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How Can We be so Stupid?

By Arlene Peck

Often can you get to the point of frustration repeating the same mantra over and over. Listen to me carefully...leadership is lacking in the United States and in Israel. Current "leadership" is deplorable. Politics has become a play with politicians playing clowns, felons, liars, cowards and fools. Leaders cant or won't lead and we dance to their tunes like trained bears.

Olmert, Peres and other inept traitors should have been indicted long ago. Their efforts have been to appease the enemy or cover up their own high crimes and misdemeanors. Their only plan is to give away parts of Israel.

Negotiating for something real in return is out of the question. Israel dances and the world shouts " faster." Prime Minister Olmert continues with plans to dismantle Israel one settlement at a time. Who's stopping him? Their efforts have been aimed at appeasing the enemy or covering up their own high crimes and misdemeanors.

Washington eagerly supplies Arabs with up to date weapons and state of the art training. With "friends" of Olmert, Israel doesn't need enemies. They have their own, home grown variety. I wonder, despite talk of "peace," are they complete idiots, insane or what? Do they really believe that another State on their border would be a peaceful partner? As a sovereign nation, Palestine would have the right to place weapons within striking distance of Israel's major cities.

Fatah-controlled TV regularly broadcasts that every Israeli city will be "liberated" because its "identity is Arab."Announcements in English demand a two-state solution while in Arabic death is promised.. Death... and more death to the Jews. They never hide their plans. They consider Jews the occupiers of their land. Why would Israel, Bush or Rice "make peace" with an evil entity that has no intention of ever making peace?

Everyone knows that the objective of these "peace talks" is the eventual destruction of Israel. Does anyone truly think otherwise? I'm at the point where I don't even want to read the newspapers or listen to mainstream media. I can't blame it all on President. Bush though. Most of the problem is due to the moronic behavior of Israel's corrupt leadership.

For instance, if it were up to me I'd take drastic measures to wipe Gaza off the map in the name of self defense. I would cut off all supplies... gas, oil, electricity, food, water, money, medicine and everything else that I could think of. Statehood is the last thing I would seek to provide them with. Transferring the population to Jordan is a better idea.

Despite the daily terror attacks and bombs lobbed across the line into Israel, Israel refuses to invade Gaza. They fear that the PA would stop supplying Israel with gas from a field discovered by Israel in 2000. This field, with an estimated worth of $4 billion was given as a gift by then-Prime Minister Barak to the PA. Now, this "gift" is being developed with British Gas. Sharon opposed the deal. He knew the revenues would be used to fund terrorism. Present Prime Minister Olmert is going along with it anyway.

What gives Olmert the power to give away a country? Does "democracy" in Israel allow incompetent leaders to open the jails and release terrorists in regular "good will gestures?" As I write this, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is planning to release 400 hundred terrorists in another futile attempt to prop up Mahamoud Abbas.

Security is no longer an issue. Attacks on Israel are gauged by the needs of the international public forums. Extremists, it seems, are always the heroes. One recent release of 255 Fatah terrorists was dependant upon their promise not to murder Israelis. Most of those released had been convicted of attempted murder or the placement of bombs. So, they were released... except for one brilliant terrorist who stayed in jail so he could continue to receive free medication for his arthritis.

Did I also mention that the prisoners were given a three month "trial period" during which they promised to avoid all terrorist activities? After that they would be removed from the "fugitive" list. Later, according to one report, they would receive new weapons from the PA.

Our US Postal Service has okayed a Muslim stamp. At the same time, the ACLU is probably trying to block issuance of Christmas and Easter stamps. But, let's not be politically incorrect. Our cities are becoming third world communities by the influx of illegals, because my President favors a "guest worker" program. So, why am I expecting Israelis to march by the millions in protest of what they see happening in their country?

Gaza needs Israeli gas? Now that's really comical! Israel, the size of New Jersey is constantly denounced as a threat to 22 Arab nations. Combined, these countries are larger than the European Union. Fifty-six Moslem countries that cover almost one-third of the Earth's land mass are unbelievably rich from oil, none of which seems to find its way to Gaza.

Refugees? For sixty years? These people belong in the Palestinian state of Jordon. FYI, there has never has been a nation called Palestine. There are no historical documents or maps that support the theory that a Palestinian nation ever existed. In fact, there is no evidence that a people in the area ever called themselves "Palestinians." The Arabs are not genetically, religiously, culturally, historically, and especially geographically Palestinians. They are ARABS! Even in the Koran, the land is called, "Eretz Israel, the land of the people of Israel."

Of course, the Koran,also describes how the pedophile, Mohammad, "married" a six year old, but waited until the child was nine to consummate the union. This is the role model for the savagery that we see today. We trudge on mindlessly without questioning the judgment of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President Bush as they attempt to foist upon Israel and the rest of the world a "final peace accord."

That leads us to the upcoming conference in Annapolis. Has anyone watched what Fattah and Hamas have been doing to each other? To celebrate the memory of Arafat, the Father of Terrorism, a new building was erected as a memorial costing upwards of two million dollars. But the "refugees" dip into the till of the United States Treasury (pardon me, the United Nations Treasury) for more subsidies.

The lack of leadership and the blind stupidity of countries that follow these "leaders" are sucking the strength and energy out of us. Somehow, stupid and crazy has become the norm. To keep on giving and giving and getting nothing in return, not even recognition of the right to exist, is ludicrous. And all the while, they keep demanding... more and more! Annapolis? No thank you!

The inept leadership of both the US and Israel must not be allowed to rewrite history. They ignore the lessons of history and are simply going to repeat past mistakes! The Roadmap to Hell had the pretence that it was for peace. Now? The only goal is the creation of a terrorist state whose aim is to destroy its neighbor...Israel.

In addition this State will cost Israel about 90 billion in relocation costs for Jewish citizens. The increased cost of security would put a huge dent in Israel's budget . The Annapolis plans could bring Zionism to an end. Israel as a Jewish State might not survive. Where are the masses? Millions in Israel should be marching to stop this madness.

Let me end on a high note. This year, Islam and Judaism celebrated their holiest holidays by overlapping for ten days. During this time: Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks in ten countries. Jews? We celebrated our 159th Nobel Prize Winner. I rest my case!

Column received direct from Arlene. I share Arlene's concern but correspondents in Israel have suggested that Olmert may be a better politician than seems apparent. It is suggested that his "generosity" to FATAH is a way of protecting Israel from criticism when the Annapolis talks inevitably fail. He will be able then to say: "Well Israel did all IT could!"

The Culture / Civilisation War

The culture/civilisation war has been ongoing for several decades, but appears to be reaching its peak in the attitude demonstrated not only by the vitriolic hatred shown toward the West by radical Islam, but also by the liberal elites of Western societies as well, who appear to perversely loathe their own people and their own culture.

On Sep 8 2001, the UN held a conference in Durban, under the heading: "The United Nations Conference Against Racism, Racial Intolerance And Xenophobia." America, aware of the impending anti-Western hate mongering, declined to join them, but the best of the rest of the West were arrayed in force. America's suspicion turned out to be remarkably prescient. The event turned into a hate fest.

The Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was introduced to rapturous applause as: "The leader of the most democratic country in the world" whilst Robert Mugabe, the altogether barmy President of Zimbabwe, taking a well-earned rest from the persecution of his white and black countrymen, was similarly cheered to the rafters in his denunciation of the white imperialist oppressor; his ovation only surpassed by that offered up for the Syrian Prime Minister's denial of the Holocaust.

Britain's Tony Blair, France's Lionel Jospin, Canada's Jean Chretien, and an aesthetically displeasing assortment of Europe's great and good, beat their collective breasts in time with the rhythmic thudding of the anti-racist bongo drums, offering no counter-arguments such as the ethnic cleansing of whites from Zimbabwe, or the imprisoning of AIDS victims in the Cuban "socialist paradise," choosing instead to raise their soft, bruised hands aloft and proclaim "Yes, you are correct. We are white, we are Western and we are GUILTY!"

The UN's Mary Robinson declared the event a great success. The oppressors and the oppressed packed their bags, paused briefly at the airport to exchange a little more brown hatred for white guilt, and went home. Forty-eight hours later, Muslim terrorists flew three hijacked aircraft into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, thus ensuring celebrations all over the non-Western world, indeed even within the West itself, where Muslims danced in the streets and liberal Western intellectuals crowed that America had finally been given the bloody nose she so manifestly deserved.

Some may say the removal of reasons to fight can only be a good thing, that it will lead to peace and prosperity for all men, for all time. But multiculturalism does not work that way. Whilst we are shamed into perpetual appeasement, the non-European and non-Christian groups within the West are taught the exact opposite. Their cultures and their religions are held up as paragons of virtue, they are taught to think and act as distinct racial or religious groups, whilst being encouraged to believe that any difference in civilisational success between their culture and Western culture is due solely to their historical and present day oppression by the prejudiced West.

As wars are traditionally fought by males, so another vital part of the culture war is to remove the natural aggression prevalent amongst boys and adolescents. To this end, young Western males are encouraged - nee forced - to lay down their toy guns, end their games of cowboys and Indians, cease taking part in competitive sport with its inevitable winners and losers, and instead to play with dolls, get in touch with their "inner selves," develop their "self esteem" through the "medium of dance" and to express their "emotions" in "empathy workshops."

Christina Hoff Sommers details this obscenely sexist social engineering in The War Against Boys, where she writes:
There are now conferences, workshops and institutes dedicated to transforming boys. Carol Gilligan, professor of gender studies at Harvard Graduate School of Education, writes of the problems of boy's masculinity. "We've deconstructed the old version of manhood, but we've not yet constructed a new version." In the spring of 2000 the boys' project at Tufts offered five workshops on "Reinventing Boyhood" where the planners promised emotionally exciting sessions: "We'll laugh and cry, argue and agree, reclaim and sustain the best parts of the culture of boys, whilst figuring out how to change the terrible parts.
Christina goes on to quote the words of "gender experts" at a meeting made up of feminists from Harvard, Wellesley and Tufts:
"It may be too late to change adult men. Boys on the other hand are still salvageable - providing one gets to them at an early age." As one keynote speaker said, "We have an amazing opportunity here, Kids are so malleable."
Gloria Steinem is of the same opinion, once saying: "We badly need to raise boys more like we raise girls."

This evil social engineering is now par for the course in the West - but it gets worse. When little boys rebel against this warped ideology of enforced feminisation, they are diagnosed with various psychiatric disorders and "ritalinned" to the eyeballs in an attempt to chemically achieve what brainwashing could not. In Britain, some 60,000 children, principally of course boys, now suffer this abuse.

Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man is not usually known for the last man part of the title, but I think he was implying the last man to be the last "alpha male," that patriarchal upholder of masculinity so despised by the perverse Marxist mindset that now controls our educational establishments. Whenever a potential alpha male rears his patriarchal little head, our quasi-Marxist educators reach for their psychoanalytical Rolodex and the keys to the drug cabinet.

This does not happen within the Muslim faith schools, the madrassahs and the mosques, where masculinity is pushed to the other extreme. Whilst little Western boys learn about the merits of femininity, and become, as Ann Coulter so wonderfully puts it - "girly men" - little Muslim boys learn about male dominance, violent jihad and the superiority of Islam over the infidel kuffar.

More here

Father convicted for smacking son's bottom

A NEW Zealand father has been convicted of assault for smacking his eight-year-old son on the bottom in what is believed to be the first case under a controversial new law. "One time, maybe you could have got away with this, but you can't do that now," Judge Anthony Walsh told the 33-year-old man yesterday. "You must understand that what you did amounted to an assault. Our law has been amended so that children are protected," the Wairarapa Times-Age newspaper reported him saying.

A new law was passed in May, removing a provision allowing parents to use "reasonable force" in disciplining their children. Opponents of the law said the conviction of the man, who was sentenced to nine months supervision including undergoing anger management, showed the law was "parents' worst nightmare".

The court was told the boy received a bruised shoulder when his father roughly grabbed him before smacking his bottom three times with his open hand after he had misbehaved at school. The boy's mother took a photograph of the bruise and showed it to a relative, who later reported it to police.

Bob McCoskrie, director of the conservative lobby group Family First New Zealand said the new law had created a "paranoid parenting environment". "This case has confirmed Kiwi parents' worst nightmare.''

Child advocacy group Barnardo's New Zealand welcomed the court's decision. "I believe this is the first reported case in which the new law relating to child discipline in the home has been tested in court and the law has worked well,'' acting chief executive Peter Gerrie said. It showed parents had to accept non-violent ways of disciplining their children, he said.


Brussels wants to scrap labels saying 'Made in Britain'

Ministers were last night under pressure to reject an attempt by Brussels to scrap 'Made in Britain' food labels. Proposals to switch to a Europe-wide 'Made in the EU' labelling system will be discussed by the European Commission next month. The scheme provoked outrage at Westminster, with the Tories pledging to save the traditional British labels on foods ranging from Stilton to Marmite.

If implemented it would leave British consumers unable to tell where the contents of their shopping basket come from in the EU. The rule would apply even if the final product is based on imported foodstuffs. Only meat would be exempt, so that goods such as Danish bacon and Parma ham could be identified by their origin.

Westminster sources indicated that Gordon Brown, who has made no secret of his dislike of Brussels bureaucracy, is likely to veto the idea. Europe Minister Jim Murphy told MPs Britain would fight the proposal, which was put forward by Cypriot health commissioner Markos Kyprianou.

The Tories were outraged by the plan. Europe spokesman Mark Francois said: 'British farmers are under enough pressure as it is without the EU obscuring what food comes from Britain and what doesn't. 'If British consumers want to support British farmers, they have a right to know the food was produced here.' The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, said: 'It's time to become like the French and ignore this stupid EU law.'

The idea of an EU-wide labelling scheme was first put forward three years ago. But it was ditched after an outcry from politicians and business leaders across the EU, who warned it would deal a hammer blow to traditional food manufacture. Dutch Labour MEP Dorette Corbey warned the EU labels could also prevent consumers from establishing how far their food has travelled from producer to shop. 'The trend is to look at where a product originates from,' she said. 'Transport over long distances is bad for the environment.'

The plan, which is due to be published in December, was leaked yesterday to Dutch media. Politicians there also criticised the proposal, calling it 'too general' and bad for the environment. A similar plan in 2004 was quashed by Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, on the grounds it was unnecessary and too costly. The 'Made in the EU' plan is part of a package of proposals on labelling designed to give consumers more information on food content such as the levels of salt and fat.

Brussels gave up the fight in September to make Britain drop pints, pounds and miles in favour of the metric system. But Britain's growing wine industry is now also under threat. Just as the popularity of English wine is soaring, the European Commission wants to limit the planting of new vineyards for the next six years. The rules would punish countries whose wine industry is expanding, such as Britain.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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