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Women's health at risk from political correctness

Professor Ripoff below is a feminist twit.  Because there are large areas of overlap between men and women, she says that proves men and women are the same.  That is totally illogical.  Just one defective gene can in some cases lie behind serious disabilities -- e.g. PKU.  But if one gene can have a big effect what must be possible from the many genetic differences between men and women?  Men are even missing half a chromosome compared to women!

So Prof. Ripoff certainly helps perpetuate the view that women are illogical

The male and female brain are different in many ways. But in the world of research, scientists are being warned to ignore this fact over fears they will be labelled sexist. 

As a result, women's health is being put at risk, with the majority of drugs only being tested on male brains, it has been claimed.

The way that male and female brains react to drugs can differ.

One area in which medication is understood to differ between genders is for the drugs that are used to treat stroke patients.

Under the current method, scientists are assuming that results can be generalised for both sexes, which could place women’s health at risk.

It is thought that scientists focused on male brains as hormone levels fluctuate during a woman’s menstrual cycle, making them more difficult to study.

The article stated that the evidence of differing reactions within the brains of men and women ‘matters fundamentally, powerfully, and pervasively’.

Professor Larry Cahill, a neurobiologist from University of California Irvine, said: ‘The assumption has been that, once you get outside of reproductive functions, what you find in males and females is fundamentally the same and therefore there is no reason to study both sexes — and beyond that it is not good to study females as they have pesky circulating hormones.

‘The last 15 to 20 years has overwhelmingly proven that assumption is false, false, false.’

Others have called into question the need to test both genders, suggesting that there are no significant differences.

Professor Gina Rippon, of Aston University, described some of the research as ‘neurosexism’.

Speaking in August, Professor Rippon said: ‘The latest evidence shows that we are all part of a spectrum, so dividing us into binary categories gives misleading results'.

She told The Times: ‘A key issue in this area is the large areas of overlap between the scores of males and the scores of females in almost any comparison you might compare to make, to the extent that you might be forgiven for thinking that, actually, the sexes are more similar than they are different.’

Professor Cahill claims that he has been warned against studying the difference between sexes as it could harm his career.

‘Some people start to get itchy though when you talk about sex differences in the brain. That in turn stems from a deeply ingrained, powerful and false assumption,’ he said.

‘The heart of the resistance is the view that if neuroscience shows males and females are not the same in brain function, we are showing they are not equal. That is false.’

The Times reported that another paper published in the journal highlighted a stroke treatment called Lazaroids that was rejected at the final stages of testing as its effectiveness seemed to decline.

The authors suggested that the drug may have continued to work, but only for men, and when it was given to women in the latter testing stages, the findings appeared worse as a result.


Breitbart declares war on Kellogg

BREITBART has called for a boycott of Kellogg’s products following the food manufacturer’s decision to pull advertising from the conservative news website.

Kellogg announced this week it was discontinuing advertising on the site because it was not “aligned with our values as a company”.

Breitbart was formerly run by Steve Bannon, one of President-elect Donald Trump’s top aides, and has been accused of being racist and sexist — claims the site vehemently denies.

“We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” Kellogg spokeswoman Kris Charles said Tuesday.

“This involves reviewing websites where ads could potentially be placed using filtering technology to assess site content. As you can imagine, there is a very large volume of websites, so occasionally something is inadvertently missed.

“We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on We are working to remove ads from that site.”

It came as Amnesty International warned multinational companies including Kellogg’s and Nestle were selling products containing palm oil from Indonesian plantations which used child labour and exposed workers to toxic chemicals.

In response, Breitbart has launched a #DumpKelloggs petition, urging its “45 million monthly conservative readers” to “ban bigotry from the breakfast table” and stop buying products including Coco Pops, Rice Bubbles and Special K.

“Kellogg’s has shown its contempt for Breitbart’s 45 million readers and for the main street American values that they hold dear,” Breitbart president and chief executive Larry Solov said in a statement.

“Pulling its advertising from Breitbart News is a decidedly cynical and un-American act. The only sensible response is to join together and boycott Kellogg’s products in protest.”

The media company said the move — which came on the heels of pharmaceutical maker Novo Nordisk, online glasses retailer Warby Parker, the San Diego Zoo pulling advertising — would have “virtually no revenue impact”.

“It does, however, represent an escalation in the war by leftist companies like Target and Allstate against conservative customers whose values propelled Donald Trump into the White House,” Breitbart said.

“Kellogg’s offered no examples of how Breitbart’s 45 million monthly readers fail to align with the breakfast maker’s values. Indeed, the move appears to be one more example of an out-of-touch corporation embracing false left-wing narratives used to cynically smear the hardworking Americans that populate this nation’s heartland.”

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow described the website as “the largest platform for pro-family content anywhere on the internet”.

“We are fearless advocates for traditional American values, perhaps most important among them is freedom of speech, or our motto ‘more voices, not less’,” he said.

“For Kellogg’s, an American brand, to blacklist Breitbart News in order to placate left-wing totalitarians is a disgraceful act of cowardice. They insult our incredibly diverse staff and spit in the face of our 45 million highly engaged, highly perceptive, highly loyal readers, many of whom are Kellogg’s customers.

“Boycotting Breitbart News for presenting mainstream American ideas is an act of discrimination and intense prejudice. If you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.”

More than 50,000 people had signed the petition within hours. It comes after comments by PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, a Hillary Clinton supporter, sparked calls for a boycott of Pepsi products. Prior to that, the CEO of food delivery service GrubHub caused outrage by suggesting employees who supported Mr Trump should resign.


That wonderful multiculturalism again

The disturbing injuries suffered by a woman after an African man broke into her home and sexually assaulted her as she slept next to her partner and baby can now be revealed.

The 21-year-old victim was asleep in her bed at home when Lang Kouth, 21, broke in and started aggressively kissing her on the lips, neck, face, and touching her genital area – all while the couple's 17-month-old baby slept at the foot of the bed.

The young mother was left badly battered and bruised from the sexual assault which happened at her Cranbourne North home in Victoria, July 24.

In a photo, she reveals the extent of the injuries – including a large brown bruise stamped on the left side of her neck.

'She was bruised black, bruised black all down her jawline, all down her neck. He had bitten her like she was a piece of meat,' a family member told Yahoo.

She and her partner were left so disgusted and traumatised by the attack, neither of them have spoken about it since – refusing to make victim impact statements in court.

'She's got to live with that for the rest of her life. She sleeps in the lounge room because she doesn't want to go to the other end of the house,' the family member said.

Lang Kouth broke into the woman's home, in Cranbourne North, Victoria, on July 24 with the intention of stealing a car.

But instead he went into the young couple's bedroom, removed his shoes and climbed into bed before assaulting the woman.

Still half asleep, the she pushed him away from her, believing he was her husband at the time.

But when she felt the man's hair and realised it was a stranger, she began screaming and woke her partner, who was still asleep beside her.

When he awoke to the stranger in his bed, he chased the man out of the house.

Kouth was 20-years-old and intoxicated at the time of the disturbing home invasion, the court heard.

Kouth was sentenced to four years and four months jail in Melbourne court on Tuesday for the aggravated burglary and sexual assault.

Judge Tinney said the young mother's experience of waking up in her own bed with a stranger on top of her was 'the stuff of nightmares' – especially because the young baby was in the room at the time.

Although Judge Tinney worried an adult prison might further 'corrupt' Kouth, he said he needed to send a loud and clear message that the court would not tolerate this type of behaviour.

Kouth will serve at least two years and three months of his four years and four month sentence before being eligible for parole. 


Nigel Farage fears for his LIFE after threats over links to Trump – but it WON’T stop him backing Marine Le Pen in France’s elections

Nigel Farage has revealed his fears for his life after his high-profile backing for Donald Trump in the US presidential race.

The MEP, who is due to stand aside as Ukip leader tomorrow, said he has received a wave of death threats and no longer goes out in public without security guards.

But he has risked further fury by hinting he could endorse Front National leader Marine Le Pen in the looming French elections.

The Brexit campaigner has long been a controversial figure, and has repeatedly voiced concerns about his own safety in the past.

One of the main reasons he decided to quit as Ukip leader in July was the rising number of threats he was receiving after the historic referendum result. He said his political career had come at a 'significant cost' to his wife Kirsten and children.

However, since then he has taken a high-profile role in the US presidential battle - appearing at rallies for Mr Trump and predicting that he would pull off a Brexit-style political shock.

After the billionaire Republican emerged victorious, Mr Farage became the first British politician to meet him, spending an hour at Trump Tower in New York.

By contrast Theresa May had to make do with a ten minute phone call, coming after a host of other leaders.

Mr Trump then ratcheted up the pressure on the Prime Minister by calling for Mr Farage to be made Britain's ambassador to the US.

The prospect has been dismissed by Downing Street, with Chancellor Philip Hammond telling the MEP not to 'hold his breath' for a call from the government.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Mr Farage said: 'Certainly I would not go out in London of an evening on my own without security – couldn't even think about it. 'I can't even walk down the street without it. I have to go to private places, private venues.'

Mr Farage suggested his support for Trump had 'changed everything' and upped the level of animosity towards him

He also hinted that he could support Marine Le Pen's bid in the looming battle to become French president. He said the Front National leader was 'very determined' and 'brilliant on TV', but there was 'lots of baggage' with her party.

Asked whether he could back her in the latter stages of the presidential race, Mr Farage said: 'It depends what the circumstances are, you'll have to ask me in April. I have never said a bad word about her but I have never said a good word about her party and that's where I am with this - it's slightly awkward.'



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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