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They pretend to be concerned about the welfare of women but are in fact just Leftists who use fake-concern about women to promote hatred of ordinary people and their way of life. They really care not at all about women. If they did they would be hitting the streets over the story below:

Nazanin, 17, was sentenced to death by hanging for defending herself against three rapists. A young girl who defended herself and her chastity against three male assailants who intended to kidnap and rape her causing injury to one of them who later died in hospital was condemned to death by hanging in an Islamic court in Iran. Nazanin who has seen no more than 17 Springs, all of which under the tyrannical rule of the Mullahs is now facing execution for trying to defend herself and her honor.

Nowhere in the world and under no law self defense is considered to be a crime, but in the tyrannical mullacracy of Iran if a woman does not resist rape she will be stoned as adulterer and if she does she will be hanged.

Nazanin, this young innocent girl, was assaulted by three criminal men in the West of Tehran while strolling with her niece in a park last March (2005). To defend herself she pulled out a knife and stabbed one of her assailants. The knife penetrated the ribs of her attacker who later died in the hospital. The attacks on women in Iran is so frequent that many are forced to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. Unfortunately the Islamic law does not even allow women that right.

Despite the fact that she had been acting in self defense, as shown by the evidences presented and the testimony of eyewitnesses, Nazanin was sentenced to death by hanging. In the last court hearing she repeatedly said “I only defended myself and the honor of my family”. Her words fell of deaf ears and the all male jury who like their misogynist prophet thought it is outrageous for a woman to stand for her rights and defend her dignity and honor, swiftly ordered her execution. The travesty of justice in Islamic Republic of Iran is beyond description



You would think that a State with such an abysmal record of teaching the "3 Rs" would have more urgent priorities but destruction, not construction, is what Leftism is all about. Arnie COULD still veto the bill but will he?

Comment from here:

AB 606 is a dangerous bill that will have far-reaching implications in our schools and what it taught. It would remove local discretion of school boards and give immense power to the state. It would also pave the way for schools to be forced to include curriculum, textbooks or other materials that accept, embrace and advocate homosexuality.

AB 606 seeks to force all school districts in California to implement and advertise anti-discrimination policies that specifically focus on homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender. These policies must include teacher and staff training on how to “identify” so-called discrimination. This is another sly attempt to label any teacher or student’s objection to homosexuality based on moral or religious reasons as being discriminatory.

AB 606 deletes the current provision in law that gives schools the option of excluding curriculum, textbooks, presentations, etc based on homosexuality into their discrimination policies. If schools choose not to include curriculum and textbooks into their anti-discrimination policies they are not in violation of the law. But AB 606 would remove this option taking control out of the hands of local superintendents and school boards and give curriculum framework decisions to the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. With the local control exemption deleted from law, it would be the State Board of Education that could at any time revise the state curriculum frameworks and guidelines and the moral and civic education curriculum even worse and it would be implied that schools must abide by and implement them.

At any given time a State Board dominated by liberal members could revise the curriculum to include the most radical pro-homosexual teachings. Likewise, a very liberal State Superintendent, like former Superintendent Delaine Eastin, could unilaterally single out conservative school districts and withhold their funds. AB 606 would allow for the State Superintendent to solely determine which schools and school districts are in compliance with the required pro-homosexual policies. For those schools that are deemed out of compliance they would have their funding suspended until it was deemed they were in compliance.

You see what they are doing? Homosexual activists behind this bill want to force every school board, superintendent and school principal to implement an anti-discrimination policy that favors homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender and force schools to have curriculum, textbooks, materials and more that reinforce the policies that promote and advocate homosexuality to California’s students. Those behind AB 606 can no longer look the public in the eye and claim they are not forcing their agenda on society! They are doing so blatantly and with the threat to schools of losing their funding!

Comment from here:

The government and its elected leaders main function (supposedly) is to protect rights, to preserve justice and to manage society for the betterment and growth of said society. We do not really see this any more, instead we see a concentrated effort to place the acceptance of the gay lifestyle above all other concerns. This lifestyle is very harmful to people, physically emotionally and mentally. This is documented fact. If you practice this lifestyle, odds are you will die younger(1) and suffer from more mental and physical problems than if you lived a normal, natural lifestyle.

In California for example, there are those in its legislature who make it the number one priority, above all other worries or needs for the state, to make sure no matter what the gay lifestyle will become the norm. They spend a disproportionate amount of time crafting gay legislation forcing the gay lifestyle into schools, the business world, local governmental regulations...

They are doing this with apparent impunity, no one even seems to notice what is happening until the affects are entrenched. I mean, what average Joe or Jane pays attention to their state legislature and what they are doing? The liberal leftist Media generally keeps this kind of legislation unreported or on the 'back page'. They DO notice when the affects of these laws start being felt though. Try starting a Club for Christians to fellowship with one another at California State University for example. This is now against the law. California State Law [Title V] prevents student groups at public universities from excluding people based on religion or sexual orientation. This pretty much kills a Christian club that wants members to be Christian instead of wiccans and gay activists.

Right now in California, it is next to impossible for a Christian to send their children to public school and know they are in a physically and morally safe environment. This is just plain fact. With the addition of AB606 to the plethora of other gay lifestyle laws already in place, Christian children do not stand a chance of a moral upbringing. "Children should learn their morals at home" you say? Yes, children's parents and church leaders teach them moral values to help them lead moral upright lives. These new legislative efforts will confuse them and cause the children to distrust their parents and pastors.

The pro-gay curriculums, starting as low as kindergarten, actually teach that the students should reject what their parents and church leaders say, that their parents and churches are "wrong" - "they are bigots full of outdated principles based on hate". They do this in an outlined systematic way, with materials forced into the system by the gay friendly legislature and ultra gay friendly teachers unions. If the children speak up in school with the moral values taught at home and church, they will be ridiculed by teachers and class mates...not a good thing. At a time when LA Unified has a graduation rate of under 50%, should we be spending so much time in sensitivity training and re-working the moral codes of kids who cannot read or do arithmetic?

AB606 actually demands that the few remaining moral school districts comply with the indoctrination, or have their funds yanked, with the final say so residing in one person, who of course if about the most gay friendly leftist you will ever meet. "If you do not like it, put your kids in a private school" you say? Ninety five percent of families in California do not have the luxury of being able to afford private schools and all the additional costs that go with a private education. "Well then Home School" you say? If the cost of living in California did not require almost every couple to both work full time to make ends meat, then that would be feasible. Raising our children correctly should not be for the fabulously wealthy only.

Truth is, Californian Christian families pretty much have no choice. Their kids will go to public school, and thanks to their gay-activist politicians (and teachers) their children WILL be taught from kindergarten (or even preschool if the leftists have their way) on up that the gay lifestyle is ok, normal and even desirable. The children will be exposed to hours and hours of what can only honestly be called indoctrination, instead of using that time to learn to read, write and do arithmetic.

Take them to court, demand their parental rights! Of course this will not work as the 9th circuit courts have already stated that what the school wants to teach, the parents are required to accept. No choice. There are NO Parental RIGHTS when it comes to educating their children.

So as I see it, parents are forced to send their children to school by the government, it is the law. The government says that they will teach the children whatever they want, no matter what anyone thinks. The courts tell parents stay out of it, they have no right to decide what their children are taught as right and wrong. Again, this is the law. Under the guise of protecting so called gay students from bullies, to make them safe, the government has made the schools unsafe for Christian students. (There is more than just the safety from bullies, but also the safety of their souls, the safety of their physical and mental health.)

As this seeps in to Christians consciences over the next few of years, I predict we begin to see an acceleration of families moving away from California to more family friendly states. There already has been a growing exodus due to the states incredibly bad business environment left by Gray Davis. Businesses have been leaving at faster and faster rates, and with them employees. While this has been on the mend some what, it has a long way to go before it gets better. As for myself, I have already moved my family away from the horrors taking over society in California to a more family friendly locale. My children are too important to me to risk in the cesspool of the California educational system.

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