Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Two Americas Shown up Vividly by COVID

As another summer lived under Wuhan coronavirus restrictions draws to a close — one marked with what seemed to be good news that got turned into a second wave of crises and a new round of mandates from the expert class — it’s more clear than ever that not everyone is living under the same set of rules, mandates, or guidelines.

It seems that for every Wuhan coronavirus-related mandate announced by a government official since this mayhem started in 2020, there’s another government official breaking their own edicts. It’s become a tired routine: The ruling class tells citizens that the pandemic is an unprecedented event requiring an unprecedented response. That response, we’re told, is necessary to save lives. We must follow all guidelines issued by our leaders or we face being responsible for our death or the deaths of others.

The unprecedented response, as we know all too well, can take one of several forms. The most common are mask mandates or guidelines, complete lockdowns where going out is a right reserved for those deemed “essential,” and bans on indoor dining or gatherings over a certain size.

The same people, though, who advocate for and implement these mandates, are apparently not too keen on following them. It’s become an equation that runs like clockwork. A mayor or governor or other official mandates masks or gathering size limits, and then within days or weeks is caught on camera violating their own mandates.

And who can blame them? Even the most die-hard mandate fan gets tired of strapping a mask to their face every time they leave the house, travel, shop, or go to work. They miss their friends and families too. They think they know what’s best for themselves and their families. But don’t the rest of us know the same for our respective situations?

The infuriating Wuhan coronavirus hypocrisy that’s become a trademark of the pandemic in the United States has laid bare the existence of two Americas — one for the powerful and the elite (usually on the political Left), and another for the rest of us.

For those like San Francisco Mayor London Breed, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, the Texas House Democrats, celebrities at the Emmy awards — the list is nearly endless — the rules and advice they give publicly is directly contradicted by their own lifestyles and actions.

They weigh the risks and benefits of the same everyday decisions as those in the lower COVID class: taking vacations with family or friends, going out to dinner, attending concerts, visiting family in other states, etc. and they make decisions similar to those the rest of us would make — if we were allowed to make those decisions for ourselves, that is.

But for those of us living in the non-elite, non-powerful (and therefore less-free) America, we haven’t been able to make those individual decisions for months. Sure, there’s slightly more freedom now than there was in months past — but the divided classes of Americans that were illuminated by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic offer an important lesson for the future and how the powerful and elite will behave as they seek to continue to exert their will over the country.

Consider the urgency with which many of the same leaders who levied COVID restrictions are now insisting action is necessary to address climate change, and the similar hypocrisy displayed in their proclaimed crusade to save the planet.

John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, has been jetting around the globe (while also getting caught violating federal mask mandates in a hypocritical double-whammy) while telling everyday Americans that they should think twice before traveling because such activity generates greenhouse gases.

Even President Biden, who continually returns to talking points about the evil of oil and gas that he claims stains our world and drives climate change, unsuccessfully begged OPEC to pump more of the supposedly evil stuff after allowing Russia to continue it’s NordStream 2 pipeline project despite stopping pipeline projects in the United States. His actions cost jobs for those citizens in the lesser of the two Americas, but it allowed him to carry a hypocritical mantle of caring about the planet.

Elite celebrities who post infographics about climate change and the need for humans to change their behavior are the same people who fly their private jets to events within driving distance and have multiple expansive homes that require massive amounts of energy to heat or cool. These elites tell the residents of lesser America how to live their lives while continuing to consume more resources and release more pollutants than a large family. These same elites will tell Americans that having more than one child is a selfish act and dangerous to the health of the planet while owning four homes, a fleet of SUVs, a private jet, and a yacht.

The same powerful vs. everyday citizen double standard exists on other critical issues, too. When it comes to the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, there are two Americas: those in power who enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing there are firearms between their family and those who wish them harm and those who are told they can’t own a “weapon of war” in order to protect themselves, their family, and their property.

As long as the powerful and liberal elite continue to wield their powers and influence, the residents of lesser America will be forced to comply… or face the consequences of fines, penalties, or the loss of their livelihoods and freedoms.

At the same time, the powerful elite will continue to live their lives as they wish without abiding by their own rules, and the two Americas they’ve created will become even more disparate.

The only option, now, is to scream their hypocrisy from the rooftops to ensure their constant duplicity doesn’t become a desensitized norm. When they get caught doing what they want rather than following what they say, don’t shrug it off. Hold them accountable and ensure they answer for their action. What’s appropriate for elitist America — exceedingly becoming simply the ability to exercise individual freedom — is good for the rest of us, too.


Where Did All of These Haitians Come From and Why Are They at the Border Now?

The recent surge in illegal immigrants, whose nationality has mainly been from Haiti, in Del Rio, Texas has brought the border crisis back into the national spotlight, but it has many people asking how did these Haitians get to Del Rio and why now?

For starters, a majority of the Haitians who illegally crossed into the United States to seek asylum did not come directly from Haiti. Due to Haiti's long-standing problems and natural disasters, many Haitians have left the country and settled in other countries in Central and South America, particularly Chile and Brazil.

While speaking with the immigrants at the makeshift camp under the international bridge in Del Rio, we noticed they could speak Spanish. Most Haitians who live in Haiti speak Haitian Creole or French. One man said he had been living in Chile the past few years before recently making his way up towards the United States, another said he was living in Brazil. The evidence the majority of Haitians not coming directly from Haiti is due to discarded identification documents having been found on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

As to why this particular nationality decided to attempt entry into the United States now, it's for a couple of reasons. One, just like any other group, they have seen how much easier it is to now enter the United States without going through the proper channels since President Joe Biden reversed many of former President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

Egged on by human traffickers, the Haitians in Latin America decided it was now a good time to enter the United States. While some of the single, adult men are being deported to Haiti, family units are being released by Border Patrol with notices-to-report to continue their process for asylum. The human smuggling organizations and cartels in Mexico have this down to a science, they know how to game the system by flooding an area with people who want to be caught so Border Patrol is bogged down dealing with families and kids. This was evident when Fox News reported over 200 miles of the border did not have a single agent because they were all focused on the makeshift camp under the international bridge.

While most of the illegal crossings have been stopped with the influx of Texas State troopers and National Guardsmen in Del Rio, it appears the Haitians who are still in Mexico have found other spots along the southwest border to cross.


Texas Gov. Abbott Signs Bill into Law Restricting Abortion-Inducing Drugs

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law on Friday placing restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs statewide. This move comes weeks after another piece of abortion legislation, S.B. 8, took effect, banning abortions in the state after fetal heartbeat detection.

The impending law, S.B. 4, will take effect in December. The law “prohibit[s] a person from providing an abortion-inducing drug to a pregnant woman without satisfying the applicable informed consent requirements for abortions and to require a physician who provides such a drug to comply with the applicable physician reporting requirements regarding abortions.” The law creates a state jail felony offense for individuals who knowingly violate provisions regarding abortion-inducing drugs.

“Senate Bill 4 extends abortion complication reporting requirements to apply to complications resulting from induced abortions,” the bill reads. “The bill prohibits a manufacturer, supplier, physician, or any other person from providing a patient with any abortion-inducing drug by courier, delivery, or mail service and requires a physician, before providing an abortion-inducing drug, to take certain actions.” Some of these actions include mandatory in-person examinations before administering the abortion-inducing drugs and a mandatory follow-up visit within 14 days after the drugs are administered.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem issued an Executive Order this month placing similar restrictions on “telemedicine abortions” in the state. The Order requires women seeking abortion-inducing drugs to be examined in-person beforehand and does not allow abortion-inducing drugs to be sent via mail. “What the Biden administration is doing is trying to put forward abortion on demand. And we’re going to stop them and make sure that that’s not available in our state,” Noem said in an interview on Fox News.

However, Texas’ S.B. 8, which took effect on Sept. 1, outlawed abortion statewide once fetal cardiac activity is detected and has been the target of the Biden administration since. The law also allows private citizens to pursue legal action against anyone who provides an illegal abortion or abets a woman seeking an illegal abortion in the state. Individuals who successfully bring lawsuits under S.B. 8 can be rewarded up to $10,000. Currently, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is pursuing a federal lawsuit against S.B. 8.


House Dems Block Last-Ditch Attempt to Reinstate Israel's Iron Dome Funding

As Reagan reported Tuesday afternoon, "House Democrats pulled the allotted $1 billion in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome from the continuing resolution spending bill on Tuesday, at the demand of progressive lawmakers who threatened to oppose the bill."

It was a stunt aimed at appeasing radical anti-Israel lawmakers that could have deadly consequences for U.S. ally Israel on the same day President Biden pledged at the United Nations that "the United States will continue to defend ourselves, our allies, and our interests against attack, including terrorist threats, as we prepare to use force if any is necessary." Clearly, President Biden is not on the same page as his radical congressional compatriots.

In a final attempt to preserve funding for Israel's Iron Dome defense system as originally included in the continuing resolution, Representative Kay Granger (R-TX) took to the House floor Tuesday night to offer a motion to recommit in order to restore funding for Israel's defense.

“My amendment would provide $1 billion to replenish Israel's Iron Dome security system," Granger explained. "Four months ago, Israel was under attack from terrorists. The rocket fire into Israel was on a scale that had never been seen before."

“Countless civilian lives were saved because of the Iron Dome system that the United States has supported year after year," Granger added. "Because of the attacks this spring, Iron Dome rocket interceptors need to be restored immediately."

“Now is the time to ensure Israel has what it needs to defend itself in the face of real and growing threats," said Granger. "This is a commonsense motion that would fund the Iron Dome system and reassure our ally that America will never turn its back on the great State of Israel.”

In the end, 214 Democrats in the House voted to block Granger's motion to recommit, joined by Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (KY).

Even though some Democrats and their allies in the media may try to claim that the opposition to helping Israel defend itself from rocket attacks from its neighboring enemies comes from a few woke members of Congress, Tuesday night's vote in the House suggests that anti-Israel sentiment pervades the Democratic caucus.

For their part, House Democratic leaders claimed to Israel that the $1 billion removed Tuesday will somehow be approved and sent "in the near future," blaming their willful removal of the aid from Tuesday's bill on "a technical delay."




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