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Dumb multicultural robber in Britain

An armed robber was caught after he dropped his gun and took off his balaclava to pick it up after attempting to hold up a London betting shop.

It was as if the dozy robber had directly copied the move from Guy Ritchie's comedy 'Snatch' where two robbers remove their masks immediately after a flopped raid at a bookmakers.

Derek Rossi, 58, tried to hold up the Ladbrokes in Holborn with a sawn-off shotgun hidden in an umbrella.  He carried out the attempted burglary at 8am on Monday November 4 last year at the betting shop located in the busy business area.

When staff could not open the safe, Rossi fled the betting shop empty handed and then accidentally fired his antique shotgun. He then dropped the gun in the street during the raid and took off his balaclava to pick it up - before trying to flee on a bike.

The Ladbrokes is located just metres from Holborn underground station and on a busy commercial road next to outlets such as Subway and Boots.

When Rossi removed the balaclava, his face was seen by dozens of witnesses and Rossi, of Finsbury Park, north London, was arrested.

Rossi was charged with attempted robbery and weapons offences, and pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court last Thursday.  He is due to be sentenced later this month.

Detective Inspector Scott Hartley, who led the investigation, said: 'This was a terrifying attack committed in broad daylight and Rossi gave no thought to his terrified victims and what he put them through.  'They have been left traumatised by the event of having a shotgun pointed at them and they both feared for their lives.

'Rossi showed an utter disregard for the victims and I can only but praise them for coming forward and assisting us with our investigation to ensure that a he is put behind bars.'


Bill de Blasio’s War on Horses and the Progressive Bubble

Bill de Blasio is still committed to banning horse carriages in Central Park, in no small part because his campaign was financed by a real estate tycoon who wants to take over the stables, and he may even ban the circus.

Liam Neeson has repeatedly blasted Bill de Blasio on this issue. He did it again last night on Jon Stewart’s show.

Facing criticism for not visiting stables before banning the horse and carriage industry, Mayor de Blasio Thursday promised to go and see the animals in their home environment – but insisted it wouldn’t change his mind.

“I’ll look at the stables,” de Blasio said at a press conference in Queens. “[But] the bottom line is, we know where we’re going on this.

Bill de Blasio didn’t even visit the stables before deciding on the ban (all he had to do was see the NYCLASS check) and he’s still committed to it. Like a true progressive, there’s no point in bothering him with the facts.

Actor Liam Neeson, who recently penned an open letter to de Blasio blasting him for killing the industry, said de Blasio needs to rethink his opposition.

“Please listen to the people of your city, Mr. Mayor. You represent us. Sixty one percent of New Yorkers want this historic part of our tourist industry kept as is,” said Neeson, referring to a recent Quinnipiac poll.

“I’m a little bit pissed off at our elected new mayor,” Neeson said. “He wants to close this horse and carriage industry in New York. There was a poll last week. Over 60 percent of New Yorkers want to keep the horse carriage industry in Central Park.”

Meanwhile Bedlam Farm, which has been covering some story, has some secondhand thoughts about Planet De Blasio.

The mayor has been widely criticized, even ridiculed, for saying banning the horses was a major priority in his new administration, given all of the other problems in the city. Then he unaccountably went on television and compared the treatment of the horses to “waterboarding”, a form of torture used on terrorists.

Before that, he had pledged in his inaugural address to make the horses vanish quickly, “just watch us do it.”  Most people were surprised and puzzled by his focus on the issue, and his curious certainty.  I just don’t get the sense that this is really his fight, he almost seems to be fighting someone else’s battle.

This morning, I called a former colleague of mine, a political editor in New York, to ask her what was happening.

This is what she said: “You have to understand that the mayor comes from Park Slope, Brooklyn,” he said, “not just a progressive place, but one of the most knee-jerk progressive places in the country. Most people there actually believe that it is cruel for animals to work, their whole idea of animals is rescuing them, nobody has any animals there besides dogs and cats and they think it ought to be a crime to buy a dog from a breeder. They are ideologues, not animal lovers.”

Park Slope, she said, is where deBlasio has lived and formulated his political ideas for most of his life. “It’s a bubble, like Fox News or MSNBC, she said, everybody thinks the same way, the rest of the world is stupid or wrong. The mayor emerged from his campaign indebted to animal rights groups that gave him a huge amount of money and supported his campaign when nobody else did. He owes them big.

He is truly stunned to learn that their idea of animals is a minority view, offensive to a lot of people. He didn’t know that everybody doesn’t think putting horses to work is a crime. As someone who knows nothing about animals, has never owned or lived with any and doesn’t really give a s—- about the issue, it’s not what’s really important to him.

But he is now between a rock and a hard place, these groups gave him  money and he promised to ban the horses.  He really thought he’d be a hero, but he’s catching some real Hell – he has Liam Neeson up his ass. People are growing uncomfortable with the way this issue is being played out, at the power of these groups, their nastiness, the shutting down of a historic and law-abiding business for no reason, costing people their jobs. Publicity works two ways, it is a beast, it can eat both sides.”

The mayor, she added,  is learning that  absolutely nobody outside of Park Slope and the new City Council likes most of these groups much or listens to them or wants them to be making policy.  People are also becoming aware that they might be about to kill a bunch of horses in the name of saving them. So the mayor is trying to put out the fire by going to see the stables, to show he’s an open-minded guy, but he isn’t savvy enough not to say it won’t matter what he sees, thus shooting himself in the foot again. It was looking like a rout, now it’s a  brawl.”

Like Obama, Bill de Blasio is an arrogant creature, a full time government activist, who doesn’t understand the concept of listening to people and occasionally giving way on an issue.

That ugly attitude of William Wilhelm Jr. aka Bill de Blasio is going to mean bad times for New Yorkers on more issues than just carriage horses.


Dr. Ben Carson: "I Will Continue to Defy the PC Police"

He walked on stage to a sea of ‘Carson 2016’ signs. Then he got to business.

“America is a land of dreams,” Carson declared, before insisting this freedom is under attack by the bullies of political correctness.  “People are afraid to speak up for what they believe.”

The conservative doctor knows a thing or two about political correctness, as he himself has been lambasted for defending conservative principles such as traditional marriage and private health care. He refused to let these attacks stop his pursuit of the First Amendment.

“I will continue to defy the PC police. They try to shut me up. I find them pretty amusing. I still believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Last year, the media charged Carson with comparing gay marriage to bestiality. He said anyone who believes that is a “dummy” and he corrected their inaccurate assumption.

“Of course gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get extra rights.”

The media published more unfair headlines when Carson declared Obamacare is “the worst thing since slavery.” In their analysis, the doctor had directly compared the two.

Carson likened these demonizing tactics to those found in community organizer Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. But, the doctor said conservatives need to “stop being intimidated” by these old, familiar strategies.

“It’s time for people to stand up and proclaim what they believe and stop being bullied.”

He offered a few specific solutions, including that of the nation’s health care system:

“Fight to make sure health care stays in their hands and not in the hands of the government.”

Carson didn’t say whether he’s joining the presidential race in 2016, but his passionate and bold speech certainly gave those wearing “Run Ben Run” reasons to smile.


Jane Fonda, Sex Guru for Teenagers?

If a teenager were zipping around looking for "a reliable guide to the turbulent physical and social transitions of adolescence," would that child want to first consult a 76-year-old grandmother who's had three unsuccessful marriages?

This is a question that must never be asked if the unexpected author of the sex-and-relationships guide is Jane Fonda, an icon to liberals everywhere. Even Michelle Obama recently oozed to People magazine that Fonda was her role model for what she wants to be in her 70s, "a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy, sharp woman."

Fonda drew the same worshipful attention when she showed up on TV shows to promote her new book "Being a Teen: Everything Teen Girls & Boys Should Know About Relationships, Sex, Love, Health, Identity & More." She's an adult role model, a wise coach for America's youth. The Hanoi Jane who spit on our soldiers serving in Vietnam and sat behind an anti-aircraft gun that shot at our planes is long gone.

On NBC's "Today" on March 4, co-host Matt Lauer embarrassed himself pandering to the author. "I don't want to make it sound like you're old, because you're not old," said Lauer. "I am old," Fonda admitted, underlining the obsequious treatment she receives. Fonda said she didn't know enough about sex when she was a teen, and didn't know enough to teach her own children when they were teens. Suddenly, she's found all the answers.

Some of her book's message is sensible, even simplistic, but in an age when simple truths are so elusive, it's refreshing. Fonda emphasizes the need to resist a peer-pressured rush into sex. Ah, how nice. But there it ends. If the teen is ready and willing, it's a different life lesson. Now the emphasis turns to the usual libertine message pushing buckets of contraceptives and an end to any moral "hang-ups" about hookups: "Your body is not to be feared, nor should you feel shame or guilt about it, no matter what." She says teens feel shame about their bodies because America is "very puritanical on one level, and yet there's a lot of sexuality in the media."

Should that last part have been a focus of the discussion? Not in a thousand years. It is a given that sexuality in the media will never be part of the discussion on NBC's "Today" if the parent company is responsible for the reproachable product, and never mind that this network is a relentless button-pusher of sexuality, especially when millions of impressionable children are watching. Ought that not to have been a focus of the interview? Fonda wasn't about to bite the hand that pets her and tells her she's not old.

Next, she appeared on ABC's "The View," where Barbara Walters oozed about how difficult her childhood was and the co-hosts competed to see who could proclaim they admired her more. Sherri Shepherd said Fonda was her "she-ro."

In 2012, Fonda boasted that she'd found the best, most fulfilling sex she'd ever had in her life in an unmarried relationship with music producer Richard Perry. Is that the role model for children? But when the ABC hosts asked if she wanted to get married again, she emphatically said "No! Why would I?"

The funniest and yet most challenging moment of that love fest came when guest host and legal analyst Sunny Hostin wondered if the images of sexuality in the book were too graphic. ABC was wise enough to shift the camera lens away from the sexual images Hostin held up — unlike the saucy situations the Disney-owned network exploits in prime time. So a book about teenage sexuality has content too graphic for children, so graphic that even adults are shielded from it — and no one found the irony.

Try to imagine how ABC or NBC would react if Sarah Palin decided to write a book about teenager relationships. If they granted her airtime, she'd be grilled about her own life and her daughter with the teenage pregnancy. Or imagine Michele Bachmann and her therapist husband writing such a book. The set would be electric with hostility. Fonda doesn't have to worry about any of that. She-ros never do.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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