Monday, November 03, 2003


Sometimes PC just makes me laugh

“Thirteen months ago, the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) launched a media program called "I Did It!" to get citizens to stop smoking tobacco. The campaign is ongoing, extensive, and focuses on stories of people who successfully quit smoking.

Six months ago, the Utah Department of Health endorsed the smoking of tobacco by Native Americans if it was for "spiritual," "natural," or "ceremonial" purposes. They presented their message "in a culturally sensitive and culturally charismatic way."

Six posters were created, distinguishing between traditional and commercial use, for posters and billboards. Appropriate images are used to illustrate the messages. For example, two pictures of Native American men using tobacco are displayed. The first picture shows a man using natural tobacco in a ceremonial setting, with the word "spiritual" below. This is contrasted with a second picture showing a man smoking a cigarette, with the word "spiritless" below.

Other posters juxtapose "prayers" and "poisons," "ceremonial" and "commercial," "creation" and "pollution," "natural" and "unnatural," and "positive" and "negative" uses and situations. Two posters focus on the use of tobacco during pregnancy.

This reversal on the part of the State of Utah can only be attributed to political correctness. It's cloaked as a recognition of Native American culture and spirituality. I don't buy their hogwash. To insult or irritate Native Americans is one of the most heinous acts possible. Remember, many Native Americans were slaughtered by the European white man and their pristine native land was appropriated. They represent oneness with the environment and Mother Earth. They are a cornerstone of American liberal theology.”

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