Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Liberal Noose-ance

by Ann Coulter

Liberals are so invigorated by the story about a noose being found on an obscure Columbia University professor's door that now nooses are popping up all over New York City. Liberals love to make believe the Night Riders are constantly at their doors.

I'll be shocked by a noose appearing on a college campus the day an actual racist does it. Could Columbia at least produce one student or professor who supports racism before holding another "rally against racism"? Every concrete example of the racism allegedly sweeping the nation's campuses keeps turning out to be a fraud. Far from "institutional racism," there is "institutional racial hoaxism" run amok in this country. Will anyone rally against that? Out of legions, here are just a few hoax hate crimes on college campuses.

-- In 1997, at Duke University, a black doll was found hanging by a noose from a tree at the precise spot where the Black Student Alliance was to be holding a rally against racism. Two black students later admitted they were the culprits and were immediately praised for bringing attention to the problem of racism on campus. Indeed, four years later the president of Duke gave a baccalaureate address nostalgically describing the hoax as a "protest" against racism. Next stop: the Nobel Peace Prize.

-- In 2003, vile racial epithets were scrawled on the dorm room doors at Ole Miss, producing mass protests and a "Say No to Racism" march. And then it turned out the graffiti had been written by black students, against whom no charges were brought. A "Say Yes to Racism" rally at Ole Miss was later canceled due to lack of interest.

-- In 2005, obscenity-laced racist and anti-Semitic messages appeared on dormitory walls at the College of Wooster in Ohio. The fliers were instantly blamed on "typical white males," even though all the letter I's in the epithets were dotted with little hearts. Breadcrumbs left by the culprits included the message "Vote Goldwater" among the obscenities. The matter was dropped and flushed down the memory hole when the perpetrators turned out to be a group of leftist students led by a black studies major.

-- Just this year, anti-Muslim fliers were put out on the George Washington University campus -- by leftists, including a member of "Iraq Veterans Against War." When it was thought the leaflets were from the conservative group Young Americans For Freedom, the dean called for the expulsion of the culprits and the university demanded that YAF officers sign a statement disavowing "hate speech." But when it turned out leftists had distributed the fliers, the matter was dropped faster than Larry Craig was dropped from Mitt Romney's campaign.

The one real example of racism on a college campus in recent memory was perpetrated against white men of the Duke lacrosse team. As that injustice was being perpetrated, gender and ethnic professors at Duke kept droning on about the "racism and sexism" students "live with every day" -- as the professors put it in an open letter that falsely presumed the players were guilty of rape. We don't expect a rally against the prejudiced professors, but an apology might be nice.

Playing the game of He Who Is Offended First Wins, Americans seek status not by claiming to be rich or of royal lineage, but by portraying themselves as victims. In one recent hoax hate crime, a white woman professor at Claremont McKenna College said her car had been vandalized with racist and anti-Semitic graffiti, with the words "Shut Up!" spray-painted on the hood of her car. She was not black or Jewish, but had recently converted to Judaism and spoke out against racism. So she was a victim! After the vandalism of her car, she promptly became Queen for a Day. Far from "silenced," this anonymous mountebank was given a national microphone to bore us with her race-gender-culture theories. The campus was shut down for a day for anti-racism rallies in the charlatan's honor. Then eyewitnesses identified her as the one who had spray-painted her own car, and the pity party was over.

These liberal racism-hunters are like dirty old men who spend their days poring through pornography in order to better denounce it -- but enough about the Warren court.

Assuming against all reason and experience that the Columbia noose is not another hoax by a high-status victim, how is it that a pimply adolescent can cause such tumult in liberal New York City? Liberals claim to believe the Klan has established a beachhead at Columbia University, Bill O'Reilly is head of the Manhattan branch, Rush Limbaugh despises the troops, I'm planning a pogrom from the heart of Manhattan, and George Bush is establishing fascism in America.

Some anonymous liberal hag on Air America Radio, which no one knew was still on the air, fell down outside her Park Avenue apartment this week, and her liberal colleagues were claiming it was Kristallnacht. If it rains after a liberal washes his car, they say it's a right-wing dirty trick.

Liberals love nothing more than these constant self-righteous-athons -- as if they would ever have the courage to stand up for any cause not universally supported by everyone around them.


Sociologists Discover Religion

Religious belief and practice helps people prevent conflict by showing them a mutual sacred purpose and vision, leading sociologists said recently in a conference session hosted by the Heritage Foundation. Associate Professor Dr. Jeffrey Ulmer from Pennsylvania State University examines the degree to which religiosity increases self-control. He points out that religious observance builds self-control and substance use is lower in stronger moral communities.

Dr. Ulmer argues that self-control is a cognitive resource and that it is a product of social learning. Psychologists have developed a `muscle' or a `strength' model of self-control, he explained at the symposium which was co-sponsored by Child Trends and The Baylor Institute for the Studies of Religion. Dr. Byron Johnson from Baylor also points out that religiosity decreases drug use and pre-teen religiosity increases religious involvement.

Similarly, Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Scott Desmond from Purdue University states that church attendance is important for adolescents. Those who don't have any self-control lack care and decision-making skills.

Those who attend church frequently are less likely to use alcohol and drugs if they have self-control. Meanwhile, Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Bradford Wilcox from the University of Virginia asserts that parental religiosity doesn't foster self-control after controlling for family structure, family process, and adolescent religiosity. Young adults' attendance to church is affected by their family's life styles, he contends.

Dr. Marc Musick from University of Texas at Austin points out the fact that religious service attendance produces volunteering. At times, he states volunteering for religious organizations can be secular in nature and volunteering in certain ways lead to opportunities for volunteering in others.


Kindergarten Children should be Encouraged to Dance Naked and Masturbate

According to perverted Norwegian Child "Expert"

An Oslo pre-school teacher, backed by child psychologists, has suggested that kindergarten children be encouraged to “express” their sexuality through “sex-play” and games, including dancing naked and masturbating, in pre-school and day-care centres. The English language edition of Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper reports that Pia Friis, the respected operator of an Oslo kindergarten, told an interviewer that children should be able “to look at each other and examine each other's bodies. They can play doctor, play mother and father, dance naked and masturbate”. “But their sexuality must also be socialized, so they are not, for example, allowed to masturbate while sitting and eating. Nor can they be allowed to pressure other children into doing things they don't want to,” Friis said. Friis also faulted some staff of day-care centres and kindergartens who, she said, might react negatively to children expressing their sexuality. “When the personnel are uncertain, that passes on to the children, and it can be negative.”

Friis’ opinion was backed up by Norwegian child psychologist Thore Langfeldt, who said, “Children must learn about sexuality, otherwise things can go very wrong.” “Children can't object to something they don't know about, and children can more easily and readily report assaults if they already are aware of their own sexuality.”

In the US earlier this year, a report published by the American Psychological Association (APA) warned against the early sexualizing of young girls, especially through media and marketing. The APA task force found that teachers and parents are among the influences in the over-sexualization of children and that girls often end by seeing themselves as sexual objects. The results can include increased risks of depression, eating disorders and low self-esteem.

Joseph D’Agostino of the Population Research Institute (PRI) wrote that the APA report did not go far enough in exploring the effects of radical feminism on teaching children to see themselves sexually. In a PRI weekly briefing, he wrote, “The politically correct view is that the sexualization of girls and feminism are opposing forces, but in fact they have gone hand-in-hand.” He wrote that feminism teaches girls that chastity is a form of “oppression”. “They have taught that there are no natural limits to sexuality,” he wrote. “Based on feminist principles, why shouldn’t little girls sexualize themselves? And why shouldn’t adult men and women view them as sexual if there is no such thing as unnatural sexuality?”

Others have made the connection with early sexualizing of children with child sexual abuse. Cathy Wing, of Media-Awareness, a non-profit educational organization for media literacy said that sexually explicit advertising or products aimed at pre-teens naturally leads to adults treating children as sexual beings ready for exploitation. Wing told the Toronto Sun, “Perhaps when we surround ourselves with sexualized images of young people we shouldn't be surprised that a segment of the society think that it is okay to have sex with children,”

The suggestion by Norwegian child experts follows a larger trend in many countries of the European Union to raise the level of sexual activity in every area of the culture. In May 2006, the German government was blasted by dozens of human rights groups and experts in human trafficking for building new brothels and “sex huts” in time to service fans at the World Cup soccer tournament in Berlin. It was estimated that 40,000 women were added, with official approval, to the existing 400,000 who already plied Germany’s legal prostitution or “sex-trade”.

In July 2007, the German Ministry for Family Affairs was accused of “state-encouraged incest” when it issued a pair of education booklets encouraging parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. One of the booklets recommended that fathers should “devote attention” to the sexual organs of young daughters and another suggested teaching children the movements of copulation.


'Corrective' sex education may make sexual offenders more dangerous

While it is commonly thought that men with low IQs sexually offend because of a lack of knowledge or sexual deviance, new research has found the men may sexually offend because of their exposure to "corrective" sex education previously taken.

A team of North American researchers compared two samples of individuals with and without an intellectual disability and a history of sexual offence and found that sexual offenders with intellectual disability who had committed a serious sexual offence, such as rape or pedophilia, actually demonstrated a greater sexual knowledge than non-offenders. This increased sexual knowledge may be from "corrective" sex education that the offender was given in the past. It can then be concluded that the higher level of knowledge of those who had committed some form of sexual offence was the direct result of their exposure to formal or informal sex education.

The data indicates that there may be two categories of persons with intellectual disabilities that sexually offend: Individuals who are knowledgeable and who offend in more serious ways and Individuals who appear to have a lack of sexual knowledge and whose offence may be the result of that lack of knowledge. The latter is termed counterfeit deviance. "We simply cannot treat all sex offenders as 'counterfeit deviant' and excuse their behavior as a result of inadequate knowledge," says Shelley Watson, a graduate student from the University of Alberta. "We need to establish whether sex education is needed as an element of a comprehensive treatment package."

As supported in this study, people with intellectual disability were also found to be typically very conservative when it came to sexual attitudes. However, the researchers found that serious sex offenders actually expressed much more liberal attitudes when it came to sex, including same-sex relationships, than sex offenders who only committed sexual inappropriate behaviors, such as public masturbation or inappropriate touching. "This study provides support for the need to assess sexual knowledge, sexual attitudes and prior sex education when an individual commits a sexual offence," says Watson. "Only a careful diagnosis will reveal whether the offence is motivated by sexual urges and fantasies consistent with serious sexual offence or by other factors."



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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