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A TikToker has claimed that interracial relationships, particularly between white men and Asian women, are a by-product of American imperialism and the United States' roles in wars

This guy needs to get a grip. The reason why Asian women in Western countries often marry Western men has nothing to do with history. It is that, like all women, they like their men to be tall and well-built. And most such men in Western countries are Caucasian. There are plenty of Chinese men around but they are mostly physically slight.

And if the lady sets her sights on a Caucasian man, she often gets him. Why? Mainly because she is very obliging to him and does not spout feminist nonsense

The American TikToker, who goes by username @youngqim and is known as Young Kim on Instagram, argued women were not easily granted access to the US under strict immigration rules as the US didn't want 'Asian people to start families here'.

Young, who says he is a history student, said this changed in the 20th century when women were exempt from restrictions if they were married to an American soldier, which he said led to interracial relationships and Asian women being 'fetishized'.

He went on to claim that the Korean War and the Vietnam War then prolonged global conflicts, leading to more interracial relationships, when American soldiers married Asian women after serving on the frontlines and brought them back to the US.

His video started with a short clip from TikToker @virtualflop, also known as Elise, who mouthed to along to a voiceover about interracial relationships, which poster Elise said she had used as a 'joke'.

The voiceover said: 'Interracial relationships are not natural. 'Y'all are gonna [sic] hate me for this one, but I don't give a f**k. It's the truth.'

Alongside the comments, reads the caption: 'Writing my paper about how romantic relationships between yt [sic] males and Asian females wouldn't be as common in society if it weren't for US involvement in wars.'

Responding to the TikTok, Young says that he is going to 'elaborate' on Elise's claims by talking about federal laws that restricted immigration from Asian countries, which he claimed saw hardly any Asian women moving to the United States.

He claims: 'Throughout most of American history, immigration from Asia had been limited to exclusively men.

'The biggest reason for that was they didn't want Asian people to start families here. We were considered an "undesirable element".'

In the 1850s, young single men were recruited as laborers and the Chinese made up 20 per cent of California's labour force by 1870, but were only 0.002 per cent of the entire US population, according to Asia Society.

Young goes on to talk about the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which was a federal law signed by President Chester Arthur barring the immigration of Chinese laborers to the United States


There is nothing the woke Left won't regulate or try to control

The Woke crowd never rests. They are engaged in round-the-clock efforts to seize more and more control over our society, via a combination of bullying and governmental regulation. They count on scared silence from opponents, ruthlessly enforced through aggressive demonization tactics against anyone who speaks out – no matter how mainstream the objection may be. The radical few are strong-arming society in ways large and small. This has been a problem on college campuses for quite some time, and the worst excesses have been exported throughout American life. What happens in academic doesn't stay in academia. Not anymore.

For two examples, read these recent developments out of MIT and the University of Michigan, respectively:

Dorian Abbot: "On August 12, a colleague and I wrote an op-ed in Newsweek in which we argued that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as it currently is implemented on campus “violates the ethical and legal principle of equal treatment” and “treats persons as merely means to an end, giving primacy to a statistic over the individuality of a human being.” We proposed instead “an alternative framework called Merit, Fairness, and Equality (MFE) whereby university applicants are treated as individuals and evaluated through a rigorous and unbiased process based on their merit and qualifications alone.” We noted that this would mean an end to legacy and athletic admission advantages, which significantly favor white applicants.

Shortly thereafter, my detractors developed a new strategy to try to isolate me and intimidate everyone else into silence: They argued on Twitter that I should not be invited to give science seminars at other universities and coordinated replacement speakers. This is an effective and increasingly common way to ratchet up the cost of dissenting because disseminating new work to colleagues is an important part of the scientific endeavor. Sure enough, this strategy was employed when I was chosen to give the Carlson Lecture at MIT — a major honor in my field. It is an annual public talk given to a large audience and my topic was “climate and the potential for life on other planets.”

On September 22, a new Twitter mob, composed of a group of MIT students, postdocs, and recent alumni, demanded that I be uninvited. It worked. And quickly. On September 30 the department chair at MIT called to tell me that they would be cancelling the Carlson lecture this year in order to avoid controversy.

When Bright Sheng was a child in Mao's China, the Red Guard took away his piano. Nevertheless, he became a celebrated and award winning composer. What the University of Michigan has done to this great man is contemptible. Please read and share:

What was Sheng's transgression? He screened the 1965 version of Shakespeare's Othello in class as part of a lesson about how the play was adapted for the opera. This version stars Laurence Olivier, a white actor, who wore blackface to portray the protagonist Othello, a Moor...It's not clear whether Sheng, who was born and raised in China, understood blackface's specifically American legacy, and why such a portrayal is considered offensive. But he swiftly apologized for screening this version of the film. "I thought (that) in most cases, the casting principle was based on the music quality of the singers," Sheng told The Michigan Daily. "Of course, time (sic) has changed, and I made a mistake in showing this film. It was insensitive of me, and I am very sorry."

His apology ought to have been more than sufficient, but his students were not appeased. Indeed, they reacted as if they had been traumatized by the experience...Other students signed an open letter calling on Sheng to be removed from his teaching position for failing to "create a safe environment." ...A significant number of Sheng's students, former students, and colleagues have denounced him as a racist. And the administration is taking the matter seriously:

The music department released a statement saying that "Sheng's actions do not align with our School's commitment to anti-racist action, diversity, equity and inclusion." The university's Office of Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX has received a complaint about the incident.

"Sheng has stepped down from teaching the class for the time being. He has apologized profusely for making his students feel wronged, though many have loudly rejected his apology," writes Robby Soave. Sheng "received a MacArthur "genius" Fellowship in 2001, and has twice been a runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize in music. His undergraduate students should certainly count themselves lucky to be able to learn from him. Instead, they are demanding the university fire him for rendering the classroom an unsafe space." And so it goes.

Meanwhile, here's what the government of California is up to. Forget the massive homelessness problem, the crime sprees, the unaffordability of housing, the out-flow of residents, etc. They've got their eyes on the prize:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Saturday a bill requiring large retailers to provide gender-neutral toy sections, per the Los Angeles Times. California is the first state to adopt such a law. LGBTQ advocates have pointed out that marketing methods using pink and blue hues "pressure children to conform to gender stereotypes," AP notes...The law states that retail stores with 500 or more workers must sell toys and child care products (excluding clothes) in a gender-neutral section that's "labeled at the discretion of the retailer ... regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys." Companies that fail to comply with the new law could face a civil penalty of $250 for a first violation and $500 for any subsequent violations.

There is nothing they won't regulate or try to control – and the more woke and signaling the action, the better, especially because such endeavors serve as self-congratulatory and self-righteous distractions from the many real problems plaguing the state. Meanwhile, across the pond, we have this madness:

What percentage of British Airways passengers are cisgender? 98-99 percent? And what percentage of trans people would actually be offended by being referred to as a lady or gentleman, based on their own preferences? I'd wager very few. Institutions are making decisions to ban inoffensive words and phrases, and to alter the plain meaning of words, due to the ever-changing whims and demands of a remote fringe of activists. It's crazy.

As I've written before, we can be kind to people and do our best to accommodate people's identities without engaging in mass erasure of concepts like womanhood, and without taking a hatchet to our language. But as long as these tactics keep working, the fringe will keep exploiting fear and weakness – and they'll keep "winning." Are we willing to cede our society and culture to a relative handful of broken-brain weirdos like this?


‘Transgender’ Experts Silenced by Rainbow Mafia

The New York Times refused an op-ed from experts who don’t toe the line on gender dysphoric children.

“All the news that’s fit to print”? Hardly. Every conservative knows The New York Times doesn’t actually abide by its longtime motto, and we all have a good chuckle whenever reminded of it. The paper’s selective and activist journalism now includes having recently chosen to reject an op-ed written by two “transgender” experts, both doctors, who warned against the growing reckless use of puberty blockers on children. Will anyone stand against this growing fad of child abuse? Not the intrepid “journalists” at the Times.

The two doctors contend that “transgender” activism has essentially silenced any genuine examination of often-promoted claims that it is completely safe for children to go on puberty blockers in part because doing so is “fully reversible” should they decided against “transitioning.” Thou shalt not question The Narrative™.

Indeed, the Times’s decision seems only to further underscore this new leftist-created alternate reality. Abigail Shrier’s 2020 book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters was temporarily banned by Amazon due to opposition from “transgender” activists, so she knows about this sort of censorship. She interviewed the doctors and observed, “For nearly a decade, the vanguard of the transgender-rights movement — doctors, activists, celebrities and transgender influencers — has defined the boundaries of the new orthodoxy surrounding transgender medical care: What’s true, what’s false, which questions can and cannot be asked.”

Meanwhile, the Times had no qualms regarding running a recent op-ed by a “transgender” runner, nor another article fully affirming a “transgender” person and lamenting the “discrimination, delays and systemic hurdles [that] prevent young trans people from reaching the care they need.” On the other hand, the findings, data, and professional opinions espoused by longtime experts in the same field is no good if it dares question the “transgender” dogma.

Dr. Marci Bowers, one of the article’s writers, observed something that happens far too often these days: “When you have a female-assigned person and she’s feeling dysphoric … and then they see you for one visit, and then they recommend testosterone — red flag!”

These doctors come from the very heart of this movement. Bowers’s op-ed partner is, Shrier explains, “Erica Anderson, a clinical psychologist at the University of California San Francisco’s Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic.” Bowers herself is “a world-renowned vaginoplasty specialist who operated on reality-television star Jazz Jennings,” a young boy who’s spent many years flaunting his “transition to female” before the whole world.

The story Bowers tells regarding the horrific abuse perpetrated on Jennings will turn your stomach, break your heart, and blow your mind.

Anyone should know that getting a second opinion, especially regarding a serious health-related issue, is recommended. Not all doctors see everything the same way or have all the answers. The notion that daring to question a child or teenager struggling with identity issues is to somehow do them harm is nonsense, and yet the Rainbow Mafia has so thoroughly succeeded in scaring doctors, scientists, and journalists that even to question a child’s gender dysphoric claim is to supposedly engage in hate and malfeasance. The tragic result of such thinking and fear is growing numbers of youth being subjected to medical abuse, doing permanent damage to their bodies and minds.

Anderson put it far too mildly, saying: “It is my considered opinion that due to some of the — let’s see, how to say it? what word to choose? — due to some of the, I’ll call it just ‘sloppy,’ sloppy healthcare work, that we’re going to have more young adults who will regret having gone through this process. And that is going to earn me a lot of criticism from some colleagues, but given what I see — and I’m sorry, but it’s my actual experience as a psychologist treating gender variant youth — I’m worried that decisions will be made that will later be regretted by those making them.”

That’s only the beginning of the societal consequences.


Superman comes out as bisexual: DC Comics reveals woke superhero son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane will start a romance with a male best friend

How to lose a large part of your audience

Superman is set to come out as bisexual and begin a romantic relationship with his male best friend, DC Comics revealed on Monday - just two months after the company announced that iconic Batman sidekick Robin was dating a man.

The news marks what DC has branded a 'bold new direction' for the legendary superhero - a move that began in July, when the company debuted a woke new series of comics about the character, featuring Clark Kent and Lois Lane's son Jonathan, who inherited the role from his cape-wearing father.

In the months since the Superman: Son of Kal-El series made its debut, 17-year-old Jon has taken on several hot-button issues, including high school shootings, climate change, and the deportation of refugees - all of which are a world away from the sinister supervillains that the Man of Steel once fought.

The character will now take yet another big step to separate himself from the much-loved original Superman storyline by dating his close male friend - with the romance set to take center stage in an upcoming issue of the comic, due to be released on November 9.

However, the same-sex relationship was inspired by the iconic romance between Clark and Lois, with DC revealing that the new Superman's partner, refugee 'hacktivist' Jay Nakamura, is also a reporter - just like the young superhero's parents.

'Just like his father before him, Jon Kent has fallen for a reporter,' the company said in a press release.

However, series writer Tom Taylor said that this is where the similarities end - explaining that Jay will not play the same 'damsel role' to Jon as Lois did to Clark, but rather feature as something of a sidekick for the superhero.

'Jay has his own fight,' Taylor told IGN, revealing that Jay will also soon learn that he has his own set of superpowers. 'He’s obviously an effective journalist, and Lois Lane is his hero.

'But Jay is also a refugee from [the fictional island nation of] Gamorra, so his experience also reflects Clark’s. While this has fortunately changed over the years, historically, Lois has often fulfilled a damsel role. Jay Nakamura will never be that. He and Jon will tackle many things side-by-side.'

Although all of the details about Jon and Jay's relationship have not yet been revealed, DC did offer a sneak peek at how their romance began - explaining that the pair will begin dating after Superman suffers from 'mental and physical burn out'.

'After initially striking up a friendship with reporter Jay Nakamura, he and Jon become romantically involved,' the company said.

'Following a scene where Superman mentally and physically burns out from trying to save everyone that he can, Jay is there to care for the Man of Steel.'

It continues: 'Faster than fate. As powerful as hope. Able to lift us all. For all his great power, Jon Kent can’t save everyone, but that won’t stop him from trying. How much can Earth’s new Superman do before this Man of Steel buckles? And when he does, who swoops in to save Superman?'

Images from the upcoming comic, which is the fifth issue in the new series, show Jon and Jay kissing and embracing, with Superman clad in his iconic blue-and-red uniform, while his pink-haired partner is seen wearing an orange hoodie, white T-shirt and purple glasses.

Jay will also be introduced to Clark and Lois in the new issue of the comic - with a sneak peek revealing that the reporter is left dumbstruck with nerves upon meeting his partner's mother for the first time.

Speaking about the decision to give Superman an LGBTQ+ storyline, series writer Tom Taylor told the New York Times that he wanted the new version of the character to be relevant for a modern audience - insisting that it would have felt like a 'missed opportunity' to once again portray the superhero as a 'straight white savior'.

'The idea of replacing Clark Kent with another straight white savior felt like a missed opportunity,' Taylor said.

'[A] new Superman had to have new fights — real world problems — that he could stand up to as one of the most powerful people in the world.'

He added to IGN: 'I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes. Today, Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, is coming out.'

This same thinking applies to the enemies that the modern-day Superman tackles, which have shifted from the traditional supervillain and now include societal issues like global warming, the border crisis, and gun control.

'The question for Jon (and for our creative team) is, what should a new Superman fight for today?' Taylor continued. 'Can a 17-year-old Superman battle giant robots while ignoring the climate crisis? Of course not. Can someone with super sight and super hearing ignore injustices beyond his borders? Can he ignore the plight of asylum seekers?'

The news about Superman's LGBTQ+ relationship comes just two months after DC Comics announced that another of its legendary characters - Batman sidekick Robin - was also set to come out as bisexual and begin a relationship with a man.

In August, the comic book company revealed that the Caped Crusader's longtime sidekick Robin, a.k.a Tim Drake, would accept a date with a male character called Bernard Dowd in a new issue of the series Batman: Urban Legends.

Robin was described as having a 'lightbulb moment' when fighting alongside Bernard during a brawl, eventually rescuing Bernard in the process.

Fans of the comic welcomed the revelation saying they suspected Drake may be bisexual or gay for years.

In March, Marvel revealed their first openly-gay Captain America character, Aaron Fischer, which is debuted during Pride Month this past year.

Fischer is a youth advocate that was included in the 'United States of Captain America' comic book miniseries which was released on June 2.

'Aaron is inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life,' creator Aaron Trujillo told Entertainment Weekly.

'He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten,' Trujillo added. 'I hope his debut story resonates with readers, and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.'

In addition to Fischer, Ayo (Black Panther), Valkyrie (Thor: Ragnarok) and Harley Quinn are superhero characters apart of the LGBTQ community.




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