her housebound at the family home in Tipton, in the Black Country, and she was cared for by loving parents Ken, 76, and Marion, 77.

But last May they found their only child dead in an armchair. A post-mortem examination revealed that the one-time law student had died from dehydration and a skin infection.

But the elderly couple were arrested by police on suspicion of manslaughter and quizzed for seven hours at a police station before being bailed, pending further investigations.

Now, a year after their daughter’s death, the Crown Prosecution Service has dropped the case due to lack of evidence. Last night, former factory worker Ken spoke of his relief at the decision – and revealed frail Marion was now in a care home.

'The police just came to the house and told us there would be no more investigation,' he said. We have to have an inquest now so we are waiting for that, but we still haven’ t got her death certificate which is upsetting. 'We are just struggling on, that’s all we can do and Marion is now in a care home. I don’t know what to make of it all if I’m honest. I am just pleased the police have stopped the investigation.'

Samantha was Ken and Marion’s only child and enjoyed a normal early childhood. But at the age of 10 she was badly affected by the death of her grandma, Molly. By the age of 14 Samantha’s condition was so serious she that she had to leave school and was cared for at home by her parents.

She would spend up to 20 hours a day in the shower, trying to get clean, and would sit watching TV in her parents’ front room. After years of being cared for at home she deteriorated rapidly when dad Ken went into hospital for four days in April last year to have an operation on his prostate. Samantha stopped eating and eventually succumbed to dehydration and the skin infection.

Marion had previously expressed her disbelief at being arrested and she and her husband loved their daughter dearly.

'She just gave up her fight against it, she was so terrified of germs. She would scrub her hands all the time and wouldn’t let anybody into the house except me and Ken. 'Ken would make all her food and drinks for her because I can hardly walk. It’s heartbreaking to lose a daughter like that, we loved her,' she said.

Jayne Salt, head of the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service Complex Casework Unit, said the case was now closed.

'Following the discovery of Samantha Hancox’s body at the home she shared with her parents in Tipton in May 2010, the police launched a thorough investigation to find the cause of her death and see if any criminal liability followed from this,' she said.

'A file was forwarded to me to examine all of the information and determine whether any criminal offences had been committed, and if so, was there sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.

'Samantha, who was living with her elderly parents, had severe health problems which eventually lead to a serious deterioration in her well-being. She also had in the past declined support from medical professionals.

'Having had an opportunity read the police case file as well as information from expert witnesses and having the benefit of advice from Queens Counsel, I have decided there is insufficient evidence to satisfy the criminal standard of proof, namely beyond reasonable doubt that any act or omission by Ken or Marion Hancox resulted in their daughter’s death.

'This has obviously been a very tragic case and we hope that this decision can bring a sense of closure for the family.'


Why Christians Should Rejoice That UBL Is Dead and in Hell

Doug Giles

Let me go on the record stating that as a Christian I am completely cool with our Navy SEAL Team Six killing Usama. Or is it Osama? Does anyone know? I heard he liked it both ways. Anyway, the only thing that makes me sad about bin Laden’s death, as an orthodox Christian, is that a). It didn’t happen on Christmas or Easter, and b). The rude SEAL Team Six didn’t include me along to pull the trigger.

So, why do I bring up my Christianity in conjunction with my satisfaction with Usama getting capped? Well, it’s principally because of the rank anti-biblical bollocks coming from pastors and priests who believe that Christians should not be happy that bin Laden has now been eaten by groupers at the bottom of the Indian Ocean (or wherever the heck they tossed his damnable corpse).

For instance, Bill O’Reilly had a Catholic priest, Father Beck, on his show this past week who not only said we should dial down on our biblical joy that this evil SOB was shot but that we should’ve “loved him,” “forgiven him,” and “not judged him” because “we don’t know what was in Usama’s wittle heart that caused him to kill tens of thousands of people worldwide.”

To hear this cat talk, it sounds like all UBL simply needed was some Xanax, a new coloring book and a little face time with Dr. Drew because his daddy didn’t love him enough or something.

Well, Father Crock—I mean Beck—call me a heretic because I believe those commands to “love, forgive and not judge” don’t extend to a sick, twisted, violent, God-hating, woman abusing, implacable, wicked dog like bin Laden but rather to personal verbal detractors of one’s faith (y’know, people who don’t pose a grave global security threat. Duh).

It’s like I wrote in my best selling book, Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls, about how I raised my girls: If you’re made fun of, ridiculed, or maligned for your beliefs, don’t sweat it; love and pray for your enemies and learn what I’ve learned over many years: Other people’s animosity can actually sell a lot of books.

However, should someone want to physically harm you in some form or fashion (say, a rapist or a terrorist) then it’s okay for you to defend yourself and hurt him or, if need be, kill him. Call me the devil. In my world the good person should live and the evil person should die.

Hey, Christian Love Machine: Usama wasn’t some angry blogger who merely said mean crap about Christians and western culture; he was a malevolent, murderous Saladin wannabe who was part and parcel of the massive, heartless slaughter of men, women and children both here and abroad. Remember? If not, here’s UBL’s résumé of death.

Christians should rejoice because bin Laden was decidedly evil; his body is currently the main course for coconut crabs at 300 feet; and his soul is browning on Dante’s BBQ. Providence, via our ministers of death, the bad ass SEAL Team Six, plucked a foul weed from this planet and officially ended his reign of terror. I guarantee that when the SEALs’ 5.56mm round exited Usama’s brain at 3,000 feet per second the Father, Son and Holy Spirit stood up and said to each other, “High five!” and then after that congratulatory moment simultaneously said like preternatural triplets, “Who’s next?” And you know what? We should feel the same way.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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