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UK: Hopeless rape prosecution driven by three women

The senior investigating officer in the case was Det Ch Insp Zoe McKee.  Her assistant was Det Ch Supt Paula Hillman.  The public prosecutor who decided on the trial was Marianne O'Kane.  To get a conviction, they had to disprove consent, an almost impossible task in the light of previous familiarity among the parties concerned.  When all the evidence was in the jury rapidly acquitted the accused of all charges. 

So there clearly was a biased (feminist?) perspective on the part of the investigators.  The charges should not have been brought. Had there been both male and female investigators they probably would not have been.  Hopefully there will be no repetition of such an unbalanced setup.  It was clearly a feminist setup designed to show how well women can do.  It showed how badly they can do

Ireland and Ulster rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding have been cleared of rape. They both denied raping the same woman in Mr Jackson's house in the early hours of 28 June 2016.

Blane McIlroy, who was accused of exposure, and Rory Harrison, who was charged with perverting the course of justice and withholding information, were also found not guilty.

The verdicts came in the ninth week of the trial. The jury of eight men and three women deliberated for three hours and 45 minutes before delivering their unanimous verdicts.

The incident at the centre of the case was alleged to have happened after the four accused and four women went to Mr Jackson's home in south Belfast from a club in the city centre.

The woman told the court she was attacked after going upstairs to retrieve a clutch bag as she was preparing to leave the house.

The woman claimed Mr Jackson had followed her into the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. She then claimed she was raped.

However, the accused said that all sexual activity was consensual.

Outside the courthouse, Mr Jackson thanked the judge and jury for "giving him a fair trial" as well as his family and legal team.

His solicitor, Joe McVeigh, hit out at the investigation into Mr Jackson.

"It's our belief that the investigation has been characterised by the turning of a blind eye to inadequacies in the evidence of the complainant combined with the very apparent investigative bias," he said.

He added: "The prosecution made much of a perceived privileged position provided by virtue of Paddy being an international rugby player.

"We say that it was this very status as a famous sportsman that drove the decision to prosecute in the first place."

In a statement read out by his solicitor, Mr Olding said: "I want to acknowledge publicly that though I committed no criminal offence on the evening of the 28th of June 2016, I regret deeply the events of that evening."

He said he was sorry for the hurt that was caused to the complainant. "It was never my intention to cause any upset to anyone on that night," he said.

"I don't agree with her perception of events and I maintain that everything that happened that evening was consensual.

"I have consistently told the truth to the police and the court when asked to account for my conduct."


Another Leftist resort to violence:  At an abortion clinic

Leftists are seriously dangerous people if they think they can get away with it.  They have no ethics or morality other than a profound conviction of their own rightness

Cleveland, OH – As the wail of approaching sirens grew louder, those on both sides of the abortion battle readied themselves for action.

Pro-life activists praying on the sidewalk on March 24, 2018, outside of Preterm, a high-volume abortion business in Cleveland, Ohio, readied their cameras and prepared to document yet another medical emergency at that facility – the twelfth such known incident since 2010. Meanwhile, clinic employees and escorts positioned themselves to disrupt attempts to document the incident.

As the gurney bearing the woman requiring emergency assistance emerged from the carport under the building, both sides shifted into action.

One clinic worker in blue scrubs bumped and blocked 83-year old pro-life activist Frank Kosmerl as he attempted to film the incident. Despite her attack on Kosmerl, he was able to capture creepy footage that showed a woman on the gurney in the seated position with an eerie black sheet draped over her head.

Once the woman was loaded into the ambulance, the clinic worker turned to Kosmerl and made two angry obscene gestures.

“Battering Mr. Kosmerl wasn’t done to protect the woman’s identity because she was covered in a black sheet. It was done to punish him for trying to record Preterm’s obvious abortion complication,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It’s pretty ironic that the clinic worker would make obscene gestures at the pro-life activist as if he was at fault, when it was actually Preterm that harmed a woman so seriously she had to be hospitalized.”

Despite is advancing age, Kosmerl was unfazed by his rough experience with the angry clinic worker. He hoped that others would see his dedication and realize the need to join him on the sidewalk at Preterm to pray and offer help to abortion-bound women.

“If I can do it, others can, too!” he said.

Cleveland activists also reported to Operation Rescue that a similar medical emergency had occurred at Preterm just days before, on March 17, 2018. However, no one had the ability to snap a picture as that Preterm patient was transported by ambulance.

In 2014, LaKisha Wilson died after a seriously botched abortion at Preterm. Despite a unified call for justice by state and national pro-life leaders, there were never any disciplinary consequences imposed on Preterm or its staff.

Last year, Preterm made headlines by posting 16 billboards around Cleveland with slogans like “Abortion is a Blessing.”

“I doubt if LaKisha Wilson’s young son, who was left motherless after her death, would agree that his mom’s abortion was a blessing. And I doubt if the women hospitalized over the past few days would think their abortions were blessings, either,” said Newman. “This Preterm has proved over and over it poses a danger to the community and should be permanently closed.”


The grim racialism of ‘light-skinned privilege’

Obsessing over skin tone is the opposite of progressive

Identity politics is becoming more depraved by the day. Now it seems even light-skinned black people must atone for their privilege. Amandla Stenberg, a 19-year-old black actress, recently revealed that she stopped pursuing a role in the recent Black Panther film because she felt it deserved a more ‘dark-skinned’ cast.

She told CBC Arts that ‘there are spaces that I should not take up, and when I do take up a space, it’s because I’ve thought really, really critically about it and I’ve consulted people I really trust and it feels right’. So, given the privilege endowed by her light skin tone, stepping aside was the only ‘woke’ thing to do.

This story comes after the actress Zoe Saldana caught a lot of flak in 2016 for taking on the role of Nina Simone in a biopic. Apparently, she wasn’t ‘black enough’, and her refusal to apologise and acknowledge she was taking the space of a supposedly underprivileged ‘dark-skinned’ black actress enraged the Twittersphere.

This is all incredibly grim, and an affront to anti-racism. In the past, racists argued that our biology – our skin colour, facial features and blood – divided us, and this was used as a pretext for discrimination. What’s more, within black communities it was thought that the lighter your skin tone, the better chance you had of surviving or succeeding within an extremely racist society.

Today, black and anti-racist activists are resurrecting those biological boundaries. Those who promote the notion of ‘white privilege’ have created a new kind of racial hierarchy. Only, today, dark-skinned black people are seen as the most deserving of pity, and in need of support and resources. This serves to make skin tone more rigid and meaningful than it need be.

What’s more, the obsession with ‘white privilege’ destroys any possibility for solidarity, even within black communities. Anti-racism is apparently no longer a fight to transcend racial divisions, to demand equal rights and equal treatment regardless of ethnicity or race. Instead, it is a fight to decide who is the most oppressed and thus most in need of help and resources.

It also blinds us to class. Apparently, the fact that somewhere a light-skinned black man is cleaning the toilets of a dark-skinned black businessman does not matter in the world of identity politics, so obsessed is it with ‘white privilege’. His lighter skin tone makes him more privileged, plain and simple.

This is not what building a world in which people are judged by the content of their character, rather than the colour of their skin, looks like. This obsession with white privilege, and even light-skinned privilege, is leading us backwards. Let’s reject it.


Women are going off sex because the modern man has lost that raw, masculine edge in this #MeToo world of ours...which doesn't make for much fun in the bedroom

As of yesterday, it is now possible to buy Viagra over the counter without the need for a prescription. Cue swinging from the chandeliers!

Or perhaps not. Because while men may now be able to perform at the popping of a pill, women are not quite on the same page.

As revealed in yesterday's Mail, the female of the species is more lukewarm about sex than the male. Around a third of pre-menopausal women and half of older women report sexual problems.

And a recent British Medical Journal study found more than a third of 5,000 women questioned had lost interest altogether.

No surprise, then, that the race is on to develop the female equivalent of that little blue pill, a magic wand that will transform us all into willing participants in the bedroom.

Enticing as this idea may seem, Viagra simply provides a mechanical solution to an age-related problem. In other words, men still want to have sex, it's simply that their bodies can't.

With women, it's different. We can almost always manage the physical side of things. It's re-igniting lost desire that is so much harder.

There are many theories as to what causes sex to fall so far down the list of a woman's priorities that it eventually plunges into the abyss.

Stress, antidepressants, young children, teenagers, caring for older parents, perimenopause, menopause, vitamin deficiency —you name it, someone will have come up with it.

But if you ask me, the answer is very simple: men.

Specifically, modern man and his increasing emasculation. Men are so hamstrung by complex notions of equality, so confused about what is and is not acceptable, that they have begun to lose that raw, masculine edge. And that is a big part of what turns women on.

It's one thing to demand equality in the boardroom; things are very different in the bedroom.
Sex is a fundamentally feral activity, a product of flesh and hormones engineered by nature in order to encourage the reproduction of the species. And nature is clever. Our bodies are designed to want things our feminist minds don't necessarily feel comfortable with. Such as men who look like they might be able to protect our children from passing predators; or men who can split logs; or, men who, you know, just exude a certain amount of old-fashioned male confidence.

Such men are becoming increasingly unacceptable in this #MeToo world of ours. So vehement is the backlash against anything resembling traditional masculinity, it's hard to see a future for them.

While this may make for a more egalitarian society, it doesn't make for much fun in the bedroom.

That is not to say that No does not mean No. There are no excuses for sexual assault. But we are creating a generation of downtrodden men who can't even tell a woman she looks nice without risking being branded a pervert.

I was stuck by something the writer Annabel Cole said in yesterday's Mail about how it felt to become invisible with age.

Recalling her youthful powers of attraction, she wrote: 'One of the most thrilling things I can remember happening to me was as a 21-year-old at the University Library in Cambridge, studying for my finals. I got up to fetch a book and returned to my place to find an anonymous note, which simply said: 'You look fantastic.'

Ultimately, that's what turns women on. The excitement of being thought irresistible. Not a quivering wimp in a Time's Up badge.


Final proof Australia's public broadcaster is completely out-of-touch? Taxpayer-funded broadcaster's CHILDREN'S video mocks 'male privilege' using a sick refugee to illustrate 'white Australians' UNEARNED advantages'

The ABC has been forced to remove the Facebook page for its children's 'ME' channel after a barrage of angry viewers took offence at a video explaining 'white male privilege'.

In the video, two young female presenters try to explain the concept of privilege to the channel's primary-school aged audience through rap and cartoons of two people trying to cross a stream.

Initially published to the channel's social media about five months ago, the clip was recently shared across a number of right-wing Facebook groups - with many outraged at the video's content and the fact it was aimed at such young children.

In the video, viewers are introduced to Ross, a straight male in his mid-40s who is 'rather wealthy', in good health and born in a peaceful country. Ross is able to teleport across the stream.

They then meet Stevie, a female refugee who doesn't speak much English and has little money. Rather than being travelling across the stream by teleportation, Stevie the refugee has to swim across the stream, despite developing a cough just before she jumps in.

The video ends by explaining Ross was able to cross the stream due to his privilege.  

'He was born with advantage, unearned gifts that his life was granted,' one host raps.

'He might not think about his in-built perks, but that's just the way that privilege works.'

While many chose to vent their anger on the various pages the video had been shared to, such as: Political Posting Mumma, The Bolt Supporter Group, Lessons in Liberty, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Supporter Group, Mark Latham's Outsiders Supporter Group, Stop Communism in America, and Marriage Matters, others began to comment on the ABC post.

A spokesman for ABC told Daily Mail Australia the page had been 'reluctantly removed' as a result.

'The ABC ME Facebook page was created for Australian school-aged children and their families,' they said. 'Due to the high level of inappropriate comments, we will consider other ways to engage with our intended audience.'

In groups where the video remains online, comments call the video 'mentally deranged and pathetic', and claim primary-aged children aren't equipped to deal with issues such as social injustice.

'These social justice warriors are really trying to find unhinged ways to explain 'White Privilege' to children. Not only is it utterly pathetic it's very stupid too,' one man wrote.

Another said the cheesiness of the rap and use of cartoons indicated the video was designed for children at the younger end of ABC ME's target audience, who would not be able to comprehend the issue.

'What the f*** are you doing trying to make little kids feel like s*** over stuff they can't control when that morning they were probably worrying about what best f****** crayon to use,' he wrote.

A woman denied the existence of white privilege and said only those born into wealth had the privilege described in the clip.

ABC declined to respond to questions as to whether the material was appropriate for its audience.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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"Obsessing over skin tone is the opposite of progressive"

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