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Democrats Are Now Running Campaigns That Specifically Tell Voters Not To Vote For A Man In Order To Stop Sexual Harassment

Despite losing the 2016 election largely because the Democrat Party refused to move away from divisive identity based politics they have apparently not learned their lesson, with at least one powerful female Democrat deciding to piggyback off the wave of sexual assault allegations sweeping the country by openly telling Michigan voters to vote for her because she is a women.

Democratic candidate for Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, has released an ad for her campaign that directly implies that voters should choose her simply because she does not have a penis and therefore cannot sexually assault someone she works with like many male politicians (on both sides of the aisle) have been accused of over the past month.

“Who can you trust most not to show you their penis in a professional setting? That would be the candidate who doesn’t have one,” Nessel says with a straight face as headlines of male sexual harassment play across the screen.

Nessel attempted to explain the fact that she is now attempting to guilt voters into voting for her as a way to show that they are against sexual harassment in an interview with a local news outlet.

“If you get more women in office, if you get more women in positions of authority, you’re less likely to have issues where someone is pulling out their penis at an inappropriate time in the the workplace,” she told WWJ’s Charlie Langton.

“I’m not saying that all men harass and I’m certainly not saying that women are incapable of sexually harassing, but I know from many years serving as an assistant prosecutor prosecuting sex crimes, honestly, the vast, vast majority of those cases do involve men. So I thought that point needed to be made.”

So there you have it. The Democrats apparently plan to run on a platform that uses guilt to force Americans to vote for them or risk making it look as if they do not care about the issue of sexual harassment.

Absolutely disgusting.


Nigel Farage DEFENDS Donald Trump over his Britain First re-tweets as he accuses the 'liberal elite' of over-reacting

Nigel Farage today defended Donald Trump's decision to re-tweet Britain First insisting the 'liberal elite' had over-reacted.

The ex-Ukip leader used an appearance on the BBC Andrew Marr Show to claim the reaction has been 'out of all proportion' to the offence.

The President's decision to re-tweet three messages from the far right Britain First group has been widely condemned.

The episode has triggered the worst public clashes between US and UK leaders in memory. Prime Minister Theresa May launched a rare direct attack on Mr Trump, branding him 'wrong' for his tweets - prompting a bizarre cross-Atlantic spat.

The row took a turn for the bizarre when Mr Trump attempted to reply directly to Mrs May on Twitter - only to send his message to the wrong Theresa May account. 

Other critics even claimed Mr Trump should be arrested when he next visits Britain and for his planned state visit to be cancelled.

Education Secretary Justine Greening added to criticism today, warning any visit by Mr Trump would not be 'positive'. 

Mr Farage said today: 'Do I think those tweets were in good taste? Not particularly, no.  'But the point is that the level of outrage from the liberal elite in this country is out of all proportion with what happened here.'

He added: 'Was the story about ISIS throwing people off buildings fake news? No. It wasn't, it was true.'

Farage also repeated his claim to have 'done more than anybody in this country to stop the rise of the far-right in Britain,' by giving BNP voters someone else to vote for.

And he endorsed the President's controversial claim that there were 'extremists' on 'both sides' of a protest in Charlottesville,

The event saw far-right groups marching with torches yelling 'Jews will not replace us' and a counter protester was mown down and killed when a car was driven into pedestrians.

On the same show, ex-Labour aide Ayesha Hazarika told Mr Farage: 'Just remember as Jo Cox lay dying, the scumbag who executed her shouted out the words 'Britain First.'

She added: 'Donald Trump is a racist, he's misogynistic and he's Islamophobic. He peddles in stirring up hate and division. That might be something you agree with, but that is not what British values are in this country.

Farage interrupted, repeatedly saying: 'You're out of touch, you're out of touch.'

Ms Greening suggested the retweets had made any prospective visit by Mr Trump more problematic.

'I don't think the tweets over the past week have particularly helped make any such visit a positive one,' she told BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show.

'I think he was wrong to make those tweets. Of course, Britain First is a group that is beyond the pale. I don't think they deserve any publicity.'

The row erupted on Wednesday when the president retweeted three anti-Muslim videos posted by the Britain First group.

One claimed to show a 'Muslim migrant' beating up a Dutch boy on crutches. Dutch authorities have insisted the alleged migrant was born and raised in the country and his religion is unknown.

Mr Trump also retweeted a video of a Muslim man 'destroy(ing) a statue of Virgin Mary', and another where Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen - who has previously been convicted of religiously aggravated harassment - to wrote: 'Islamist mob pushed teenage boy off roof and beats him to death!' The provenance of the footage is unknown.

In her attack on the President, Mrs May has insisted she would not be afraid to raise concerns about Mr Trump's views.

Questioned by journalists during a visit to Jordan, Mrs May said: 'The fact that we work together does not mean we are afraid to say when we think the United States has got it wrong and to be very clear with them.

'And I am very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do.'

'I think that we must all take seriously the threat that far-Right groups pose and both in terms of the terrorist threat that is posed by those groups and the necessity of dealing with extremist material which is far-Right as well.'

And she warned the UK will not be afraid to rebuke America, despite the so-called special relationship, when she feels Mr Trump has got something wrong.


Why Do My Social Media Accounts Keep Getting Suspended After Rush Reads My Articles?

Megan Fox

Don't get noticed in the major mainstream press as a conservative if you want to keep your social media accounts. The first time Rush Limbaugh read one of my articles, my YouTube channel was demonetized. The second time, which was last week, my Twitter account was suspended. On November 26, I published an article titled "Teachers Attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP' Sensitivity Training (WTF?)." The next day Matt Drudge linked it and it went viral. Then Rush Limbaugh read it on the air.

A few hours later, my Twitter account was suspended for responding to someone commenting about the article who accused me of "harming people" by writing it. My response used a colloquialism, "go hang," which Twitter claims is harassment. I used it in the colloquial style that, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, means "I don't care what you say," which is exactly how I meant it.

Twitter forced me to delete the tweet in order to regain access to my account and imposed a 12-hour suspension on me. When I regained access to my account it happened again shortly after. The second infraction occurred when I retweeted the president's tweets of Muslims behaving murderously and tossing people off roofs. Someone tried to tell me that Muslims don't really behave this way in England. I responded with a tweet that got me a second suspension.

Twitter forced me to delete a tweet urging someone to be cautious and safe. This one didn't even have an insult in it! In case you're wondering what a "sexual emergency" is, it was a Muslim rapist's actual defense of child rape! This is not The Onion but an actual news article from the UK Daily Mail!

    An Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool has had his conviction overturned because a court didn't prove he realised the boy was saying no.

    The rapist, identified as Amir A, 20, violently sexually assaulted the boy in the changing room of Theresienbad pool in Austria claiming it was a 'sexual emergency' because he had not had sex for four months.

The term "sexual emergency" is now a legal term! Don't get me started on what kind of judge would allow such an argument to not only be used but to prevail in a court of law. Nothing I said in my tweet was untrue. I also was expressing concern that this woman would be harmed and wished her well. This is apparently grounds for suspension. What's more alarming is that with each suspension the threat of having your entire account deleted grows. Twitter keeps warning me that more infractions will result in permanent banning. Of course, I have no idea what rule I will break next.

With this recent crackdown on "personal attacks" or whatever, it's interesting to note that Twitter doesn't care at all about people threatening to kill President Trump or hating white people.

Assassination threats are okay and being a black racist is okay, but suggesting women should not walk alone at night near Muslims having sexual emergencies is not okay.

I fully expect my Twitter account to be deleted in the coming days. Is it related to how popular my columns are and how widely they are read? Alternatives to Twitter are in the works but not coming fast enough for the conservative purge.


SAS considers watering down its gruelling selection tests to give women a better chance of joining the elite unit

Britain's most elite special forces unit could allow women to take an easier test to increase their chances of joining, it has been reported.

The SAS, whose selection process is considered among the toughest in the world, could be planning to permit female applicants to carry lighter rucksacks during gruelling marches.

Troops hoping to enter the legendary unit are expected to pass uniquely difficult challenges - some of which are so intense that candidates have died trying to complete them.

But according to sources who spoke to the Sunday Times, women - who can apply for all military roles from 2019 - might be allowed more time to complete tests and be given lighter loads to carry.

The potential watering down of selection criteria will also apply to the SBS (Special Boat Service), the sources add.

It would specifically affect the initial selection phase, during which candidates are pushed to their limits in the Brecon Beacons over a month-long period.

The Ministry of Defence, however, has not commented on the story.

One of the sources explained: 'There is a determination to get women into the special forces. 'There will be changes to the selection of women but it is not about lowering standards — it's about levelling the playing field.

If you want to join the SAS, you certainly need to be tough. Most of the soldiers who join the elite unit come from other elite units within the military - the Parachute Regiment or the Royal Marines Commandos.

But despite that, the near-impossible selection process - which lasts for five months - proves too difficult for 90 per cent of applicants.

The ‘Special Forces Aptitude Test’ applies to both the regular British Army unit (22 SAS) and also the reservist unit. It likewise applies to Special Boat Service hopefuls.

There are two courses a year - one in winter and one in summer. 

In the first phase - unchanged since the 1950s - applicants must march across the Brecon Beacons carrying a rifle, water and a 45lb bag.

After these walks there is a map-reading tour which takes three weeks.

Then is there is 'Test Week', during which applicants are subjected to increasingly gruelling marches.

The final one, called 'Endurance', is 40 miles long and must be completed without any breaks.

Troops carry a 60lb bag, a rifle and a full water bottle - and are timed.

After that, with the number of applicants already halved, the small group deemed good enough are sent for even more training in the jungles of Brunei.

At the end of the process, the few strong enough to have passed are allowed entry into the legendary regiment.     

'For a woman to pass special forces selection, she will have to be very focused and very fit — exactly the same as her male colleagues.'

Despite this promise, however, there is reportedly displeasure among some of the senior officers in the SAS who wish to protect the exclusivity of the unit.

In 2016, David Cameron lifted a ban on women fighting in combat roles in the military. About 9 per cent of military roles are currently filled by women.

But analysis has shown that only about 4.5 per cent of women would be able to pass the tests to join even the infantry or tank units, both of which have significantly lower requirements than the SAS.

The SAS was founded in 1941 as a commando unit designed to help defeat the Nazis in North Africa during the Second World War.

It has since become Britain's most famous special forces unit.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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